Ten Story Love v32 03 189 JVJ

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Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3

The epic conclusion to the New York Times bestselling original graphic novel series from superstar and critically acclaimed duo Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette is here!

Diana, now queen of the s, must assemble the disparate ian tribes for the first time in a millennium. Max Lord's assault on Paradise Island with his destructive A.R.E.S. armors is on the horizon, and in order to weather the war that is coming, Wonder Woman will need the full might of her sisters by her side! Can Diana finally bring her message of peace to Man's World, or will Max Lord's war burn the world and the s to ashes?

Continuing the tradition of the critically acclaimed Earth One tales that challenge the status quo of the comics industry, Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3 is Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette's final installment of this visionary and enterprising graphic novel series.

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Ten Story Love v32 03 189 JVJ

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03 189 JVJ Vintage. Ten Story Love v32. Comic By Ace Comics.

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