Trail of Evidence Capitol K 9 Unit #3

Online Download Trail of Evidence Capitol K 9 Unit #3 – Ï SAVING HIS SON Why is a dead woman's phone—evidence in a

N exceptional job of bringing in pertinent plot details from the first two books This is a Second Chance Love Story One chance love story one my favourite romance themes I could feel the palpable attraction zinging between Brooke and Jonas from their first meet Their happily ever after took a wrong turn ears ago and Jonas is hopeful they can change that outcome this time round Brooke isn t having any of it even though she s earning for the same result She just feels Jonas isn t having any of it even though she s earning for the same result She just feels Jonas had enough to deal with and he deserves someone whole She definitely doesn t fit the bill Jonas s persistent pursuit is so refreshingeven if it makes Brooke nervous Of course the romance is complicated by those increasingly desperate criminals If the romance doesn t keep ou turning pages the suspense will A thrilling read that was over way too soon Lots of action Liked the adoption theme But not enough dog action for me and I am not interested enough in the plot to read n this series so finis 4 me A good read not one of my favorites of Eason s but I enjoyed it none the less I really liked the characters especially Brooke s dog Mercy It was an interesting read and I recommend it 35 StarsChallenges RRRC May 2018 Monthly Challenge 10 Reader s Choice 2018 Stacking the Series 1945 When someone breaks into Jonas s house looking for a phone that his teenage son has the phone belonging to a dead woman Jonas calls Capitol K 9 Unit officer Brooke for help This was a very enjoyable story I really liked heroine Brooke a lot It was a nice change to have a female in the copprotector role I totally loved her canine partner Mercy The story was fast paced and action packed Not all storylines are wrapped up by the end though this being book 3 of 6 in the Capitol K 9 Unit serie. Brooke must make peace with their past to find the teen before increasingly desperate criminals get to him first Capitol K 9 Unit These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partne. ,

Overall it made the series feel like its dragging on with no forward progress It also bothers me how the other books play little part in the next book Example book 2 they were trying to keep Juan from Lana So what now that she has custody they just shrug their shoulders and say oh well might as well let them be AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER THIS BOOK FELT live happily after This book just felt there were bullet points in the plot the author had to hit on and forget the other books There was also NO interaction with Adam and Lana which I found screwy and when Garrett called to tell them he thought he knew which kid was outside the night of the attack it was like a new revelation even though the previous 2 books talked about it IDK I just didnt love it I didn t like the character Brooke she was completely pathetic at her job Oh no someone is shooting at me at a witness which is a kid What should I do Well of course the answer is let the handsome vet pull all if us under the table Don t let her 16 YEARS of training show or anything And can they seriously be so inept that the guy is almost caught a dozen times but always manages to slip past Not to mention a 13 r old was able to leave a building they said was being protected 247 So maybe 25 starsthe I rant the I m shaking my head I am loving this series It s astonishing how multiple authors can carry through with the over arcing suspense thread as well as all the characters They re doing a stunning job And while each book has it s own suspense resolution there s still this all encompassing one that remains a mystery though I m drawing some of my own conclusions If ou haven t read any of the other books in this series no worries Each book reads very well as a standalone and Eason in particular does L K 9 Unit officer Brooke Clark Years ago Brooke broke Jonas's heart without explanation But he has to trust her and her highly trained golden retriever to keep his son safe When the boy goes missing Jonas and. I found this book in our church library and picked it up uickly since I love everything by Lynette Eason I was uickly drawn into the storyline with Jonas and Brooke and her K 9 partner Mercy This was a uick read and I got so into trying to figure it all that I stayed up way too late reading The only thing I didn t like is that I was unaware that the storyline isn t totally resolved I m definitely going to have to go back and read the other books Started off with a good plot then lacked Basic plot of a son whose mother left him and then lacked Basic plot of a son whose mother left him and is not handling It Well Starting With A well Starting with a attitude and fights at school To finding a phone of a dead women the bad guy is after him the threats till they have to have protection will they catch himand they have protection Will they catch himand they return to being a normal family maybe with Brooke Good enough read and enjoyable I enjoyed this novel which is in a series involving the K 9 unit in Washington DC and the on going investigation into the murder of a senator s son and the disappearance of another senator s daughter I had some problems with th Exciting read in this series Someone has broken into Jonas Parker s home and attacked him looking for a phone Later he finds the phone hidden in his teenage son s room How did Felix end up with a dead woman s phone He calls officer Brooke Clark asking for help Will they be able to figure out who is trying to get ahold of the phone How did Felix get it Will Jonas and Felix survive repeated attempts to retrieve the phone Will Brooke and her K 9 Mercy be able to help save them or will she end up in the path of the killer too I know everyone loves Lynette Eason but her books are always hit or miss for me due to the writing and I m sad to say this did not hit the mark for me. SAVING HIS SON Why is a dead woman's phone evidence in a murder investigation in Jonas Parker's son's bedroom Dangerous thugs are after that phone and his terrified teenager so the single father turns to Capito.

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Trail of Evidence Capitol K 9 Unit #3

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