The Boss's Marriage Arrangement

ONLINE BOOKS The Boss's Marriage Arrangement By Penny Jordan – ´ Pretending to be her boss's mistress is one thing b

What Happened To You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing

Through this lens we can build a renewed sense of personal self worth and ultimately recalibrate our responses to circumstances, situations, and relationships. It is, in other words, the key to reshaping our very lives.”
―Oprah Winfrey

This book is going to change the way you see your life.

Have you ever wondered Why did I do that? or Why can't I just control my behavior? Others may judge our reactions and think, What's wrong with that person? When questioning our emotions, it's easy to place the blame on ourselves; holding ourselves and those around us to an impossible standard. It's time we started asking a different question.

Through deeply personal conversations, Oprah Winfrey and renowned brain and trauma expert Dr. Bruce Perry offer a groundbreaking and profound shift from asking “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” Our earliest experiences shape our lives far down the road, and What Happened to You? provides powerful scientific and emotional insights into the behavioral patterns so many of us struggle to understand.

Here, Winfrey shares stories from her own past, understanding through experience the vulnerability that comes from facing trauma and adversity at a young age. Joining forces with Dr. Perry, one of the world’s leading experts on childhood and brain development, Winfrey and Dr. Perry marry the power of storytelling with science to better understand and overcome the effects of our pasts.

In conversation throughout the book, the two focus on understanding people, behavior, and ourselves. It’s a subtle but profound shift in our approach to trauma, and it’s one that allows us to understand our pasts in order to clear a path to our future―opening the door to resilience and healing in a proven, powerful way.

Everything Is Fine

In this extraordinarily moving memoir about grief, mental illness, and the bonds of family, a writer delves into the tragedy of his mother’s violent death at the hands of his brother who struggled with schizophrenia. Perfect for fans of An Unquiet Mind and The Bright Hour. Vince Granata remembers standing in front of his suburban home in Connecticut the day his mother and father returned from the hospital with his three new siblings in tow. He had just finished scrawling their names in orange chalk on the driveway: Christopher, Timothy, and Elizabeth. Twenty three years later, Vince was a thousand miles away when he received the news that would change his life—his younger brother, Tim, propelled by unchecked schizophrenia, had killed their mother in their childhood home. Devastated by the grief of losing his mother, Vince is also consumed by an act so incomprehensible that it overshadows every happy memory of life growing up in his seemingly idyllic middle class family. In this vibrant combination of personal memoir and journalism, Vince examines the disease that irrevocably changed his family’s destiny. As he painstakingly pieces together Tim’s story, Vince begins the process of recovering the image of his remarkable mother and salvaging his love for his brother.Written in stark, precise, and beautiful prose, Everything Is Fine is a powerful and reaffirming portrait of loss and forgiveness.

The Scout Mindset: Why Some People See Things Clearly and Others Don't

an engaging and enlightening account from which we all can benefit. The Wall Street Journal

A better way to combat knee jerk biases and make smarter decisions, from Julia Galef, the acclaimed expert on rational decision making.

When it comes to what we believe, humans see what they want to see. In other words, we have what Julia Galef calls a soldier mindset. From tribalism and wishful thinking, to rationalizing in our personal lives and everything in between, we are driven to defend the ideas we most want to believe and shoot down those we don't.

But if we want to get things right often, argues Galef, we should train ourselves to have a scout mindset. Unlike the soldier, a scout's goal isn't to defend one side over the other. It's to go out, survey the territory, and come back with as accurate a map as possible. Regardless of what they hope to be the case, above all, the scout wants to know what's actually true.

In The Scout Mindset, Galef shows that what makes scouts better at getting things right isn't that they're smarter or knowledgeable than everyone else. It's a handful of emotional skills, habits, and ways of looking at the world which anyone can learn. With fascinating examples ranging from how to survive being stranded in the middle of the ocean, to how Jeff Bezos avoids overconfidence, to how superforecasters outperform CIA operatives, to Reddit threads and modern partisan politics, Galef explores why our brains deceive us and what we can do to change the way we think.

Mom Genes: Inside the New Science of Our Ancient Maternal Instinct

Everyone knows how babies are made, but scientists are only just beginning to understand the making of a mother. Mom Genes reveals the hard science behind our tenderest maternal impulses, tackling questions such as whether a new mom’s brain ever really bounces back, why mothers are destined to mimic their own moms (or not), and how maternal aggression makes females the world’s most formidable creatures.Part scientific odyssey, part memoir, Mom Genes weaves the latest research with Abigail Tucker’s personal experiences to create a portrait of motherhood.

Everybody: A Book about Freedom

 The body is a source of pleasure and of pain, at once hopelessly vulnerable and radiant with power. In her ambitious, brilliant sixth book, Olivia Laing charts an electrifying course through the long struggle for bodily freedom, using the life of the renegade psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich to explore gay rights and sexual liberation, feminism, and the civil rights movement.

Drawing on her own experiences in protest and alternative medicine, and traveling from Weimar Berlin to the prisons of Joseph McCarthy’s America, Laing grapples with some of the most significant and complicated figures of the past century—among them Nina Simone, Christopher Isherwood, Andrea Dworkin, Sigmund Freud, Susan Sontag, and Malcolm X. Arriving at a moment in which basic bodily rights are once again imperiled, Everybody is an investigation into the forces arranged against freedom and a celebration of how ordinary human bodies can resist oppression and reshape the world.

Spark: How Genius Ignites, From Child Prodigies to Late Bloomers

Yo Yo Ma’s ear for music emerged not long after he learned to walk. By the age of seven, he was performing for President Kennedy; by fifteen he debuted at Carnegie Hall. Maya Angelou, by contrast, didn't write her iconic memoir, I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings, until she was 40. What propels some individuals to reach extraordinary creative heights in the earliest years of life while others discover their passions decades later? Are prodigies imbued with innate talent? How often are midlife inspirations triggered by propitious events, like Julia Child's first French meal at the age of 36? Do late bloomers reveal their talents because their skills require life experience and contemplation? Through engaging storytelling and intriguing historical and cutting edge scientific research, best selling author and acclaimed journalist Claudia Kalb explores these questions to uncover what makes a prodigy and what drives a late bloomer. In this series of linked biographies, Kalb follows the journeys of thirteen remarkable individuals from Shirley Temple to Alexander Fleming to Eleanor Roosevelt to Bill Gates to discover the secrets behind their talents. Each possessed a unique arc of inspiration. Each through science, art, music, theater, and politics reached extraordinary success at different stages of life. And each offers us a chance to explore the genesis and experience of genius.

The Sleeping Beauties

Suzanne O'Sullivan's THE SLEEPING BEAUTIES, an exploration of different aspects of psychosomatic disorders, mass hysteria, culture bound syndromes (a set of symptoms that exist only within a particular society), using as its starting point a particular case of than 400 migrant children in Sweden who have fallen into a waking coma, to Dan Frank at Pantheon, in a pre empt.

Sentir & Saber: A Caminho da Consciência

Nas últimas décadas, numerosos filósofos e cientistas cognitivos têm debatido a consciência como se fosse uma questão à parte, dando lhe um estatuto especial, o de problema único, não apenas difícil de investigar mas insolúvel. Porém, António Damásio está convencido de que as mais recentes descobertas da Neurobiologia, da Psicologia e da Inteligência Artificial nos facultam as ferramentas necessárias para solucionar este mistério. Em 49 breves capítulos, o autor ajuda nos a compreender a relação entre a consciência e a mente; porque estar consciente não é o mesmo que estar acordado e não precisa de mente; o papel fundamental dos sentimentos; e a relação entre o cérebro biológico e o desenvolvimento da consciência.

António Damásio não realiza apenas uma síntese entre as descobertas de várias ciências e as perspetivas da filosofia: apresenta a sua própria e original investigação, que tem transformado o entendimento do cérebro e do comportamento humanos.

A Cure for Darkness: The Story of Depression and How We Treat It

A fascinating look at the treatment of depression, blending journalism, science, history, and memoir, by an award winning science writer.What is depression? Is it a persistent low mood or a complex range of symptoms? Is it a single diagnosis or a diversity of mental disorders requiring different treatments? In A Cure for Darkness, science writer Alex Riley explores these questions, digging into the long history of depression and chronicling the lives of psychiatrists and scientists who sought cures for their patients. Since 2015, Riley has received both cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressants for his own depression. Throughout his treatment, he wondered—are antidepressants effective? Do short term talking therapies actually work? And what treatments are on the horizon for those who don’t respond to these first line treatments? Expanding from his own experience, he tracks treatments through history, from the “talking cure” to electroconvulsive therapy to magic mushrooms. With depression fast becoming the leading burden of disease around the world, the future of mental healthcare depends not just on the development of new therapies, but on increasing access for people who are currently without. Reporting on the field of global mental health from its colonial past to the present day, Riley highlights a range of scalable therapies, including how a group of grandmothers stands on the frontline of a mental health revolution. Weaving in personal and family history, A Cure for Darkness is a gripping narrative journey and a surprisingly hopeful work that delves deep into the science of mental health.

Know Thyself: The Science of Self-Awareness

The surprising science of the human mind's greatest power: introspectionIt happens to everyone: You are asked a question even something you know well, such as the name of a longtime colleague and can't answer. The information is stuck on the tip of your tongue. It's an experience so frustrating that it seems like it must be a brain malfunction. In fact, it's actually a hallmark of our greatest power: self awareness.
As cognitive neuroscientist Stephen M. Fleming shows in Know Thyself,self awareness shapes our intelligence, memory, and conscious experience. It's integral to how we teach and learn. We use it every time we weigh difficult questions, such as assessing how we'd respond in a crisis. Drawing on psychology and neuroscience, Fleming provides deep insight into how self awareness works, and how we can enhance our ability to know our strengths and weaknesses. In the end, this book isn'tjust about psychology: it's about the science of human excellence.

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