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Radicalizing Her: Why Women Choose Violence

An urgent corrective to the erasure of the female fighter from narratives on gender and power, demanding that we see women as political actors.

Violence, for me, and for the women I chronicle in this book, is simply a political reality.

Though the female fighter is often seen as an anomaly, women make up nearly 30% of militant movements worldwide. Historically, these women viewed as victims, weak willed wives, and prey to Stockholm Syndrome have been deeply misunderstood. Radicalizing Her holds the female fighter up, in all her complexity, as a kind of mirror to contemporary conversations on gender, violence, and power. Centered in the Global South, the narratives at the heart of the book reveal the arrayed forces that have driven women into battle, the personal and political elements of these decisions, and the ways in which the agency of female fighters has been deeply misunderstood.

Gowrinathan spent nearly twenty years in conversation with female fighters in Sri Lanka, Eritrea, Pakistan, and Colombia. The intensity of these interactions consistently unsettled her assumptions about violence and made her look closely at how these women were positioned in relation to power initially at home and later with empowerment based NGO interventions. She noted in particular the tendency of contemporary political discourse to parse the world into for and against camps: an understanding of motivations to fight is read as condoning violence, and thus oppressive agendas are given the upper hand by the moral imperative to condemn it.

Coming at a political moment that demands an urgent re imagining of the possibilities for women to resist, Radicalizing Her reclaims women's roles in political struggles on the battlefield and in the streets.

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He is always thoughtful and insightful and tells it like it is If you re a true believer in American exceptionalism and think America can do know wrong this IS NOT the book for you For that matter if you think this way and wish to continue to be blind and uninformed none of is books are for you If you love America but acknowledge that much of our foreign policy amounts

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bullying and that Lo Que la Reina Quiere (Sexys Cuentos de Hadas Al Revés nº 1) have many issues you ll enjoy reeading whate William Gibson has to say Great read I always enjoy reading Noam Chomsky Great insight on a variety of topics from geo politics domestic policy to the environmental He addresses Democrats and Republicans from a critical perspective ande does not pull any punches He challenges the citizenry to be insightful and engaged domestically and abroad Look beyond the sound bites on MSNBC and Fox BECOME A CRITICAL THINKER Highly recommend I keep this in the car to read during waiting times during the day I am pleased that it is informative based on fact and is of my bend of beliefs and interesting to read Who Nancy Drake has the world situation down better than Noma Chomsky a brilliant and decent man who understands the world well and is a Humanist Good read Excellent as Noam Chomsky usually is This one is recent and therefore up to date topic wise It s a bit repetitious internally but at least one reviewer thinks that s a good thing as itelps Bandbox him drive key pointsome I tend to agree with that Chomsky doesn t do books all that much so this one is an important contribution to our knowledge and thinking Well worth buying In the forward to the book it is mentioned that Chomsky writes a newspaper column but that there are no papers in the United States that will publish them After *reading this book I am not surprised as e gores some of *this book I am not surprised as e gores some of sacred cows of both the left and the right In fact I am not surprised that Kicking It (Alex Craft, he went to City Lights to get this book publishedThis book is a collection of those newspaper columns thatave been written and published in overseas during the past 3 4 years Interestingly enough Chomsky is able to sell is columns outside of the US without difficulty There are also a few edited versions of speeches e Sapphamire (Dragons of Dragonose has given at various places over the past few yearsChomsky is not afraid to tackle issues that create controversy Heas a particular interest in the Israel Palestine situation and the atomic research being done by Iran as well as America s positions on issues in the Middle East His conclusions of some of the material are startling but really shouldn t be when you begin to think about what The Donovan Legacy (Donovans he saysIighly recommend this book for people who think for themselves and a sick of swallowing the standard Washington spin machine edicts as well as the standard lines put out by the Republicrats Noam Chomsky Because We Say So is a collection of than 30 concise forceful commentaries on US politics and global power The commentaries and essays Breaking Down (The Garage, have been written between 2011 and 2015 touching on subjects of Edward Snowden s whistleblowing climate change corporate impact on the environment nuclear politics cyber war terrorism Ira Afghanistan Iran Israel the Middle East state security and state power with deeper reflections on the doctrines political philosophies in the importance of a Commons to democracy The third in a series of books published by City Lights Media Chomsky writes regularly for the New York Times Syndicateis arguments afford a persuasive counter narrative to official reports on US politics and policies during global crises. 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Because We Say SoNd excluded people and societies oppressed by class race gender and other ideologies and social structural relations The dominant cultures expressed by Western governments the United States and its allies often take on the role of the oppressor often oppressing the very freedom that define democracies Identifying what many see as the flaw of democracy The great mass of the poor could use their voting power to take the property of the rich which would be unfair which James *Madison s solution was to reduce democracy The book provides a *s solution was to reduce democracy The book provides a that is so well written so thoroughly researched that s impossible to withstand even if one tried to In a way it is one sided as it provides Chomsky s single narrative views but e also provides overwhelming researchable documentation facts and views expressed by others that cannot be ignored As Glenn Greenwald states There is no living political writer who is radically changed ow people think in parts of the world about political and social issues If there is any weaknesses of the book it is that Chomsky is fiercely critical of fashionable conservative and liberal attempts to divorce intellectual activities from politics and is uite frank in is notion that education both in and out of institutional schooling should be involved in the practice of freedom and not just the pursuit of truth Few of these essays are published in the op ed pages of American papers and Passionate Kisses Boxed Set his earlier commentaries collection INTERVENTIONSas been banned by US military censors so one would Destiny and Power have to look for these essays and commentariesIaving been exposed to some of My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, his essays and political commentaries was very interested in reading this book One of Chomsky s most insistent themes focuses onow state power functions in various forms as a mode of terrorism inflicting violence misery and ardship often as a function of class warfare and American global imperialism and ow people are often complicit with such acts of barbarism All the commentaries included in this book are written with courage thoughtfulness rigor and compassion that is lacking in the world news that reaches the American audience He brings a clarity and focus on the unpeople who ave been written out of the discourse from the Israel and the Middle East Africa and Asia to the Americas He provides a particularly poignant view that is also recognized by many of us in the First Nations indigenous and aboriginal people of the earth recognized by many of us in
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First Nations indigenous aboriginal people of the earth global warming and environmental disaster To gain perspective on what s appening in the world it s sometimes useful to adopt the stance of intelligent extraterrestrial observers viewing the strange doings on earth They would be watching in wonder as the richest and most powerful country in world istory now leads the lemmings cheerfully off the cliff Noam Chomsky gives one a clear description of the real life effects of American Foreign policy and the focus of economic policy in the US for the last thirty years Chomsky remains the greatest His insights conclusions and ability to defend is views in public debate I Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies have seen often before The man is a genius A MUST READ for anyone wanting to get to the bottom of why our society is so very broken If youave young minds in the ouse they MUST be given a copy of this to read Noam Chomsky is a modern day ero A book that grabs you albeit the message is sobering These articles don t make it into the polite press I like to read objective comments on current eventsThese letters are Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, hard to find in the US. Say. For Chomsky crises are viewed as overlapping merging into each other in ways that often go unrecognized In fact Chomsky often brings together inis work issues such as terrorism corporate power American exceptionalism and other major concerns including social environmental impacts providing maps that enable is readers refigure the
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of political cultural social life in ways that offer up new connections and the possibility for fresh modes of theorizing potential resistance He points to the efforts of the financial elite and their marketing machines to atomize people so they will be complicit the destruction of the environmental commons In is essays What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, he identifies no privileged singularly oppressed groups inis works but remains an ardent defender of the impoverished the excluded and the marginalized persons oppressed by class race gender and other ideologies and social structural relations making visible this oppression in its multiple formsHe makes a great case against the corporatization and ypocrisy of the Western governments of the world today and the neoliberal economic policies which drive them In Can Civilization Survive Capitalism March 4 2013 e correctly notes that the current political economic system is a form of plutocracy diverging sharply from democracy if by that concept we mean political arrangements in *which policy is significantly influenced by the public will And that it seems to me unlikely that civilization *policy is significantly influenced by the public will And that it seems to me unlikely that civilization survive really existing capitalism and the sharply attenuated democracy that goes along with it Keeping in mind the most critical immediate problem that civilization faces environmental catastrophe and identifying that indigenous peoples are well in the lead in seeking to preserve the planet Identifying Ecuador as seeking aid from rich countries to keep its substantial oil reserves underground He also rightly perceives economic ineuality and free trade as the underlying cause of some of the greatest atrocities in today s world Noting in Prerogatives of Power February 4 2014 under the umbrella of the North American Noting in Prerogatives of Power February 4 2014 under the umbrella of the North American Trade Agreement in Latin American countries poverty is severe in those countries that ave long been under US domination like Guatemala and Honduras and even relatively wealthy Mexico He uotes from Jos Marti that the further they draw away from the United States the freer and prosperous the Latin American people will be Singling out Dow Chemical backed by the American government in these atrocities as the government of Vietnam ad addressed in a letter to the International Olympic Committee expressing the profound concerns of the government and people of Vietnam about the decision of the IOC to accept the Dow Chemical Company as a global partner sponsoring the Olympic movement Dow Chemical provided Agent Orange used by the United States to destroy the crops and forest of South Vietnam affecting millions of Vietnamese and US soldiers to this day uoting international affairs scholar James Peck In the Explosive Acts history ofuman rights the worst atrocities are always committed by somebody else never us whoever us is Chomsky correctly identifies the most important issues facing our species in the world today environmental disaster and nuclear war Putting it bluntly e remarks in the moral calculus of today s capitalism a bigger bonus tomorrow outweighs the fate of one s grandchildren Cultures and societies of the world play a key role in the book as Chomsky is an ardent defender of the disenfranchised impoverished Se We.

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