Private Arrangements Forged of Steele #10

pdf book Private Arrangements Forged of Steele #10 – Ì No man has ever tempted her like thisNikki Cartwright can't b

Private Arrangements Forged of Steele #10

Brenda Jackson ô 9 Read

Ch left them both confused 18months ago the two finally collide head on and when they do the notorious womanizer acts out of character This story was funny frustrating and head on and when they do the notorious womanizer acts out of character This story was funny frustrating and plain HOT The author builds characters that you will scream and shout at your kindle root for You ll love and hate their private arrangement and love the Finesse the Steeles carry Another Bad News Steele is bit by the love bugJonas the ULTIMATE womanizer of the Phoenix Steele s is unaware that 18 months ago Nikki Cartwright stole a place in his heart and he ust can t seem to shake it off after only one AMAZING kiss and a successful business deal The chemistry between Jonas and Nikki is CRAZY HOTdespite her knowing that Jonas is Mr Wrong and she should wait for her Mr Rightshe can t fight the INTENSE fire that sizzles between them whenever they re in close proximity to one another Another enjoyable romantic talelooking forward to the next Bad News Steele s downfall This is the first Brenda Jackson book that I have enjoyed in a while and I am happy it is a Steele book because they are my favorite of all her clans Nikki and Jonas had a great love story Their romance played out from beginning to end and it was really a complete story This book was a lot about business but it was not totally focused on the business aspect which was great and really added to the story line Nikki and Jonas had great chemistry and really hot and steamy love scenes This book had the feeling of the old Brenda Jackson stories that I loved and made me become a fan of her workplease keep this up Here is another installment of the Steele brothers of Phoenix This story Is About The Conversion about the conversion Jonas The motorcycle riding shoulder length hair wearing body and face made for a woman to see and swoon Jonas like all his brothers believes he s meant to be a womanizer a one and done as he calls it kind of man That s until on a rainy day a sweet kind and loving woman comes in his office and knocks him off his feet by the name of Nikki Cartwright Nikki and Jonas work together on a project and happen to kiss Both knowing it s than they are letting on but let 18 months pass by Jonas gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work on a project called the Velocity and has the perfect freelance photographer in mind for his team Nikki Nikki declines the career changing offer out of fear based upon her attraction to Jonas Needless to say Jonas takes matters in his own hands and Nikki changes her mind Now begins the whirlwind of intense attraction and great chemistry hot and steamy I don t remember reading one of Ms Jackson s books that were steamy and blazing hot The scenes were not ust descriptive or implied but were shown for the reader to visualize I enjoyed Private Arrangements and would recommend it to any and all fans of the romance genre It s been a while since I ve read a romance that wasn t predictable Private Arrangements surely did not change that trend Let s be honest Brenda Jackson writes good sex The characters could have been better developed though I guess we learn tidbits about each of them in the other books since this one was 10 I didn t read 1 9 so these are new people to me The action started too uickly in the beginning though which threw me off a bit I felt like I was reading the middle of a story and didn t get any buildup The only other thing that bothered me besides the predictability was the cheesy Ending Say I Love You And Move On Those Speeches Say I love you and move on Those speeches so textbook romance Would I read another of her stories Probably but I m not excited to pick up one right now This was a great page turner If you need a romantic distraction from life this is the book Great plots and twist and plenty of romance Could not put it down. Om his system once and for all From a whirlwind Las Vegas affair to et setting across four continents this Steele discovers getting Nikki out of his system is easier said than done and now he wants her to belong to him heart and soul as the woman of his most passionate fantasi. Was part of a series I started to suspect it while reading it there were some references about the older Steel brothers that made me realized this was a series To say I was surprised that this was the tenth book in a series is an understatement even tough I felt this book belonged to a series I can honestly say Private Arrangements can be read as a Stand Alone Without A ProblemThere Were Many Things A Liked alone without a problemThere were many things a liked this book as there were others I didn t like much I had a problem liking Jonas he was to cocky for my taste the way he treated women was a bit too much for me He s a thirty something guy who has never had a stable relationship he allegedly sleeps with a different woman every night Jonas Steel The master of one night stands The man who had a revolving door in his bedroom I understand that in some cases the main character is a man with a reputation but in Jonas case his reputation was too much for me I also don t like heroes who freuent prostitutes for me that s a big red flag In this book Jonas didn t go to a brothel he was busy with Nikki but his little brother went after Jonas recommended him the brothel he likes the most in Las Vegas and of course with the great advice to bring plenty of condoms because he was going to need them Nikki is the sweet girl who dreams with the perfect man kids and a the house with the white picket fence I liked that she knew what she was getting into she is a smart woman and was responsible for the conseuences of her actions The chemistry between Jonas and Nikki is present since the first page it was fun seeing them try to fight it until they succumbed to temptation The sex scenes were hot but the internal dialogues were a little bit over the top making them kind of funny I not sure if that was Mrs Jackson intentions but the very them kind of funny I not sure if that was Mrs Jackson intentions but the very language only helped to bring the smiles but something about being here with him was getting to her He was a hunter and could pick up the scent of an aroused woman a mile off And some part of his presence and their conversation had turned her on He was certain of it By the way he s not a shifter or anything like that he s a mere human I guess with a highly developed sense of smell She began nibbling her bottom lip which meant she was nervous He felt his erection throb which mean he was horny Every single rumor she d heard whispered about him and his deadly steady lickity split seemingly mile long tongue was true The sensations surging through her were over the top off the charts mind boggling and earth shatteringly explosive his mind body and soul had been taken for one hell of a ride It d been one damn sexual transportation that had taken him to a whole new hemisphere maybe another universe I could uote many examples but I think you get the idea with those Don t take me wrong I kind of liked the flamboyance in the narrative because it made of this book an even funnier one Private Arrangements was my first book by Brenda Jackson but I m sure it won t be my last If you are into funny and sexy contemporary romance and like very cocky protagonists this book is for you Private Arrangements Private Arrangements is the latest in the Steeles series The steeles are a large when are you going to give me grandbabies I want twins kinda family the latest instalment takes place in phoenix where the Bad news Steeles live Die hard bachelors dangerous bed mates and mouth watering good looks all thanks to papa Steel with only six Steeles left on the market I say LADIES get in there NOW With this instalment one of the Steele men is falling hard and fast though he refuses to admit it Nikki Cartwright That s her name women plan revenge now Well if Jonas Steele doesn t sabotage it himself after a passionate kiss whi. Rom simmering to blazing Nikki knows she must guard her heart against the seductive Phoenix playboy as if her life depends on itJonas has no problem making their professional relationship personal With the beautiful and talented photographer within his reach he can erase her fr. ,
Once again Ms Jackson confirms why she is the ueen of crafting sexual tension between her heroes and heroines that fuel her storylines Nicole Cartwright and Jonas Steele have shared a kiss over that fuel her storylines Nicole Cartwright and Jonas Steele have shared a kiss over years ago neither can forget and causing both to avoid each other But now Jonas has a business contract that could propel her photography career to the next level Another kiss proves the first one was not a fluke Jonas a confirmed womanizer does not want to understand what his heart and body is revealing about his feelings for Nicole Nicole still believes in love everlasting with the perfect man but until then Jonas is a good candidate for a sexual fling Both will soon discover that often short term solutions will lead to long term solutions Once the couple takes their relationship to the next level the love scenes are very hot and steamy and consume the second half of the book Readers will be able to empathize with the female character and her hesitancy to move forward Jonas is too formulaic as his character was too much like the other Phoenix Steele stories The humorous dialogue between Jonas and his brothers demonstrates their brotherly love This was definitely Jonas story but a little back story on Nicole would have made them euals in the definitely Jonas story but a little back story on Nicole would have made them euals in the 375 out of 5 Another fun read from an author who continues to delight her fans with the saga of the Steele family in all its manifestations A hero who is a determined bachelor and who loves women lots and lots of women and who is a successful marketing executive A heroine who is a smart and sassy skilled and successful professional photographer and who is determined to hold out for the real thing in a long term relationship no matter how attracted she may be to Jonas Steele It is a delightful romance that has at its core the family values that make Ms Jackson s books entertaining but there is also the clash between the free and easy way of living and the deeply satisfying intimacy of a love that stands the test of time and circumstance A very good book Three down and three to go Those Bad News Steeles are falling like a house of cards Loved Jonas and Nikki s story He has Historias de Inmigracion just replaced Eli as my favorite Phoenix Steele Another amazing read from Brenda Jackson Private Arrangements is the tenth book in the Steel Series by Brenda Jackson Jonas Steel is the typical womanizer that only goes out with model type women his motto is one and done He is the owner of the most successful advertising company in Phoenix After getting one of the most important accounts in the country he needs the best photographer for thisob and that one is Nikki Cartwright He has worked with Nikki before eighteen months ago to be precise he knows how good she is the only problem is the kiss they shared at that time kiss he hasn t been able to forget there is something in Nikki that heats his blood as no other woman has done before When Jonas approaches Nikki with the Alabanza job proposal she is not sure about accepting it It is a greatob opportunity one that will help her make a bigger name as a photographer but she also knows that working so close to Jonas will be very dangerous for her heart After the kiss they shared she is already half in love with him and if she accepts the offer she will have to spend a lot of time with him first in Las Vegas and then they will travel the world together for two weeksShe decides to decline Jonas offer she already has another Aprendiz de Homero job opportunity working in a political campaign thisob is not as good as Jonas offer but it s safer for her heart But Jonas won t accept no for an answer he calls in favors and the political campaign withdraws the offer forcing Nikki to accept Jonas ob Let s start by saying I didn t know this book. No man has ever tempted her like thisNikki Cartwright can't believe Jonas Steele the Jonas Steele has chosen her for a high profile marketing venture It could make her career But when she remembers the kiss they once shared a kiss so intimate it sent their desire skyrocketing .

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