War of the Encyclopaedists

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To write a review I was so under impressed butIt s about

some guys who 
guys who friends and one likes a girl but she ends up with someone else and along the way they work on encyclopedia wikipedia articles which at the begin is barely mentioned They talk a lot and meander around a bit and perhaps the point of their conversations went right over my head I concede that is entirely possible I almost fell asleep reading the first forty or so pages but said to myself hey give it some time and then I said nah why do that A book should hook you in the first ten pages or so or what s the pointThere is no point just as there s no point to this book And no real story or it s so barely there it s not there at all The invisible story Anyhow I am grateful for receiving this book through a Goodreads giveaway I really am And I figured I d pass this book on that someone somewhere might like it than me So I placed it in one of those free libraries which are found in some areas of the US This was a little shelf of books on a pole located near a popular beach The book case had a nifty glass door with a latch on it But last I checked the book is still there three months later along with a a latch on it But last I checked the book is still there three months later along with a Bill. This altered future Corderoy is faced with a moral dilemma his girlfriend Mani has just evicted and he must decide whether or not to abandon her when she needs him most He turns to Montauk for help His decision that night and its harrowing outcome sets in motion a year that will transform all three of themMonths later Corderoy and Montauk grapple with their new identities as each deals with his own muted disappointment In Boston Corderoy finds himself unable to play the game of intellectual one upmanship with the ease and grace of his new roommate Tricia a Harvard graduate student and budding human rights activist Half a world away in Baghdad Montauk struggles to lead his platoon safely through an incr. Cosby and another without a cover published in 1939 And soAdded October 2016 now several months later and the book is still there but perhaps it has been read and returned Dunno Now there s a story D Not uite sure what went wrong here but it just didn t click for me on any level Perhaps the tag team authorship led the story narrative astray but it just seemed the can t miss title The War of The Encyclopaedists never could sustain my attention long enough to convey the story which is simply way too thin to occupy nearly 500 pages it seemed like Robinson and Kovite had a tough time sorting through what is novel worthy so opted to throw in everything that both WROTE WHETHER OR NOT WORTH READINGOF whether or not worth readingOf two plot threads between two college chums from Seattle the one who enlists in the reserves Mickey Montauk who s found himself n the National Guard to guard Saddam Hussein s Palace circa 2004 has the much compelling of the two stories Before this the friends fancied themselves geeky videogame playing hipsters throwing houseparties freuented by the pseudo intelligencia and co led by Montauk and Halifax Corderoy embarking unsuccessfully during his Friend S Ira Tour Of s Ira tour of in graduat. Easingly violent and irrational war As their lives move further away from their shared dream Corderoy and Montauk eep in touch with one another by editing a Wikipedia article about themselves smart and funny updates that morph and deepen throughout the year culminating in a document that is both devastatingly tragic and profoundly poeticFast moving and compulsively readable War of the Encyclopaedists beats with the energetic pulse of idealistic youth on the threshold of adult reality A wise and wise assed first novelwith sweep and heart and humor Mary Karr author of Liar's Club and Lit it is the vital urgent and utterly absorbing lament of a new generation searching for meaning and hope in a fractured worl. .

SUMMARY War of the Encyclopaedists

War of the EncyclopaedistsThis isn t a perfect book but its writing is so heartfelt that much like the characters themselves you give but its writing is so heartfelt that much like the characters themselves you give the benefit of the doubt even when the flaws are visible One of the best descriptions I ve read of the simultaneous banality and anxiety of modern warfare and MFA programsRobinson and Kovite have created a wonderful loving work of fiction Hooah to them Edited to add I got this book for free through a Goodreads Giveaway This is a very smart book about people who are at once smarter and dumber than they think It s an exploration of the existential navel gazing that Generation Y gets caught up in a result of too much freedom making some of us almost scared to do anything worried about what we should be doing how to live up to our potential The characters full of
self doubt that 
doubt that mostly through irony and detachment And then the disappointment of life not turning out Got one fourth of the way in couldn t make heads nor tails of this I don t Vejo-te know if the booknows itself what it s trying to be Words like pretentious and innocuous come to mind So little substance here like an unflavorful soup you want to pour some onion salt in and add potatoes I wasn t going. In a superb rare literary collaboration two major new talents join their voices to tell the story of a generation at a crossroads and a friendship that stretches over continents and crises from the liberal arena of Boston academia to the military occupation of Ira in this ambitious and electrifying debut novelOn a summer night in the arty enclave of Capitol Hill Seattle best friends Mickey Montauk and Halifax Corderoy throw one last blowout party before their lives part ways At twenty three they had planned to move together to Boston for graduate school but global events have intervened Montauk has just learned that his National Guard unit will deploy to Baghdad at the end of the summer In the confusion of.
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