Mrs Greenthumbs How I Turned a Boring Yard into a Glorious Garden and How You Can Too

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Racyas the author says she is a married woman but than that the book is written in a conversational tone chock full of tricks secrets observations and personal thoughts It s obviously written for the beginner but she doesn t talk down to us as if she is some now it all gardener and she has come to bestow us with her wisdom No she talks about her mistakes and how she learned from them what happens when things her wisdom No she talks about her mistakes and how she learned from them what happens when things t go accordingly to plan and how to deal with that what the proper gardening techniues are but also alternatives for people who don t have as much time energy strength andor dedication to gardening You can feel the joy she takes in her own garden and in her own family and it makes me very hopeful for my own attempt at gardening in the near future I have thus far 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] killed almost everything I ve tried to grow the ones who survived are the lucky ones that made it to my parents house as my dad has the greenest thumb of anyone I personallynow I recommend this book for anyone attempting to garden andor just a humorous read When I bought my house six years ago I got really excited about gardening and read a lot of books on it A lot of what I read talked down to the reader praised perfectionism and made me scared to make mistakes I found Mrs Greenthumbs on the shelf at my library skimmed through a few pages and laughed so hard that I had to check it out so I wouldn t disturb the uietMrs Greenthumbs is witty and helpful and feels like a close friend telling you about her garden unlike some of the stuffy and unapproachable gardening authors I have read before She praises mistakes and uickly made me realize that making mistakes in the garden is the best way to find out what works and what doesn t for your spaceAs soon as I finished reading I went online to order my own copy of anything Cassandra Danz had ever written and to see if she did public appearances and found that she had sadly passed away in 2002 I reference her two books so often and have given them several times as gifts and wish I could have met her and told her how much I love her books and how they ve shaped me as a gardeneri can ve shaped me as a gardenerI can recommend her books enough My love for Mrs Greenthumbs runs deeper than the provocative depths at which she planted her daffodil bulbs Stumbled upon this 1993 book at my local library for sale for 50 cents Best buy ever Jam packed with useful information written in a personable and very funny voice Especially useful because Danz cites plants that grow in my zone and offers incredibly practical tips and advice Sad to learn that Ms Danz only lived to publish one book before succumbing to breast cancer People stop to gawk at my front yard I used the simple principles outlined in this hilariously funny book Cassandra Danz was a stand up comedian Her humor is all throughout and laugh out loud funny She new garden design We miss you Mrs Greenthumb. Based on hard won experience that just can't be found in other gardening reference books 13 line drawin. I stumbled on Cassandra Danz and her books prior to her death in 2002 She is missed not just by this gardener in 2002 She is missed not just by this gardener I m sure by many others Ms Danz books are chock full of gardening advice interjected with so much delicious humor I find myself laughing out loud while reading about thinning shrubs dividing perennials and other great gardening tips If you love gardening do include her on your list of books to read Love this book Entertaining and informative Will be using it as a reference book for a long time to come A little dated this book was a great introduction to creating your own garden and the ind of things to Ouija in Suburbia keep in mind as put your own together The book is organized by month with type of activities best associated with each month weeding planting paving etc Readers can pick out what advice works best or is most pertinent to them and you treat it as a handbook than as a hard and fast rules Her advice is great and easy to follow with a just a dash of corny humor I would definitely recommend it to people looking for an easy introduction to the topic that can be used as needed A little while ago I talked about the virtues of hauling home oodles of books from the public library It s a super way to explore a new hobby in a cheap and satisfying way One of the things I m always on the lookout for are fabulous authors whose voices speak to me And I found just that in the books by Cassandra DanzNow when I first picked up Mrs Greenthumbs Plows Ahead Five Steps to the Drop Dead Gorgeous Garden of Your Dreams I glanced half heartedly at the cover Surely this frumpy lady in an 80s style dress could teach me nothing about gardening But oh how wrong I was Not only did she teach me gardeningnow how but she made me understand it I couldn t believe it All my life I ve been looking for a gardening book to explain just how to make a garden in a way that I could understand She articulated my needs and explained just exactly how to meet them I was amazed And I was convertedI set about to acuire all the books that were written by this fabulous female gardener And that s when I discovered to horribly sad news Cassandra Danz the person who finally I discovered to horribly sad news Cassandra Danz the person who finally me see the gardening light died at age 55 from breast cancer I was crushed How devastating that such a lively energetic person could succumb to such a horrible disease Damned unfair And I m not the only one who misses this enthusiastic personality I was pretty bummed that just when I d found the perfect gardener s voice to guide me through my horticultural adventure she was snatched awayWhat makes me love her books so much Her voice Her style of writing is uite conversational It s a lot like a blog really She talks to her reader as if we re sitting together chatting over a cup of coffee And she s funny too Oh yes friends she is indeed funny We re talking Stephanie Plum funny hereI never thought I Witty informative and fun Mrs Greenthumbs proves that Cassandra Danz is to flower gardening what the Fru.

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Ever laugh out loud at a gardening book I thought the only Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism kind in existence were boring lecture type books that extolled the virtues of plants using horribly boring black and white charts Younow the ones I mean the ind that State You Must Do It This Way you must do it this way else Or else what I always wondered Or else you ll come over to my house and march into my backyard and set the place on fire I always wonderedBut Mrs Greenthumbs changed all that She changed my whole gardening information world She made it ok not to have all the answers She made it ok to make mistakes She made it ok to go ahead and try my hand at gardening even though I didn t now everything All those other books put the fear into me that I had to memorize all that stuff so I would Caz Sanatı know it all and avoid mistakes Oh the horror of mistakesI think the reason I didn t get serious about gardening before was because I never felt Inew enough not to make mistakes But gosh darn folks ya now what Everyone makes mistakes And we new gardeners are bound to Mrs Greenthumbs made me realize those things And for that I will forever be grateful So thank you Cassandra for all of your words of wisdom and laugh out loud funniness that helped set me on my gardening path Even though you ve gone to the great big mulch pile in the sky I take my sun hat off to you and will plant a fluffy flower in your honor This is a re read Bought it years ago read it loved it put it in storage And just opened the box it s been living in for the past yikes five years It was even better the second time Hilarious thoroughly personalized approach to gardening and just when I need it Cassandra Danz died a few years ago and the book is laced with humor about death and dying mostly in the plant world but also famous gardeners the people who lived in her home before she did the farm wife who planted the daylilies at the abandoned farm the ones she swiped Made this re reading poignant I really loved this book my second reading of it Cassandra Danz was both insightful about gardening and a genuinely funny person who did not take herself too seriously This book includes good suggestions about garden design particular plants flower arrangingyou name Now I have to hunt down a copy of her other book So fun it Now I have to hunt down a copy of her other book So fun you had asked my younger self if I would ve loved a gardening book I would have laughed very rudely in your face However I recently bought a new house with an actual yard and it is currently overrun with weeds So I bought a compost bin and figured it would be nice to have an actual garden for once While reading Tumblr I came across some uotes from this book and thought they were pretty hilarious so I ordered a used copy online Imagine my surprise when this was actually the first book I managed to complete this year I have 4 other half read books currently awaiting my attention The book is funny and ind of. Gal Gourmet is to cooking More like an experienced neighbor than a gardening authority she offers advice.
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Mrs Greenthumbs How I Turned a Boring Yard into a Glorious Garden and How You Can Too

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