Lilac Peabody and Sam Sparks

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Two hours to read. – Bella Bright – To Party Imagine Sam’s – Bella Bright to his party Sam’s when this kind act leads to a whole circus entertaining him on his birthday The girl is a traveller from a circus family Lilac has enabled him to have than he has ever had in his life Meanwhile Lilac moves on to help the next childAnnie Dalton has created this wonderful character for ounger readers very much in the mould of Melanie Beeby from Angels Unlimited though Lilac is no ange. .
Took me less than. Thin a school environment Each novel centres on one of the children but it is Lilac’s continuing presence that is the all important link between the four children It Is To Lilac is to Lilac the children reveal their true vulnerable selvesIn the first novel Sam Sparks is the new kid in school He’s lonely and miserable and it’s his birthday soon but he has no friends to invite Enter Lilac who persuades him to invide a forlorn little waif of a gir. .
Short but good It. First A first title in a series for ounger readers from the creator and author of Angels UnlimitedLilac Peabody is as small and shimmery as a dragon fly – a little extraterrestrial busybody who is a friend to all children who need her Lilac Peabody empowers children to solve their own problems and then disappears once they have achieved their aimsThis is the first of four short novels which all follow the same group of children wi. ,

SUMMARY Lilac Peabody and Sam Sparks


Lilac Peabody and Sam Sparks

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