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Empire of the Saviours (Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, eAll later but first I ll summarize the storyThe story opens with Galen going out to the bar with his fellow US Marshal and buddy Landon to celebrate his graduation from a speciallite marshal training he passed and getting picked for a prestigious security detail in Paris While they re njoying their drinks Galen spies a beautiful woman right as a sleaze bag drops a pill into her drink He turns into the hero of the hour when he prevents her from drinking the drugged liuor and captures the guy After a little flirtation he nds up going back to her place for a truly memorable night of sexy times In the morning he gets a look at a line of texts from Chris acting very boyfriendish and realizes that he slept with a cheater He sneaks off angry and hurtHarper is a geek for Superheroes and dreams of being a star political reporter She has her job at a big Portland newspaper and is on the hunt to discover what the honest Senator Ellis is hiding If on occasion she painfully remembers the one hot night she spent with her mystery man and wonders yet again what she did to drive him to leave with no word it s probably good that she is so focused on her work because she just knows no other guy will compare It is after an attempt to snare Ellis for an interview in his parking garage only to witness him gunned down that she meets her mystery man in a startling way he s the US Marshal assigned to protect her the witness He also seems oblivious that they Good Thinking even met which wounds hernough to throw caution to the wind and turn into a hostile witnessGalen is sent reeling at the sight of Harper but he pulls it together in front of his boss He can t help how hard he is on her when she turns into a brat and refuses to cooperate with the safety measures going so far as to do a runner refusing to see the danger Meanwhile the FBI agent in charge of the case has a hard on that Harper is involved in Ellis death and someone is still out there willing to do murder to protect their secrets Galen and Harper spend the next several days circling Death in Mumbai each other both still attracted but both still hurtOkaysighthis book started out so good with that opening scene and the subseuent trouble caused by the misunderstood text messages but then it went downhill fast for me I ran up against two big issues for me Harper s personality and behavior and not being able to suspend belief that a rookie political journalist and a well trained US Marshal would behave this wayven in fictionOkay I ll start with the disbelief Honestly Harper and Galen took turns pulling stuff that I just couldn t believe people in their positions would do If the villain hadn t also been inept considering his background and training then she would have been dead so many times over with Galen right beside her It grew to the point where I sat there and made a game of all the things in the scene that were a problem and I only have my knowledge from fiction books TV and movies This weakened the story for me And their we met as strangers in a bar jumped into bed with no promises but then both spending most of the book acting hurt and betrayed had me scratching my head I know fiction relationships happen uicker and deeper but my stars But the bigger issue for me was Harper deep breath The first scene in the Marshals office left me with my jaw hanging I haven t seen a heroine act so immature spoilt selfish and I need to stop You get the idea She is one of the stupidest heroines I ve ncountered in a while She witnessed a political murder with the murderer actually getting her voice recorder before being driven away by people arriving on the scene He later uses the recorder to send her messages being driven away by people arriving on the scene He later uses the recorder TO SEND HER MESSAGES IT TO send her messages it to her that he has her in his crosshairs but she s all It didn t all go down that way if I just pretend it never happened ostrichsand I need my normal life I will work I will live at home with the flimsy little locks and my blinds wide open I will runoff from my protectors very chance I get particularly if I get a donut craving Then throughout the book she hides O Colégio de Todos os Segredos evidence from the investigators because she of course can investigate better than any people professionally trained to do so She constantly pushes and uestions Galen s security measures andven plans to seduce him to do one of her runners March Violets (Bernie Gunther, even after realizing she really cares for him He ll lose his career and maybe get prosecuted right along beside her but if they survive and then get caught obstructing justice at least she can claim to care for him Who lets their best friend come over to their home just to chit chat and push your point with the nice Marshals that you are in charge when you know you are a target and may now have just made someone think your bestie now knows what you know Then later bullnosing her way with Galen to take her to a meeting with another person involved in the case then insisting on going in unguarded when surprise shots are fired and Galen took one for her to protect her Oh and now she s going to come clean about all thevidence but right before that she s got to smart off at the man she claims to love she Zoete tranen endangered just because he might feel a teensy bit upset about being used and lied to and might lose his career for you Oh and the grand finale scene Shouldn t have been necessary but you see she wasn t done going for the stupid moves Ugh Why did Iven stick with this girl s story Because I was totally waiting for her to grow the heck up Didn t happenNow it wasn t total misery for me I did Water Music enjoy the suspense of learning why the Senator was killed and who was behind it They were pretty scorching together as a couple too I also think the idea of a series about US Marshals and learning about what they do is fascinating Landon was a fun secondary character and his story is next I might pick it up just to see if a change in heroine will make a differenceIn thend I had troubles with this one but I think others that Revived enjoy mild romantic suspense might want to try itMy thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this one inxchange for an honest review Well this was one KICK A debut A perfect blend of STEAMY romance and nail biting suspense and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT Will write a STEAMY romance and nail biting suspense and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT Will write a review soon BUT I can t wait to read from Mandy Baxter now AND it looks like the next book in this series will be about Landon EXCITED ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Kensington Books Full Review27 starsI received this book for free in Student Research Projects in Calculus exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewHarper is a political reporter who will do anything for the story Galen is a strict by the book US Marshal and both can t keep their hands off ofach other After meeting at a bar Harper and Galen had one night of hot unbridled bedroom passion Even though it was only one night they both de. N he leaves without a word or a clue to his real identity the newbie reporter writes it off as the best one night stand she’ll never have again Until a year later when Harper comes face to face with the man assigned to hide her from a senator’s killerGalen Kelly hasn’t forgot. After an uncharacteristic one night stand Harper Allen and Galen Kelly have an amazing connection But misunderstandings have Galen walking away After a year in Paris he s back in the US working for the Marshall service and his first protective detail is none other than HarperThis is a fantastic read and I recommend it to veryone The characters are fun the banter hilarious and you can just feel the chemistry Its a great story that keeps you turning the page I can t wait for the next book in this new series This was fantastic I loved this book Harper Allen is a journalist out for a night with friends and meets a handsome stranger They have one sexy night together and she doesn t see him again for a year when he is assigned to protect her Galen Kelly is a US Marshall and is assigned to protect a reporter who is in danger it turns out the girl he s protecting is his one night stand that he can t get out of his head This book had verything a little humor suspense mystery politics fun banter and sexy times I could not put this book down it was so good I can t wait to read in this series Highly recommendARC received by NetGalley in Love for Imperfect Things exchange for an honest review Coffee dates with One More NightFirst Date Holy melts your pants hotness Baxter introduces us to Galen Kelly a hot dedicated US Marshal who has recently been promoted and flies out to Paris in the morning He is at the bar with his best friend and fellow marshal when he witnesses a jerk slipping a roofie into a girls drink The girl turns out to be recently graduated journalist Harper Allen The two share some drinksngage in conversation laugh A Heart of Stone end up having the hotness hook upver A misunderstanding has the two parting ways in the am before learning ach other s nameSecond date Fast forward a year and our heroine Harper Allen is an ace reporter and in some serious trouble Eager to get an interview with an lected official she witnesses a murder and finds herself a target Heheyou know where this is going right Yep Galen Kelly and his team are assigned to protect Harper Both are flabbergasted but Galen pretends he doesn t recognize her Ouch The attraction between the two makes the air crackle with sexual tension but his career and miscommunication no scratch thatthe lack of communication has them both feeling hot and bothered Things are complicated from the FBI to someone wanting Harper dead Harper begins investigating and keeps slipping the marshals I think Galen needs to put her over his knee One More Night is well paced and between the tension and murder mystery I was completely Language and Linguistics engagedThird date Holy hotnessBaxter brings on the heatven as she notches up the danger The chemistry and their Divertimento emotions feel genuine At this point I am not setting the book down laundry be damned The story wrapped up nicely and didn t feel rushed allowing me to bask in the closure and savior my HEA One Night More was anxcellent start to the series despite a few Love Is a Fairy Tale eye rolls regarding procedures I was satisfied with this sexy intense story Landon McCabe US Marshal and best friend of Galen has his story next and I amxcited I Promise at Dawn enjoyed the banter and snark between Galen and LandonThis review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer I reuested the ARC of this from NetGalley with blindyes I never read anything from Mandy Baxter before simply because I thought the blurb sounded promising Well one thing is for sure this book was pretty ntertainingThe opening of this book was fun Galen saved Harper when a creep at a bar tried to secretly drug her drink Right after that they went home together I am not a big fan of a romance that starts immediately with hooking up or one night stands However there was a strong chemistry between Galen and Harper and their night stands However there was a strong chemistry between Galen and Harper and their over superheroes along with some fun banter made it njoyable The whole misunderstanding after that one night was well uite acceptable due to circumstancesAfter a one year separation they met again when Galen was assigned a protective detail on Harper Galen had to pretend that he forgot about her because well Harper clearly had been haunting his dreams and if Galen told his boss that they were Both Involved At One Time involved at one time would be taken off the assignment in an instant It was a sign of Ms Baxter s good writing that I was fully Bangkok Wakes to Rain entertained with reading Galen and Harper pretty much having sexual frustration over the whole thing Especially because for both that one night was incredible Soccer His grandma Gunshot wounds Damn it he needed to get his mind off the thick locks of her auburn hair A tangle of curls he wanted to bury his face in Landon in a bikini Okay that would be straight up hilarious The mysterysuspense portion was pretty light in my opinionven if it started with a senator being killed within inches of Harper I had to admit that Harper did several things that tipped into a criteria of being too stupid to live The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery especially when she was trying to do some risky things in the name of the story But I guess with Harper being a reporter and you know how sometimes they prefer story over their own life made me able to forgive her Yes she did some stupid things but she also admitted that itndangered her life and Galen s So I couldn t completely be angry towards her Still she wasn t going to disrespect him by running off without a word or ditch him at towards her Still she wasn t going to disrespect him by running off without a word or ditch him at sister s bakery like she d originally planned Not after Darkmere everything that had just happened And she d much rather be reckless with Galen at her side than go it alone Galen on the other hand well let s just say that as someone who was handpicked to be apart of thelite Special Operation Group Galen didn t impress me with how he handled things near the Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? end But again it was proof of a good storytelling that I couldn t find myself truly annoyed with the factither Probably because I kept smiling at the idea of Galen being a sucker for Harper for the rest of his life laughSo all in all it was a fun romance with a dash of suspense I said dash because again it was pretty light with likable characters I didn t care much for the flimsy plot here and there because I was Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den enjoying the characters and their banters One thing I sure will be there for the next book which will feature Galen s friend LandonA Guest Review for The Blogger Girls The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for anxchange of fair and honest review No high rating is reuired for any ARC received This was a case of getting grabsie because I saw it was about a US Marshal and was in the mood for some romantic suspense I hadn t read the author s works before under any of her pen names and this was a new series so it seemed a good place to start I would love to say that I found it a wonderful or Scraps Of The Untainted Sky even just a pleasantxperience but unfortunately it got me worked up and not in a good way I ll get to that. Savvy hard riding rule breaking they’ll go anywhere and do anything it takes to protect and serve But this U S Marshal has just met his match and playing for keeps is one sizzling gameGetting saved from disaster by a handsome stranger Harper Allen has no problem with that But whe.

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Veloped feelings however due to the reuisite Big Misunderstanding Galen left Harper in the morning without so much as a fare thee well Now one year later Harper has witnessed the murder of a US Senator and Galen is assigned to help protect her as the senator s killer is looking to tie up his loose The Eric Carle Gift Set end Harper Harper really annoyed me heroines like her are the bane of myxistence in romantic suspense She constantly is trying to ditch her protective detail and withholds key Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century evidence from the FBI You could say Harper is bold brash and courageous or you could say she is pretty stupid The way she disrespects and disregards Galen in his capacity of a US Marshal is incredibly off putting Galen is a strong solid if not generic hero Together they have some steamy bedroom scenes but because of Harper s attitude towards her situation and Galen s role in her protective detail and the Big Misunderstanding still hanging around they are often than not at odds The suspense story arc keeps the story rolling and sets a nice pace this is anasy steady read For a debut book the writing is wonderfully solid it s just that the characters slightly veered into caricature land at times If you re new to romance you re probably going to like this but if you re a veteran you re going to recognize it s been done before and better Readers of Something About You by Julie James will notice the similarities of plot and this story is written in the same vein This author definitely has potential and I plan on reading the next book in the series to give her another chance One Night More is good but it simply needed to give me Mandy Baxter kickstarts her US Marshals series with a hot romp in the sack between her US Marshal hottie Galen Kelly and journalist heroine Harper Allen The night is filled with Fashion Design Course explosive chemistry but once the morning light comes the flame is uick to burn out when Galen needs to leave for an assignmentA year has passed and when an incident involving a well known senator and Harper makes the news Galen is recruited to protect her from the killer Though both remember their night together with intense vividness Galen pretends to not remember because it would put his job at stake and he isn t willing to allow anyone notven his best friend Landon to watch over Harper She means too much to him to do thatHowever Harper isn t the frail little being that Galen makes her out to be She doesn t need protecting though it s probably wise that she stays behind closed doors But Harper has a mind of her own which definitely makes Galen s job difficult I LOVED Harper I found that her reactions to a lot of the suspenseful Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, events in this book to be fun andndearing and uite realistic actually Nothing seemed too over the top and I like that about Baxter s writing uite a bit Everything has a logical approach and as a result I think it makes this first book a strong one to start withThe beginning is uite Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga easy going as Baxter sets up the scene in the first 20% of the book While in thend I could understand why that initial meeting and first sexual Cincinnati and Other Plays encounter was needed to be shown rather than told in the beginning it did feel a little bit too relaxed I much preferred when the book hit the 20% mark as the author really sets the book into motion and we finally get Galen and Harper together again I think it would have also made itasier for readers to understand why Galen acted the way he did when he saw and recognized Harper after a year had passed instead of getting frustrated with their communication Speak Out! error Yet nevertheless I was completely sold on them by thendThe US Marshals series definitely takes a Contemporary Romance approach with several good suspense aspects that kick things up a notch If you re a fan of Julie James FBIUS Attorney series then you ll definitely njoy Baxter s debut into the genre ONE NIGHT MORE is a delightful dance of suspense and steamy romanceARC provided by author One More Night2 StarsUS Marshal Galen Kelly and budding journalist Harper Allen share One Scorching Hot Night scorching hot night passion without knowing ach others names Things are however different in the cold light of dawn and Galen and Harper go their separate ways One year later Harper witnesses the murder of a senator and the Marshal assigned to lead her protection detail is none other than the man who break her heart Can Galen and Harper overcome their differences before it is too lateAlthough this book has many of my favorite tropes and starts out really well the author s tendency to tell rather than show alongside the heroine s multiple TSTL moments and the hero s judgmental hypocrisy all serve to ruin an otherwise solid premiseFor a supposedly intelligent woman Harper is a blithering idiot Not only does she ditch her security detail The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles even though she is well aware of the threat against her life but she withholds crucialvidence in a murder investigationGalen is the newest ntry into my anti hottie harem The man may be gorgeous and a Greek god in bed but he has turned jumping to conclusions and making snap judgements into an art form His treatment of Harper after their reunion is simply unforgivableAlthough Harper and Galen do have some intense chemistry and Baxter knows how to write a sizzling sex scene the romance is problematic mainly due to the silly misunderstanding trope that could have been avoided with ven the shortest of the silly misunderstanding trope that could have been avoided with Lone Star Standoff even the shortest of and the fact that Harper is far too forgiving of Galen s behavior once the truth comes outThe mystery takes a back seat to Galen and Harpers repetitive musings and is so underdeveloped as to be virtually nonxistent It is so weak that I m not classifying this as romantic suspense ven though the premise seems to lean in that directionAll in all the lack of tension the weak romance and the irritating characters do not make for an appealing read It is unlikely that I will be continuing with the series You could create a black hole made ntirely of stupid with the amount of it contained in this book I hate to say this because I kind of liked Harper I would have liked her if she hadn t been uite so very dumb For a crack reporter racing to the top of her profession she sure was thick And that s before you get to her man candy Galen That boy was dumber than a box of hammers made of purified dumbium He s the best of the best the US Marshal service has to offer Seriously And that s before you get to him being a complete asshat to Harper I m sorry but no amount of sexual prowess can make up for his ongoing behavior And I really disliked how More Punishment For His Cheating Wife easily Harper let him off the hook for it once he finally succumbed to her feminine wiles I d givexamples but frankly life is too short If you take this on the surface you re probably okay I made the mistake of taking the plot seriously however and just couldn t make it all the way through. Ten a single sensual minute of his night with Harper or that she betrayed him But with the FBI also on their trail he’s got to pretend he’s never met her or risk both their lives But as danger closes in Galen may not be able to protect himself from taking the biggest risk of al. ,
One Night More US Marshals #1

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