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While the rest of the story which concerns a beggar boy who comes into possession of a uniue and valuable artifact of religious significance felt a bit rough it was still miles ahead of what I would nave expected from a first work 30 stars The Fluted Girl Nominee Sturgeon Locus AwardThis story along with Pop Suad below were the two stories that affected me the most in the collection Set in a world in which government has devolved into feudal fiefdoms ruled by a culture of entertainment and biological modifications and extreme surgeries are employed to develop celebrities to enhance the reputation of their lords this story involves one of the most original and terrifying SF concepts I ve encountered the title is a big hint While I didn t enjoy this as much as some of the later pieces the imagery evoked during the story s pivotal seuence is nothing short of mind bursting in its melding of emotion and horrific eroticism They stood revealed pale elfin creatures of music The guests around them gasped as the notes poured out brighter now unmuffled by clinging clothes The girls musical graftings shone cobalt boreholes in their spines glinting stops and keys made of brass and ivory that ran along their fluted frames and contained a hundred possible instruments within the structure of their bodies It was a dance of seduction and acuiescence They had other dances solos and duets some chaste others obscene but for their debut Belari had chosen this one The energy of their music increased violent climactic until at last she and Nia lay upon the floor expended sheathed in sweat bare twins tangled in musical lasciviousness Their body music fell silent I don t imagine this story will leave me anytime soon 35 to 40 stars The People of Sand and Slag Nominee Hugo Nebula and Locus AwardOne of my favorite stories this piece was my first inkling that PB was going to enlarge and redefine my conception of SF story telling Set in an environmentally destroyed future in which rather than change the ecosystem humans have modified themselves to survive on a polluted planet eg they subsist on sand can regrow limbs breathe toxic fumes etc A group of miners discover a dog one of the last biologics left on the planet What ensues is less about the plot and about the conversation about what it means to be human and whether these altered humans who seem perfectly content with their lives have lost something precious One of the things I really admired about this piece is the way PB doesn t draw attention to the world building but puts it out there for us to find We flew to Hawaii for a swimming vacation and we brought the dog with usLisa was a good swimmer She flashed through the ocean s metallic sheen like an eel out of history and when she surfaced her naked body glistened with hundreds of iridescent petroleum ewelsWhen the Sun started to set Jaak lit the ocean on fire with his 101 We all sat and watched as the Sun s great red ball sank through veils of smoke its light shading deeper crimson with every minute Waves rushed flaming onto the beach Jaak got out his harmonica and played while Lisa and I made love on the sand The end of the story is both predictable and tragic but what I was left with was a feeling of unease that went far deeper than the fate of dog 50 stars The Pasho Knowledge is simply a terrible ocean we must cross and hope that wisdom lies on the other side A bit of a departure from the rest of the stories this story addresses issues of heritage tradition and progress A young man born to a culture of harshness and strict traditions returns home after being educated in a progressive scholarly society and confronts his grandfather I think I may enjoy this upon a subseuent reading but I felt my attention wandering a bit in the middle 30 stars The Calorie Man Winner Sturgeon Award Nominee Hugo and Locus AwardThis story introduces the world of The Windup Girl and is one of my favorites Following the collapse of the petroleum based civilization and the ravaging of crops by hyper aggressive genetically engineered plagues a "RESOURCE STRAPPED BIOECONOMY HAS ARISEN "strapped bioeconomy has arisen in the most valuable commodity is derived from the burning of calories and then stored as kinetic energy Mega whoreporations control the patents on plague resistant strains of foodstuffs that they ruthlessly protect The world building and the writing in this one shows a new level of growth in PB s work and I loved it 50 stars The Tamarisk Hunter Not one of my favorites but still a decent story This time Bacigalupi takes on drought as water wars between California and the Western States have devolved into bloody armed conflicts complete with draconian conservation laws At first when California started winning its water lawsuits and shutting off cities the displaced people ust followed the water right to California It took a little while before the bureaucrats realized what was going on but finally someone with a sharp pencil did the math and realized that taking in people along with their water didn t solve a water shortage Well written and very prescient but not one that moved me as much as some of the others 25 stars Pop Suad In a collection full of dark stories this one still manages to raise its head and shoulders above the rest The beginning of this story is a serious gut shot In an not so utopian future immortality has become a fact and natural death virtually eliminated The tradeoff is that population control is strictly and violently enforced If no one is dying no one can be born Our main character is a member of the Pop Suad that hunts down and deals with renegade women who illegally procreate The familiar stench of unwashed bodies cooked food and shit washes over me as I come bodies cooked food and shit washes over me as I come the door Cruiserlights flicker through the blinds sparkling in rain and illuminating the crime scene with strobes of red and blue fire A kitchen A humid mess A chunky woman huddles in the corner clutching closed her nightgown Fat thighs and swaying breasts under stained silk Suad goons crowding her pushing her around making her sit making her cower Another woman young looking and pretty pregnant and black haired is slumped against the opposite wall her blouse spackled with spaghetti remains Screams from the next room kids PB drops us right in the middle of the story with no set up and when the scene reaches its climax it is a complete aw dropper view spoiler I pull out my Grange Their heads kick back in successive No Future for You jerks bang bang bang down the line holes appearing on their foreheads like paint and their brains spattering out the back Their bodies flip and skid on the black mirror floor They land inumbled piles of misaligned limbs For a second gunpowder burn makes the stench bearable hide spoiler. E best Paolo's work including the Hugo nominee Yellow Card Man the nebula and Hugo nominated story The People of Sand and Slag and the Sturgeon Award winning story The Calorie And now I m laughing But it s true that story took me by surpriseI think that Paolo Bacigalupi is one of the most skillful storytellers I ve ever come across He amazes me with his ability to convey only the bare essentials of what is necessary without ever overloading the reader with anything superfluous He lets his worlds build slowly as the story progresses and never resorts to long introductions He trusts the readers to understand without hitting us over the head with his ideas Reading his stories feels like a compliment None of these stories are easy or light I listened to this one and I had to take many music breaks throughout the 12 hours I highly suggest songs from Radiohead s Kid A I m not herethis isn t happening You said it Thom If you can get past the extreme situations and imagery this collection is not to be missedAlso seen on The Readventurer A complete slog Why Because Paolo writes about the inglorious in humanity with clear eyes and precise language I m reminded of a line he ll show you your own heart in such a way that you would rip it outThe Fluted Girls disturbing view of a dystopia disturbing view of sexualityThe People of Sand and Slag silicon based people might have lost a little of humanity but they feel it echo after they find a dog It took me a loooong time to get through this book and not because it wasn t good but because I was bloody scared of it I would finish one story looking like this and then put the book aside for a while to get some courage to read another oneBacigalupi is the author who doesn t do safe and comforting His visions of our future are brutal unforgiving and totally too believable Let s take The Fluited Girl for me the scariest story in this anthology The idea Bacigalupi extrapolates here is what will happen if humanity continues indulging in surgical modification of their bodies I ll let you find out for yourself what fluited girl means Hope you have strong stomachsThen there are stories that speculate about what people will become if they achieve immortality Characters in The People of Sand and Slag are adapted to pollution to such a degree that they are able to survive eating ust sand and waste They are also capable of regrowing their limbs BTW and apparently this feature can be a part of sexual play good grief another shocker When these people come across an actual live dog the disconnect between these humans and natural world comes to light in a rather horrifying way The other story playing with the idea of immortality is The Pop Suad Not to go into details let me throw these uestions out there if everyone is immortal would children be allowed to be born what if there are some women who decide to break rules and have kids what happens to these children A hint boom boom Not for the faint of heartOther stories explore the versions of future where natural resources water belong to a private company The Tamarisk Hunter the exhaustion of fossil fuels leads to a world run by the corporations that own genetically modified crops that now fuel and feed humanity The Calorie Man intelligence is becoming obsolete and people revert to animal like existence Pump Six Like in all anthologies not all stories Pump Six and Other Stories are eually good the earlier ones are particularly transparent in their message But they all are definitely eually thought provoking A great dystopian read for those not turned off by heavy subjects Besides brilliant inventive and superb the best way to describe Paolo Bacigulupi s collection of short fiction is GRIM Do not go into PB s work looking for gumdrops and teddy bears because his stories will bludgeon your mood until your happy is a bruised battered mess Still This One Emotional Spanking You Will Love Because Bacigalupi S one emotional spanking you will love because Bacigalupi s contains some of the most colorful intensely uniue imagery produced in SFThe stories in Pump Six almost without exception concern environmental dystopias that are so dark that they camp on the border of horror Like John Brunner s masterful novels Stand on Zanzibar and The Sheep Look Up the tone of Bacigalupi s tales is stiflingly bleak and there s an ever present accusatory finger wagging at a humanity that has FUBARed up the Earth and left any possibility of a happy ending well out of reach To these ecological nightmares Paolo brings a fluid organic eminently readable style that reminds me of a blend between Charles Stross and Ted ChiangAs a whole this is an incredibly strong collection without a blister rust covered lemon in the bunch In fact even the pieces that don t rise to the lofted level of expectation left in the wake of the singularly sublime The Windup Girl there were still breath stealing moments of awed appreciation for this burgeoning SF masterOkay now for the storiesTHE STORIES Pocketful of Dharma Nominee Locus Award PB s first published story is a perfect example of what I was referring to above as moments of awe that occur even when the story itself doesn t completely come together Compared to the other stories in this collection I thought this was the second #Weakest And Yet The Opening #and yet the opening the story wherein is described a biological skyscraper was memorable Wang Jun stood on the rain slicked streets of old Chengdu and stared up into the drizzle at Huojianzhu It rose into the evening darkness a massive city core dwarfing even Chengdu s skyscrapers Construction workers dangled from its rising skeleton swinging from one section of growth to the next on long rappelling belts Others clambered unsecured digging their fingers into the honeycomb structure climbing the struts with careless dangerous ease Soon the growing core would overwhelm the wet tiled roofs of the old city Then Huojianzhu the Living Architecture would become Chengdu entirelyIt grew on lattices of minerals laying its own skeleton and following with cellulose skin Infrastructure strong and broad growing and branching it settled roots deep into the green fertile soil of the Sichuan basin It drew nutrients and minerals from the soil and sun and the water of the rancid Bing Jiang sucking at pollutants as willingly as it ate the sunlight which filtered through twining sooty mistWithin its veins and arteries grew pipelines to service the waste and food and data needs of its coming occupants It was an animal vertical city built first in the fertile minds of the Biotects and now growing into reality Energy pulsed from the growing creature It would stand a kilometer high and five wide when fully mature A vast biologic city which other than its life support would then lie dormant as humanity walked its hollowed arteries clambered through its veins and nailed memories to its skin in the rituals of habitation The mind view conjured by Bacigalupi is amazing And. Center of Paolo's work Each of the stories herein is at once a warning and a celebration of the tragic comedy of the human experience The eleven stories in Pump Six represent th. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy LiteratureIn Pump Six and Other Stories which won the Locus Award for Best Collection Paolo Bacigalupi treats us to these ten excellently written biopunk storiesPocketful of Dharma 1999 a young street urchin finds a digital storage dev This is a collection of short sci fi stories with most of them set in near future dystopia The stories are very good but depressing I mean 1984 type depressing What really got me when I read this book is that none of the future possibilities described are not unlikely to happen ust like 1984 which I already mentioned In fact I would recommend reading this book to people Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, just to see the possible directions we are happily going in I also found last several stories to be very disturbing in addition to be depressingBy the middle of the book I was sure it deserves 5 star rating The author s imagination is really good and allows him to create interesting believable worlds Why 4 stars than Because several of the stories are written in simple present tense which I think is painful to read and there were noustification to its use in these particular cases simple past tense used since the dawn of time for storytelling would work Making India Work just fine In the conclusion if you have any interest in sci fi read this book if you have any interest in dystopia read this book if you are curious about the possible ways our society might develop read this bookust to be aware of the possibilities This collection of short stories paints a very bleak picture of the future that I found uite disturbing This is without doubt the darkest book I ve ever read At first I was finding these stories so depressing and uncomfortable that I tried to take a break from them I found that I couldn t Perhaps they suit my current mood but I felt that once I had a taste of this depth I couldn t stay away I didn t love every story in eual measure but each one sent a shock up my spine and gave an insight into humanity I haven t been able to stop thinking about since I read them Many of the stories involve a future world in which some of the current issues around climate change have become reality Drought sea level rise food shortages crop failure water restrictions energy restrictions And in each case the greed in our nature as we trample over one another to first survive and then turn that to profit Always seeking to be the one left standing on top with so little regard for what we re standing on top of The discussion in our book club indicates that many people needed to take breaks between stories or warned friends or family not to read certain stories based on content This is not an easy collection It isn t a comfortable read But then I don t think it should be More than worth it if you can face the darkness Hey Paolo lighten up man it s gonna be OKSomewhere southwest of cyberpunk we ll call it Biopunk Bacigalupi s 2006 collection of stories that are uintessentially BacigalupianI m pretty sure our Paolo has read some of the good doctor Thomas Robert Malthus work as there is an overwhelming theme of scarcity loss and might have been He shares wit Bleak Overwhelmingly bleak To the point where it sucks out all the happiness out of you leaving you hollow and unsettledMemorable To the point where it feels as if it s crawling under your skin to stay with you for a very long timeIf you have read The Windup Girl the worlds that Bacigalupi creates in this collection of short stories the themes the mood the settings will be uite familiar to you Two of the stories here actually are set in "THE SAME WORLD AS THAT NOVEL "same world as that novel one of them is a direct preuel to itAlmost all the stories in this collection are set in the future dystopian #WORLD WHICH APPEARS TO BE AN INCREDIBLY BLEAK AND #which appears to be an incredibly bleak and Paolo Bacigalupi s collection of short stories deals primarily with environmental and bioethics issues the politics of food The Calorie Man water management The Tamarisk Hunter waste management Pump Six de evolution also Pump Six and the manipulation of bodies whether for entertainment or for longevity The Fluted Girl The Pop Suad and The People of Sand and Slag All but Softer a meditative story of a man who kills his wife and the way he deals with it are near future dystopias Some are told from the perspective of the underclass and some from the perspective of the privileged but all explore a world in which humanity and the environment are fundamentally changed The Fluted Girl The Pop Suad and The People of Sand and Slag are all highlights for me including not Everwar (Cal Leandros, just fascinating science fictional ideas but beautiful writing and emotional weight The Fluted Girl combines beauty sensuality and the horror of exploitation in a particularly effective performance scene The Pop Suad explores ideas about the value of perpetual youth and of parenthood through scenes of violence and brutality and The People of Sand and Slag pushes the reader to consider what really makes us human via a consideration of the value of animal companionship I hate to say too much about any of the stories because the experience of reading them isust as important as the ideas in them So let me ust say that Bacigalupi s stories are definitely worth reading This volume makes me remember how much just say that Bacigalupi s stories are definitely worth reading This volume makes me remember how much love short stories I love how they sneak up and punch you right in the eye then leave abruptly without even explaining themselves They don t have much time so they have to be blunt I can really appreciate thatI won t summarize all of the stories but they are all intense They are all set in not so distant futures but are all chillingly related to present day events The calamities taking place in these stories are exaggerated a bit but what s universal is the human reaction to these events and human nature All the horrible truths about us are faithfully represented here We re not really a fun bunch as it turns outMy favorite unbelievable as it may seem is Pop Suad which follows a conflicted slightly sadistic killer of children in a world where procreation is illegal After the discovery of a pharmaceutical treatment which renders all humans immortal as long as they keep getting it part of the authorities ob becomes tracking and killing all prohibited children Part of the reason I love this story is that it is one of the few written in first person which gives it a much forceful intimate feeling It is also one of the most powerful motherhood stories I ve ever read and definitely the only one I ve ever come across that s narrated by a baby killer This story made me want to vomit I can t forget that damn dinosaur either buddy while simultaneously flooding me with motherhood affirming emotion It also made me chuckle a few times which was weird I kept thinking I can t believe he ust killed a baby. Paolo Bacigalupi's debut collection demonstrates the power and reach of the science fiction short story Social criticism political parable and environmental advocacy lie at the. ,

Pump Six and Other Stories

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