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Hvahd yahd so that s what happened to the SuperCollider I always wondered LA was a death sentence for her and it s all your fault was a death sentence for her and it s all your fault undergraduate inveigling fool I m probably not as desperate as I seem Mama told me not to come Very slow and also nearly perfect If you are looking for action and convoluted plotting this is not the book for you Or if reading about the Math minded or science nerd thought patterns can t be categorized in your own xciting Then I would give this categorized in your own Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, exciting Then I would give this a wide pass This book is simply the best woman to woman friendship capture that I ve read in many years Helen and Charlie I will remember you Also the most uniueyes female ntwined book since Mathematician s Shiva Complications of friendships and cognition of loss this is a thesisThis is also about that age between 40 and 50 years when you are in the midst of life and career Oftentimes the competing pulls of obligation affection dedication and just plain stopping to breath and sleep and live healthfully conomically in a sound best mode are all hard to pull together And nearly never with optimal joy at the same time It s about workmates and peers too and parental Naked eyes of observed child habits And most of all about omissions of contact or secrets of sorrows that we are apt to hide from our very closest You read so many young coming of age and 20 something books in our present collections And multitudes of the old and retiring backwards contemplative But this in the middle state is rare IMHO And done this well without the midlife crisis comet in sight Next to a miracleI ll be reading Freudenberger of the future For sure I looked at her photo for a full minute after I turned the last page She s SO young And yet she is wise If you love Science If the biggest and the smallest of Physics in detail can begin a twist in your neurons to become imaginable Then this read is your plum It s like the Higgsffect too It made me remember the void the space between that remains forever Shadow Scale (Seraphina, empty For it is always missing my most beloved friend Why I love itby Siobhan JonesBefore we get intoverything that makes this book so great our Claim The Crown editorial team wants to be clear on one thing Lost and Wanted is a very challenging occasionally slow going literary work that won t beveryone s cup of tea It s also uite brilliant but well you ve been warnedThe story follows Helen Clapp a physicist and single mom whose work on astrophysics has garnered her tenure at MIT a handful of book deals and perhaps fewer close relationships than she had anticipated So she s surprised when she receives a text from Charlie her nigmatic best friend from college with whom she s fallen out of touch Surprised also because Charlie has recently passed awayWhere is this going Not where you think Lost and Wanted is A COMPLEX BOOK AND ITS MANY complex book and its many function less as plot points than as wormholes to a web of fascinating cerebral digressions You get the sense that the narrator Helen wants to both tell the story and keep the reader at a distance and all that space no pun intended provides ample room for your own imagination to rush in A great book for an afternoon of mind xpansion this is a read for those reaching for the starsRead at Physics is about the study of forces our protagonist Helen tells us in this book More than anything In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, else this book is about the power of the forces wexert upon one another that can last long after a person is actually gone We have a tendency to think of science as certainty as things that are known and set and certain But if you re looking at modern physics it s not like that at all There s so much we cannot see the giant but invisible Bark effects of gravity with massive bodies like planets and black holes the unpredictable nature of the tiny particles that make up the world If there is any part of science that gives us the possibility for things that are not what they seem for a new understanding of life it s physics And here Freudenberger uses that toxcellent On Such a Full Sea effect to create a sense of a scientific world that is also an unknowable one When one black hole collides with another thevidence can be found light years away and by the nd of the book it doesn t feel all that different from the forces that come from the attraction and collision between two peopleHelen is a physicist of significant prominence Charlie was her college roommate Over the years they grew apart living on opposite coasts building separate lives But Charlie s death while she s stil. Hinks there must be some mistake Because Charlie died two days agoThen when her young son Jack claims to have seen Charlie in their house just the other day Helen begins to have doubtsThrough the grief of the husband and daughter Charlie left behind Helen is drawn into the orbit of Charlie's world slotting in the missing pieces. This was such a slow unfocused and unsatisfying book The science was fine but didn t really add anything to the story It was sometimes meaningful but often science was fine but didn t really add anything to the story It was sometimes meaningful but often and just seemed to xist so that the author could show off her physics knowledge I didn t pick this up to learn about physics Aside from that I just didn t know what the point of anything was Helen is such a passive and useless character She lets Cannibal everything happen to her including losing touch with her best friend Then she proceeds to fall in love with Charlie s husband While still being kind of in love with herx boyfriend who is now ngaged Girl was a mess and I Received A Free Copy Of This received a free copy of this from NetGalley in xchange for an honest reviewI think I wanted to like this book a lot than I actually did but that s not to say I disliked itThis is not a ghost story so it s best to prepare yourself for that going in Instead it is a tale about loss and grief Helen Clopp is an intelligent Physics professor and a solo mother by choice to the delightfully wonderful Jack She is very very scientifically minded which is crucial as to how she perceives the world The relationship she has with Jack is very sweet and honest In fact the parts that I liked the most in this book were the interactions with the children Helen is dealing with the loss of her college friend Charlie meanwhile she s receiving Man, Son of Man emails and messages from her recently deceased friend made all the worse when her son Jack claims he s seen Charlie in her officeThe science throughout was com I wanted to read this because it sounded like a story about surviving a loss It is that and it was well written But it felt a little like watching someone s home movie while theyxplain what you re seeing Nothing really interesting happens most of the time and when it did I was kind of unimpressed 4 Most of the action in this book happens in Helen s head so I can see why some reviewers call it slow I couldn t put it down Helen is one of the most fascinating complex characters I ve Alter Ego encountered in fiction She is a mother a scientist a grieving friend She has chosen her life as a single mother yet yearns for connections Along with Helen I felt the world opening for me as I turned the pages This is anxpansive profound novel This book was SLOW drawn out and seemingly didn t have a plot There is way too much science in the book to the point where I started skimming over large chunks because I don t have a PhD in physics and you need one to understand this ironically though the main character Helen supposedly writes books to make physics understandable for the average personThere was no plot and trying to get through over 300 plot less pages is just brutal The character interactions were interesting but they didn t seem to go anywhere The book literally just nded to the point where I was swiping to figure out what I missed After going on and on the nd was so abrupt it was pretty much in the middle of a sceneI thought this book would be interesting and I don t mind a little science tossed in but this seemed like an author who had a great deal of physics knowledge and tried to write a fiction book with it Overall it didn t work for meThank you to the FirstToRead program for an advanced review copy of this book in Uncommon Wisdom exchange for an honest review Elegant and knowing Will gently lead you to root for thexistence of ghosts When I call you up your line s Unseen City engaged This is that rare non depressing book about grief stricken characters The writing is uniformlyxcellent the characters are people worth knowing The novel s narrator Helen reminded me of the speaker of Irving s Prayer for Owen Meany who dismisses his own role in the narrative as just a Joseph Both are reserved self deprecating mourning the loss of a hero and a greater glory that s passed from the world Not a spoiler for Lost and Wanted and you should already know Meany it s been out for thirty years The only drawback is that if you re not careful you ll learn than you ver wanted to know about particle physics Me I skimmed those passagesThe characters are Ivy Leaguers self made upper crust academics and surfers a pretty rarefied air group skimmed those passagesThe characters are Ivy Leaguers self made upper crust academics and surfers a pretty rarefied air group there s hardly an ounce of snobbery Extra points for specially inventive and thoughtful use of cell phone as plot device 3 12 stars rounded up YMMV keywords Of course we blame you for our daughter s death you wastrel scoundrel surfer one terribly precocious kid shut up and kiss me you fool pahk the cah in the Ha. 'In the first few months after Charlie died I began hearing from her much freuently'Helen Clapp is a physics professor She doesn't believe in pseudo science or time travel and specially not in ghosts So when she gets a missed call from Charlie her closest friend from university with whom she hasn't spoken in over a year Helen

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L uite young from complications from lupus has a profound impact on Helen She spends a lot of time thinking about the years she and Charlie spent together She befriends Charlie s bereaved husband and daughter And she starts getting messages on her phone from Charlie though Charlie s phone has been missing since her death This is not a mystery or a ghost story Sometimes I think it s important to know as little as possible about a book but here I worry that it will get sold as something that it isn t The mystery of Charlie s messages is part of the story but not central to it and if you get too wrapped up in that you can miss the beautiful book that s happening along the way Helen and Charlie were very close but often very different and part of Helen s journey through her grief is reexamining and reevaluating her relationship with Charlie Charlie is black well off from ast coast private school Helen is white middle class from west coast public school There is a lot they do not understand about Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard each other their friendship was impossible to predict and yet it worksCharlie is a force of charisma talent and ambition But this is not one of those books where the protagonist is a cipher drawn to a magnetic person Helen is her own personccentric often isolated a single parent by choice I The Matriarchs (The Family enjoyed spending time with Helen Injoyed how she saw physics in Notes for the Everlost everything and how she didn t see herself as above laymen Helen takes joy inxplaining some of the most complex ideas in physics to her 7 year old son and us readers and does so uite well Helen misses Charlie and she also spends a lot of time thinking about the other major person in her life from that time who s also distant her first collaborator and former lover Neel This is not one of those books where a scientist has their whole worldview fall apart from mysteries they can t xplain Helen is open to paradoxes and mysteries she s willing to consider things that seem impossible She lives in a world where we actually measure the ripples in space time what is it to imagine that there is something to human consciousnessThis book was a real joy to read a character study of not just Helen but Everyone Around Her Everyone Felt around her Everyone felt and complex specially the two children who were particularly well drawn No Biggy! eccentric and sulky little weirdos I have a soft spot for books about women in science it s still a rare subject and this holds its own with some of my other favorites CHEMISTRY by Weike Wang and INTUITION by Allegra Goodman Freudenberger has clearly donextensive scientific research and it shows but the book doesn t feel hard to grasp This type of character is often prickly and Crush It! excessivelyccentric but Helen isn t the kind of person who sees herself as better than Attracting Birds to Your Backyard everyonelse she s just made a home for herself in her life and Charlie s death doesn t turn her into a open person but it does force her to crack open her contained life in interesting ways I ve read some Freudenberger before and njoyed it but it really feels like SHE S COME INTO HER OWN HERE THE WAY s come into her own here The way brings together big uestions of science with the small intimacies of love and friendship is masterful Audiobook narrated by Ann Marie Lee The beginning of this book was like fireworks that starts with a bangthen fizzles down fast to a warm heat In the first few months after Charlie died I began hearing from her much freuently is the opening sentenceI was anxious to get some details and answers about that first sentencebut it s a long time coming We don t really feel it s power until the nd of the book But the storytelling takes offand mostly I Bird-by-Bird Gardening enjoyed the ride Nell s Physics research The Black Hole and spacetime is scrupulous and winningly presentedbut her strength shines through her charactersxploring friendships disconnected relationships lovers loss death family single partnering and the children The kids are funny The character Helen Clapp is single mother by choice from an The Works of Saint Augustine egg donor She s is a scientist with a sense of humorbut her best long time friend old college roommate from Harvard is dead Memories and regret surface Universal themes arexploredlove life loss death regret family children single parenting the afterlife change longing and hopeRelationships shine as being the heartbeat of life It s incredibly researched written for mainstream non science buffs thoughts about the universebut it s the deeper look at Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone emotional loss stemming from a friend s death that was most affecting 35 rating. Of her friend's past And as she delves into the web of their shared history Helen finds herselfntangled in the forgotten threads of her own lifeLost and Wanted is a searing novel from one of America's most xciting writers about the knottiness of female friendship the forces which fuse us together and those which drive us apar. Lost and WantedA Novel

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