The Wild ueen The Days and Nights of Mary ueen of Scots

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Leonora in the Morning Light

One of O, The Oprah Magazine’s “Most Anticipated Historical Fiction Novels That Will Sweep You Away” and LitHub’s “Most Anticipated Books of 2021.” For fans of Amy Bloom’s White Houses and Colm Tóibín’s The Master, a page turning novel about Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington and the art, drama, and romance that defined her coming of age during World War II.1940. A train carrying exiled German prisoners from a labor camp arrives in southern France. Within moments, word spreads that Nazi capture is imminent, and the men flee for the woods, desperate to disappear across the Spanish border. One stays behind, determined to ride the train until he reaches home, to find a woman he refers to simply as “her.” 1937. Leonora Carrington is a twenty year old British socialite and painter dreaming of independence when she meets Max Ernst, an older, married artist whose work has captivated Europe. She follows him to Paris, into the vibrant revolutionary world of studios and cafes where rising visionaries of the Surrealist movement like Andre Breton, Pablo Picasso, Lee Miller, Man Ray, and Salvador Dali are challenging conventional approaches to art and life. Inspired by their freedom, Leonora begins to experiment with her own work, translating vivid stories of her youth onto canvas and gaining recognition under her own name. It is a bright and glorious age of enlightenment—until the shadow of war looms over Europe and headlines emerge denouncing Max and his circle as “degenerates,” leading to his arrest and imprisonment. Left along as occupation spreads throughout the countryside, Leonora battles terrifying circumstances to survive, reawakening past demons that threaten to consume her. As Leonora and Max embark on remarkable journeys together and apart, the full story of their tumultuous and passionate love affair unfolds, spanning time and borders as they seek to reunite and reclaim their creative power in a world shattered by war. When their paths cross with Peggy Guggenheim, an art collector and socialite working to help artists escape to America, nothing will be the same. Based on true events and historical figures, Leonora in the Morning Light is an unforgettable story of love, art, and destiny that restores a twentieth century heroine to her rightful place in our collective imagination.

The Astral Codex gApparently there s this big world of Carolyn Meyer YA style historical novels that I ve never really known about Iuess I should considering that I enjoy historical fiction and some YA novels so much but for some reason I never really knew about these books and after looking at Meyer s rather long line of bio historicals surrounding women in history it seems that this began as a child oriented approach but with the popularity of Philippa Gregory and other historical fiction it Here There Be Witches grew into YA historical fiction or something like thatThus The Wild ueen was my first introduction to Carolyn Meyer The Wild ueen chronicles the life of Mary ueen of Scots who interestingly seems to onlyet scene time or book time in relationship with her nearly 20 year imprisonment by ueen Elizabeth I In fact I d say that I knew every little about Mary s earlier years before picking up this bookAt the age of five Mary was left as the only surviving heir to the Scottish throne Fearing for her life and to secure an advantageous marriage to the Dauphin Mary is sent off to France Though she later marries the Dauphin he unexpectedly dies and Mary is left to pick up the pieces of her life and the complex politics that comes with her inheritance Using little but her own strength and power Mary must secure her way to the Scottish throne among turmoil religion and political intrigue along with her distant claim to the throne of England and uncertain friendship with her cousin ueen Elizabeth II wasn t really expecting much from this book but I was very pleasantly surprised The writing here is very solid straightforward and incredibly uick and easy to read And the research is surprisingly solid and accurate but yet with enough uniue intrigue to keep readers interested even if they already know Mary s story I was especially impressed with how Meyer handled the politics and how she portrayed a strong female character triumphing over and being a victim of these politics Honestly this almost read as an adult historical fiction novel because it became so sophisticated and strong worthy of The Other Boleyn Girl crowd Yet what kept it distinctly YA is how Meyer Story of the Liberty Bell glossed over some of the horrible and adult happenings in Mary s life I waslad at least that she didn t completely leave them out as they are an important part of Mary s story but Fake Mustache glossed over enough to keep it fairly clean compared to the adult novels in theenre After having read so many of those adult novels I actually found this to be very refreshing and much readable Most importantly Mary s story isn t about romance it s about a strong young royal trying to survive the wild world that she s been born intoThe Wild ueen isn t an innovative book but an incredibly solid entry into the YA historical fiction Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog genre I d recommend it for history nerds such as myself who like their stories a little bit Cleaner Very Polished Very Clean And Very polished very clean and I ll have to pick up some of Meyer s other novels now I would haveiven this book 3 stars because I don t like the story but chose to ive it 4 because Carolyn Meyer is an Amazing writer Imagine all the work she put into this historical fiction book She had to dig up alot of facts and dirt on this ueen of Scots Positives The author put everything together to perfection and loved the historical epilogueNegatives sad sad sad sad Young Mary must leave her home of Scotland to o to France where she will be raised with her husband to be the Dauphin Francois Although he was a weak fail and shorter than her they became Hey Wait a Minute! Five Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotica Stories great friends Mary was raised and spoiled with all the luxuries of a ueen to be She was already ueen to Scotland but this marriage with Francois would also make her heir to France These plans were ruined when Francois died and his sister became the next in line to the throne Mary went back to Scotland to rule as their ueen Again she was married to Henri Stuart she feel madly in love with him The honeymoon didnt last forever and she saw the true side of this horrid man and she found herself in tears and with his child Henri was murdered and then she was blamed for his murder She was kidnapped and forced to marry Lord Bothwell He also was not the man he first seemed to be Her marriage to Lord Bothwell angered many of the Parliment and they set out to capture Mary and kill Bothwell Mary allowed them to capture her but to let Bothwell escape She was held prisoner yet again only with the help of her friends was she able to escape and travel to France to beg theood Drawing Straws graces of ueen Elizabeth This was the worst decision that Mary had made and it ended in her Beheading An interesting note every British Monarch from Charles I to present day ruler came from the direct line of Mary ueen of the Scots I am obessed with Mary Stuart now not sorry Bonus points my husband is a very distant relation Seriously though what a story thisirl has This book had me up until the early hours of the morning reading just the chapter or etting lost in the maze of Wikipedia articles about European royalty It has been years that has happened I have such a renewed love of history because of this series Stop everything and read it The ueen herself is a firecracker She could have been the Scottish version of Elizabeth I of England she is that strong uick witted and determined But alas she was too concerned with aining. Mary Stuart was just five years old when she was sent to France to be raised alongside her future husband But when the frail young king dies eighteen year old Mary is stripped of her title as ueen of France and set adrift in ,
The Wild ueen The Days and Nights of Mary ueen of Scots

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Ve you seen Reign No Ah Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference go watch now It s like Gossip Girl meets historical fiction and it s my latestuilty pleasure Watching an adult Anne of Green Gables I mean Megan Follows play the scheming ueen Catherine is totally worth it aloneAhem anyway Carolyn Meyer s take on Mary is typically Carolyn Meyer ish Not shallow but not very deep characterization surprisingly heavy on the historical detail and written in a very easy breezy way This is heavy historical fiction that reads real easy and is perfect if you want the knowledge of a history lesson but none of the snooze or work Originally posted at Small Review I debated about writing a review for this one for my blog and I just don t feel like it It was very dull and boring It read like a historical accounting than a historical FICTION Though I would love to learn the true details about Mary Stuart I picked this up for a bit of entertainment and hoped for something like Reign I was sadly disappointed and will not be reading anything further from the author Mixed feelings about this one though I mostly liked it I felt it started out a lot stronger than it ended There was detail emotion and much show By the end it felt like I was being told a list of facts about the character While still interesting to a point I wanted of a story than a history lesson The author could have expanded on certain relationships and left out a few of the details of the partiesmasues or surroundings that freuented the storyline Mary s relationship with Lord Bothwell for example was hard to understand One minute they re having a normal conversation the next he kisses her She s caught off uard and enraptured by it having never experienced something like that before Fine and dandy but she only speaks fondly of him for a few pages After that he s spoken of like an acuantance Well that is until view spoilernear the end of the book where he rapes her to convince her to marry him so he can have a chance at the crown To which she s initially appalled then changes her mind and tells everyone that he only wants her because he s in love with her eventually agreeing to marry him Mind you this is after he kidnaps her and murders her second husband I didn t see how she could have any feelings other than animosity Seriously hide spoiler This was an amazing book I chose this book because I love historical fiction and learning about royalty I also had heard a bit about Mary ueen of Scots and I wanted to learn The way this book was written ave me so much information about her life but in an engaging way It s told in Mary s perspective so you Elizabeth Cady Stanton get to understand where all her beliefs and actions come from Additionally itoes from the beginning of her life all the way to the end so we see the whole spectrum And she is young around the same age as me for most of the book making her easier to relate to I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys this kind of book Let me begin by saying that I
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historical fiction and I Scotland and parts of this book were very interesting But as a story plot characters detail it failed me so often that I almost abandoned it And the main reason I didn t abandon it is that out of principle I don t abandon books unless they are inappropiate I think the problem with this book is that the author tried to do too much Meyer is trying to describe the entire lifetime of Mary ueen of Scots from a first person perspective That s beginning at age 6 with her move to France and ending a few hours from her execution at age 44 and between these two events is a lifetime of power struggles wars scandals and fancy royal parties The constant moves between castles and the changing loyalties of the characters and the people of Scotland are confusing and since there is close to zero character development even of Mary herself the reader honestly could care less I suppose I should take that back The reader pities Mary feeling bad that everyone she trusts seems to turn on her and that disaster stalks her life but that is as far as emotion oes We pity her but that doesn t mean we like her or #Support Her Terrible Decision #her terrible decision So much happens in Mary s life that this book ends up reading like a list of facts Then Mary went to this castle where she learned that the rebel lords had done something terrible in defiance of her and her servant ot married to this man and her secretary of war delivered a message to ueen Elizabeth and her brother asked for land and etc So much happens that it feels like nothing is happening My problem with this brother asked for land and etc So much happens that it feels like nothing is happening My problem with this is that there is so much potential for it to be a brilliant and tragic adventure across Scotland with so much weight and complexity to the political issues involved I wish we had been The Doll and Her Friends (1893) given details about the people s opinion and the rebel lords Mary always seems to ignore her subjects except for feeling pleased when they dote on her I also wish we had beeniven meat to the character of Mary Despite the novel being in first person I felt like I didn t really know Mary that well She seemed weak and naive she didn t like men having power over her yet she didn t know what to do about it and all her decisions just put men in power again and again So as not to make this review entirely negative I will say that the beginning of the book was well written But overall the story was stretched too thin for my liking. E her Instead the fiery young ueen finds herself embroiled in a murder scandal that could cost her the crown And her attempts to bargain with her formidable “sister ueen” Elizabeth I of England could cost her her very life. And keeping a husband to be of any real use to her home country Some of this was not her fault She was taken to France to be raised with her future husband when she was only five years old they married young and soon after her husband died She should have never married again Instead she should have Septiņi got on a ship went home to Scotland and focused on putting her warring country back together But no I can t have nice things And neither can she Her second marriage man Just read the book This wasn t asood as I was expecting it to be I think part of the problem was that Mary was a very difficult person to relate to I think the story is true to history and I find her life very interesting I feel sad for her but I feel like she brought some of her troubles on herself It s interesting how she wanted to be ueen of England but she never was Instead her son and all of his descendants until now are the monarchs of EnglandThere was some content in here Conjugal union was discussed Scenes were not Nightbane World Book One graphic but described in a sentence or two You basicallyot the The All New Jonah Twist gist that she had spent the night with auy In the book they were both her husbands that she slept with There were violent scenes in the book like someone being murdered and one of her husbands Henry acted abusive at times Mary ueen of Scots was a very interesting person because she seemed to have two sides to her Before reading this book in one of my anatomy classes I had read about her maybe having porphyria One of her decedents King George III did have porphyria so it is uite possible Throughout the book I kept on wondering what was happening from a medical perspective How much of her actions were influenced by this disease Surely she wouldn t have done certain things if she had been in her right mind I don t think everyone would have had these thoughts while reading this book but this is what a nursing major was thinking about Overall I liked learning about Mary ueen of Scots life because I had not really known about it Cover Blurb Yes or No No While I love the dress I have a thing for pretty dresses and the castle in the background the cover is leering at meCharacters Mary isn t the most sympathetic character She s rather spoiled and makes all of the wrong decisions and all because she wants the English throne The only time I felt sorry for her was the fact that practically everyone she thought she could trust used her and she was never taught to be wary of those who surround her The rest of the characters in the story feel like names The factual manner in which they are written sacrifices personality and thus these long dead figures never come to lifeThe Romance It s difficult to be supportive of any of the romantic attachments Mary develops since THEY ALL GO SO HORRIBLY WRONG all o so horribly wrong s no than a child when she s engaged and then married to Francois and then her later husband when she s officially ueen of Scotland is thoroughly despicable If the Reader knows anything about the story of Mary then said Reader will know immediately that the romance is doomed So it s hard to et emotionally invested in any of itPlot The Wild ueen follows Mary s life from when she s five to her death Conseuently it s filled with intrigue and court life which makes for a very interesting plot And since this isn t an alternate history story it also makes for a predictable plot unless you know nothing about Mary ueen of Scots Whatever complaints I have about the storyline has to do with writing styleBelievability I actually don t know a whole lot about the details of Mary s life and reign I know how she died and I know of the dislike ueen Elizabeth held for her I also know that people have turned Mary ueen of Scots into an innocent victim over the course of years The Authors presents both Mary was a victim in the sense that she was betrayed by everyone she thought she could trust but she was also eager for power willful and made all of the wrong decisions while ignoring #good advice This to me seems like a very accurate portrayal And I have never known this #advice This to me seems like a very accurate portrayal And I have never known this s historical facts to be in rave error so I trust that she is accurate as is possible in this book tooWriting Style Carolyn Meyer has a very pleasant writing style and beautiful descriptions However in The Wild ueen her style took on a straightforward these are the facts tone and it caused the plot to feel like a entertaining history book and leeched the personality from the surrounding characters I love Authors who use dates and place names in their historical fiction but there can be an excessive use of it and there is also a trick to it and unfortunately it s not one that the Author really employs in this bookContent Mary talks a lot about consummating her marriage with Francois though they never do However the little act Francois and Mary put on for the benefit of King Henri is rather suggestive Mary Not my favorite in this series but still a solid edition Review to come Originally posted at Small ReviewI feel like I Review to come Originally posted at Small ReviewI feel like I and of a fan of Carolyn Meyer with each book I read None have totally amazed me though The Bad ueen is by far my favorite but by this point I ve come to look at her historical fiction books as a solid dependable standby for when I want ood enough to be satisfying historical fictionAnd The Wild ueen did totally satisfy my desire to read about Mary ueen of Scots ha. He harsh world aloneDetermined to reign over what is rightfully hers Mary returns to Scotland Hoping that a husband will help her secure the coveted English throne she marries again but the love and security she longs for elud. ,

( [KINDLE] The Wild ueen The Days and Nights of Mary ueen of Scots ) author Carolyn Meyer –

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