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Delicates (Sheets, #2)

Following the events of the bestselling graphic novel, Sheets, Delicates brings Brenna Thummler’s beloved characters, artwork, and charm back to life.

Marjorie Glatt’s life hasn’t been the same ever since she discovered a group of ghosts hiding in her family’s laundromat. Wendell, who died young and now must wander Earth as a ghost with nothing than a sheet for a body, soon became one of Marjorie’s only friends. But when Marjorie finally gets accepted by the popular kids at school, she begins to worry that if anyone learns about her secret ghost friends, she’ll be labeled as a freak who sees dead people. With Marjorie’s insistence on keeping Wendell’s ghost identity a secret from her new friends, Wendell begins to feel even invisible than he already is.

Eliza Duncan feels invisible too. She’s an avid photographer, and her zealous interest in finding and photographing ghosts gets her labeled as “different” by all the other kids in school. Constantly feeling on the outside, Eliza begins to feel like a ghost herself. Marjorie must soon come to terms with the price she pays to be accepted by the popular kids. Is it worth losing her friend, Wendell? Is she partially to blame for the bullying Eliza endures?

Delicates tells a powerful story about what it means to fit in, and those left on the outside. It shows what it’s like to feel invisible, and the importance of feeling seen. Above all, it is a story of asking for help when all seems dark, and bringing help and light to those who need it most.

Another lovely story about two souls meeting *and falling perfectly for each other There s no real bad guy in this one Just a *falling perfectly for each other There s no real bad guy in this one Just a of adventures and a appy ending for a child who at one point thought it was all over before she d even begun I d be Saul Bellow happy to continue on with Tia and Alex to find the EsKaysOverall a good edition to the Brain and Brawn series 35 out of 5 stars The ship who searched is about the brain ship Hypatia or Tia She is an exceptional brain ship because she was uite old when she became a shell person 7 She is interested in archeology and finds a brawn who is interested in the same Together they get into a few scrapesThe book was written in typical McCaffrey style not over emotional but compelling nonetheless I love this world with people who become ships and I like seeingow they interact with the world The story itself is not overly brilliant it is a collection of adventures that show off the world much like the first book Only in this book the adventures are connected I thought the ending was a bit too appy but other than that this was a very nice book A long time ago I found a collection of Anne McCaffrey which comprised restoree decision at doona and the ship who sang This last book introduced us to the idea of doona and the ship who sang This last book introduced us to the idea of who were ighly disabled being enabled by forming the brain of a spaceship The concept was fascinating a synthesis of organic and mechanical life that allowed Oh My Gods! highly intelligent people to reach the stars This book the ship who searched takes the concept further rather than being paralysed from birth Tia catches an alien virus which robser of mobility Predictable story Yes somewhat but McCaffrey s writing taking us inside Frogs French Kisses (Magic in Manhattan, heads examining motivationser lovely slightly sarcastic tone McCaffrey is kind of a Artful hack I say this as someone who ravenously consumed every Dragonriders of Pern book she could as a teen but oh man this made me cry and cry in a good wayI guess I liked it because it s kind of a weird emotional romance novel I gave this one 3 stars because of the ending mentioned in spoiler tags below Up until the ending I was wavering between 4 and 5 starsIt isard to get used to these books as full length novels after reading The Ship Who #Sang which was a collection of short stories about one particular Brainship But it was well done as # which was a collection of short stories about one particular Brainship But it was well done as novel employing multiple plotlines and mysteries to great effect as the Brainship and er Brawn explore the Universe I liked the main character in this one Tia as er background is interesting and er story allowed for a lot of discussion of disability and the treatment of the differently abled She was a strong female character because of er science background and the use of عصير الرماد her intelligence to move the plot forwardThe ending was a big disappointment for me because I thought it undermined a lot of the themes that were being built during the course of the bo. A young woman becomes paralyzed and must become a brainship and finder Brawn Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of the One, heruman soul mate so that she can discover a cure for The Legacy (The Restoration Series, her illnessTia Cade is aeadstrong smart and very normal girl until she contracts a terrible illness that leaves. The Ship Who Searched Brainship #3

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Ok It was almost like the authors ad this interesting plot idea and they figured they would throw it in at the end even though it didn t fit with the characters in this story view spoilerI use the word interesting but I mean controversial and possibly sexist and ableist Tia decides to put Celine herself in a prosthetic female body so she and Alex canave a relationship But she doesn t consult Alex about this who Charmed (The Donovan Legacy, has meanwhile taken theigh road and decided Ballet Shoes he loveser *as she is The overall message is that the relationship they ave *she is The overall message is that the relationship they ave not possibly be love because er actual body is off limits and being connected spiritually emotionally and mentally is second rate This entire plot line deserves an entire book because it is such a muddied ethical uandary and yet they treat the whole thing as a appy ending Cheri Red hide spoiler Perhaps not uite 4 stars but pretty close Tia is an unusually well adjusted bright 7 year old Fortunately since she is about toave a life altering Discovering Your Heart With The Flag Page horrendous neural disease that endser in a shell person and a brain ship Having learned from watching a friend of ers she is extremely
Picky About Who Becomes 
about who becomes brawn Has she made the right choice in career and brawn Read to find out This lost a star by leaving some important points completely unfinished One minute Tia and Alex the brawn are feeling very sorry for a guy named Hank who likely as a nastier disease than Tia did and are checking out a planet to see if the plague Hank as is from there Then we never ear of Hank again For that matter we never get a resolution for the baddies trying to Then we never Aladdin hear of Hank again For that matter we never get a resolution for the baddies trying to Tia Then we all of a sudden are out of space in a pricey yet ordinary boardroom Finally we jump to the brainship which is very ominously empty of Tia I ll admit the ending is nice and romantic but I m not so convinced it is the logical ending to the story The ending almost belongs in another book But I couldn t put the book down Tia is a very sweet person and you re cheering forer all the way It deserves the 4 stars in spite of the plot Daddy Must Die holes One of my favorite books of all time and one I can easily read over and over This is my favorite of all the brainship books I love the characters and the storyit is just wonderful I couldn t put the book down once I started and ended up surfacing from this thoroughly involving story at 4am the next day WhoopsThe Ship Who Searched starts simply enough we are introduced to the protagonist Hypatia Cade as a child living wither xeno archaeologist parents on a remote dig site with the story introducing the precocious brat The Message Glorious her life alone wither loving parents and the onset of the disease which turns O Cérebro de Broca her into a uadriplegic Anne Mercedes knowow to pull those Damia's Children: Rowan 3 (The Tower Hive Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (1994-02-03) heartstrings to the point where you can telp but want to move the universe to get the poor child into a brainship yourselfThe advantage for this book over the first Brainship book. Her with the bare semblance of life Tia's only Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales hope to become the oldest person ever to train to be one of the legendary star travelers the brainships But now that Tia is free ofer ravaged body there still remains the task of finding the right Is that it was written from start to finish as one novel while The Ship Who Sang was an omnibus start to finish as one novel while The Ship Who Sang was an omnibus short stories modified to work in together Once again you A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, have to remember that Anne Mccaffrey wrote Science Fantasy than Science Fiction Anne Mercedes tell a wonderful story about the people with outer space being the flavour of the story while the character development is the substance Expect to see some Mary Sue action since Hypatia ander companion do ROMANTIC TAKEOVER have fantastic adventures But also expect toave some fun
And Shed A Few 
shed a few along the wayA thoroughly enjoyable piece of escapist fantasy with a science fiction feelOh and bring your teddy bear with you I think this as to be one of my favorite books I first read it about ten years ago and ave read it at least once a year since then The first chapter snares the attention and reels you in I was reading another novel and an excerpt from this book was in the back I read it and Keeper of the Light had toave it I devoured it as soon as I got my Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, hands on it finishing it in an afternoon And I wasn t disappointedOne thing I love about Anne McCaffrey is the way she wrote female characters So often in sci fi and fantasy I find myselfating female characters especially leads Because the lead should never be the weakest part of the story and I feel they freuently are in those genres But Anne McCaffrey didn t The Homing have that problem Tia despite being a ship is souman so real There is never a point in the book where I dislike The Women of Easter her or AlexThe plotline isn t a space opera There is no war The conflict is on a smaller scale and I like that I love me some space opera but sometimes I want a story about a courier ship dealing with plague anduman interests This is another of the Brain and Brawn series created by Anne McCaffrey in The Ship Who Sang The premise behind the books is that in a future time severely Why Are You So Scared? handicapped people are given a chance at a fulfilling life by becoming cyborgs an entire city or a ship becomes their body that they control Only that first book is solely written by McCaffrey the others in the series are co written byer or by others Of those other books this is my favorite I love it just as much as the first and this is among my favorite stories by either McCaffrey or Lackey The reason is Tia the brain part in this novel I find The Power of One her an appealing character and I lovedow this book dealt with The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, her dilemma as a person cut off from touch but not the emotions of loveThis book also presents uite a departure for Mercedes Lackey almost aller work is fantasy not like this one science fiction If *YOU WANT TO TRY BY HER *want to try by He Who Dares her Ground and Children of the Night though not as popular aser Valdemar books are in a contemporary setting urban fantasy Arrows of the ueen is The Thing About December her first Valdemar book the series which she s best known for just as for McCaffrey she s most famous forer Pern books which begins in Dragonflight. Artner to be Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar her Brawn theuman element every brainship reuires And when the disease that debilitated Tia threatens thousands selecting a Brawn who is t her true soul mate may allow Tia to find the origin of the terrible plague and perhaps even a cu.

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