His To Steal Alien Overlords #2

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I Pucking Love You (The Copper Valley Thrusters #5)

A hockey/fake date/not quite a virgin very wrong romantic comedy

You know those stories where an adorably misunderstood clumsy girl needs a fake date to a wedding so she asks her brother’s best friend and they accidentally fall in love?

I wish that was the kind of life I lead, but it’s not.

I don’t need a date to a wedding. I need a date to a funeral.
Clumsy sometimes fits, but then, that’s true for all of us, right? But adorable? No. Misunderstood? Nope again. I’m just your average girl, standing in front of a funeral invitation, asking it to be a winning lottery ticket instead.

And I don’t have a brother, or a best friend with a brother available, which means I’m stuck with Tyler Jaeger.

Sure, he’s a professional hockey player who also knows advanced calculus, but let’s say we’re not compatible and leave it at that. I should know. I am a matchmaker.

Not a very good one, but that’s beside the point.

I know a mismatch when I see one.

Still, Tyler’s what I’ve got, and I am not going to this funeral solo, so he’s what I’ll take.

After all—what could go wrong at a funeral?

I Pucking Love You is a hilariously wrong romantic comedy about the world’s worst matchmaker, a hockey player with a problem he doesn’t want to talk about, and an awkward date of convenience that everyone would prefer to forget. It comes complete with a cat working his way through his nine lives, all the sexy times, fish and chips, and a swoony happily ever after.

Bombshells (Brooklyn Bruisers #8)

The women's league is in the house! And Brooklyn will never be the same again for Anton Bayer and the team…

This is my last chance to ditch my playboy reputation and finally fulfill my potential. So I’ve made three rules for our biggest season yet: no boozing, no women, and no scandals.

Especially that last thing.

So who do I befriend on the very first day back at the rink? An amazing female hockey player. I want Sylvie in a way that’s than just friendly. I crave her. But I have a championship to win, and so does she.

Then she gets her heart broken by my teammate, and I make the foolish mistake of comforting her in the best way I know how. Our night together sets off a string of sins.

Nobody can know about our affair, especially my overprotective teammate. I can’t let anyone see into my greedy little heart. Not even her.

The things I want from her, and the things we’ve already done? If anyone knew, there’d be bombshells.

Contains: a defenseman with dreamy blue eyes, a female goalie with bad ideas, a major battle of the sexes and a swimming pool scene

Gametime (Moo U, #4)

One drunken night and one case of mistaken identity turns a friendship inside out

You’ve seen the hockey twins around campus they look identical, but you can tell them apart by their actions. Patrick is the one who’s busy charming women. Paxton is the one in the library.

Until one night when Paxton parties a little harder than usual. Next thing he knows, he’s waking up naked next to Naomi, the girl of his dreams. He bares his heart before an awful realization sets in. He’s not the twin she thought he was

Naomi is the only child of a hockey legend. Partying hard is the best way she knows how to rebel against her controlling father. After a particularly crazy night, she realizes her big mistake. Her hookup isn’t the guy she’s been crushing on. It’s Paxton, her friend, the guy who gets her, who she can always count on. The guy she’d never want to hurt. And yet, the sex was good. Better than good.

Now she’s wondering if the wrong twin might be the right one after all .

Overtime (Moo U, #5)

Hotshot hockey star Patrick Graham has been groomed for the pros since before he could walk. Fast forward to his junior year of college, and he’s having the time of his life. What could be better than pucks, partying, and having his pick of campus women? But if Patrick doesn’t buckle down and get his grades up, he could find himself benched for the championships. Could a beautiful brainiac be the solution to his problems?

Nineteen year old Master’s student Ellie McGinn could do so many things with her biology degree, but her mother is pushing her toward a future she doesn't want. Tutoring a hockey hottie seems like the perfect opportunity to start making her own choices and living life on her own terms.

When learning turns to yearning, will they be ready to face the heat and heartache that love can bring?

Darkroom (Moo U, #7)

As a top draft pick from a family of hockey royalty, I'm under so much pressure that I’m losing my edge on the ice. I need something to snap my brain out of this self destructive stress loop. That’s where Indi Briscoe from my photography class comes in. She’s flirtatious and funny one moment, sweetly shy the next.

But she’s cagey. She has secrets. Also? She’s a virgin. Did I mention the pressure thing? Maybe I’m crazy for starting something with her. But we can’t seem to help ourselves

Warning: this standalone novel contains heat, heart, familial expectations, extreme milkshakes, and a hamster with deep thoughts.

Cinnamon Roll (Bold Brew #9)

This cinnamon roll has plenty of bite!

Maxime Demers has had an eye on Tom Cedric for a while, watching him flit from one awful man to another. So when Tom pins an ad to the community cork board at Bold Brew, Max can’t resist reading it. Tom’s looking for a play partner—someone who’s not a jerk—and Max knows he could give Tom what he needs. But first he’ll have to get the man to talk to him.

Tom Cedric thinks Max is way out of his league. He’s handsome, intelligent, speaks a billion languages, and can make a person kneel with a single look—too damn good for someone like Tom. But he can’t resist the temptation to talk to the man he’s had a crush on since the moment he laid eyes on him.

The connection between them is immediate, hot, and tempting, and when Max needs a replacement helper for an impact demo he’s giving, Tom jumps at the chance. A demo should be safe, right? A few hours. Clothing on. No stakes. Neither man is prepared when that spark ignites, and Tom is absolutely unprepared to discover the sweet man behind those dominating looks.

Cinnamon Roll is a stand alone novel in the Bold Brew shared universe, centered around an inclusive coffee shop in a fictional small city. Each steaming hot coffee shop romance can be enjoyed alone, but collect all ten for the most fun!

This twist on a second chance romance is 90,000 word cup of steaming hot scenes, a dusting of angst, plenty of fluff, and a guaranteed happy ending!

Halftime (Moo U #6)

There’s no halftime in hockey, but maybe there’s one in love…

Drunk dialing your girlfriend to tell her that you didn’t really cheat is a bad idea a lesson Seb Hunter learned the hard way. It was no surprise when she cut him completely out of her life. Now he’s finally moved on, and he’s looking forward to sopho year at Moo U. Until his ex arrives on campus.

For goalie Faith Devereaux, cheating is a hard pass. She grew up knowing all too well how destructive infidelity can be. She’s gotten over Seb and picked the college of her dreams. The fact that he’s a student there will not be a problem. Hockey is her priority. Not guys, not dating, definitely not exes.

But when an exhibition game forces them into close proximity, it isn’t long before their old attraction flares. Regaining trust is hard, though, when the heart plays a good defensive game.

But when the goal is love, one shot might be all they need.

The Rebel (Looking to Score #1)

I never thought I’d see her again.

We shared one hot night together back in college before our paths took us in different directions.

But now, the most brilliant and beautiful woman I’ve ever met is back in my life. And the chemistry I remember? It’s combustible than ever.

Except…our fling is forbidden and must exist only in secret. Her rules, not mine.

I can’t be her forever. I’m not that guy, and even she knows it.

But I can’t stay away from her either. I’m determined to claim not just her body but her heart, even if that’s the one thing she’s vowed not to give me.

Headstrong (Vino & Veritas, #3)

A straight guy gives gay hookup tips to a virgin. What could go wrong?

When I first met Whit, I couldn’t get away from him fast enough. He’s a hockey player, and I hate everything to do with the sport that once broke my heart.

But I can’t help feeling sorry for the guy. He’s newly out and desperate to meet someone, but his eagerness seems to scare potential hook ups away.

Agreeing to be his wingman should’ve been simple. Watching him flirt with other guys made things complicated.

Whit challenges me in every aspect of my life, from my hatred of hockey to the new questions I’m asking myself. Like why a straight man suddenly can’t stop thinking about kissing another guy.

I think the answer lies somewhere on Whit’s lips

Dirty Talker (Slayers Hockey, #4)

His mouth is hot enough to melt the ice.

Ten days. That’s all I’m asking for. But not one of my NHL teammates is willing to cough up a sister, cousin, or trusted friend to play my fake girlfriend for this wedding.

Pucking BS. Yeah, my mouth has been known to get me into places I don’t belong. But this Class Five panty melter is on lockdown because the last thing I need is another complication.

I’m about to give up when fate delivers the answer to my prayers.

I’m not her type.
She doesn’t date jocks.
All this sharp, sexy over achiever wants is a little fun, an escape from her career driven life.

It’s a simple arrangement. So why am I complicating it?

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The Dukes Gamble dERS STAY OUT OF MEDDLING WITH THEIR RELATIONSHIP But itoesn t seem like that will happen There will probably be of those outsiders who block and interfere thinking they know best I ll grab book 3 if It S On KU I M Not s on KU I m not about it being better though LOVED IT My two favorite authors never Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, disappoint Read ASAP or be subject to missing out on a great IRR alien abduction romance novel So far my fave of seriesI struggled with the first book in the series because of the inherent issues I have with the masterslaveynamic the Let Go dubconforced matings Basically it pushed alot of buttons I was uncomfortable with and landed way on thearker side of romance than I m used to This book however while still problematic in parts has benefited greatly from the changes made by the end of the last book in the way the Xalthurians and humans Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition deal with each other While there is stillubcon at the beginning I liked the way T Kan and Zinnia s relationship progressed and their chemistry was easier to believe in And in the end the way T Kan works for her love his genuinely funny thoughts on this love Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh disease were sweeter and way up my alley This series is a mixed bag for me with violence against women than I like but I genuinely enjoyed this one I m keeping an open mind so onto the next His To Steal by Taylor VaughnGenres Adult Romance Sci Fi25 StarsI am Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward disappointedNowhere near as good as book 1Loaded with typos and editing errorsHighly repetitiveThe flow was off The pace was slowWhile I like the mc s it took a long time to get anywhere with themThey both had lots of Thick Headed and obtuse moments Zinnia so than T KanEven theialog often came off as adolescent and sometimes stiltedThis one needs a lot of work Bow own to authors Theodora Taylor and stiltedThis one needs a lot of work Bow own to authors Theodora Taylor and Vaughn because illogical becomes logical in His to Steal Xar T Kan and Zinnia s unputdownable SMEXY read Their story actually takes place around the same time as Kel D Rek and Kira How to Disappear did in book 1 but as the title suggests Xar T Kan literally stole his treasureue to the love isease and hero s possessive nature towards his one and only Poor golden alien couldn t get Zinnia out of his head T Kan and Zinnia s story was an emotional and memorable journey with past pains miscommunications and trust issues which left me wondering about the alliances and possibilities of not just Xalthurians but of the other aliens who needed hu mans to breed to continue their race I m assuming epic sci fi stories from Taylor Vaughn right Only time will tell I guess The subplot was a oozy too A Guide to Americas Sex Laws due to T Kan s manipulative uncle and the spellbounding political intrigue etcCan t wait on book 3 of the Alien Overloads ARC provided for an honest review5 epic erotic sta. En andetermined to keep what he's stolen Me READER PLEASE NOTE This is a first encounter story with an alien who oes not know or care about our human laws and boundaries If that’s the kind of sensitive alien you’re looking for DO NOT one click this hot romance T’Kan is not that kind of extraterrestria. His To Steal Alien Overlords #2The rape y is strong in this one and the whole i must kill her to protect the peace accord which oubly oesn t o anything for the romance imo God save me I am happy to say that I got an ARC copy of this book as well as the first one and I am so glad that I id I really enjoy this series and felt so confused as I started to read the new second book that I truly felt that I had Entered A New Country a new country territory for real because I had This is really great and fun transformative writing I can see these hybrid babies and picture the faces of all involved There are characters and lots of political strife and fall out from the last book but it is a great romance first and foremost with a lot of action as well I like this series and hope to see in the future His to Steal is the second book in a three book sci fi series by Theodora Taylor and Eve Vaughn I have to say that I enjoyed reading this installment in the series better than the first book His to Claim It tells the story of Xar T Kan a Xal general and Zinnia a human woman who he stole and took to his planet after the breeding ceremony between his people and the 21 year old human females for those who haven t read the first book the breeding ceremony is integral to the plot of this series To avoid spoilers I ll just strongly recommend reading the first book to understand Although I generally "Liked The Characters The General "the characters the general Zinnia I id have a few issues that fortunately wer 3 12 Love Sickness StarsZennia was annoying but I still liked itHappy reading Well I m shocked Another great work This power couple works too well together Where s the trick Zinnia baby I totally felt you Anthropology as Cultural Critique during the whole story and T Kan is a sweetheart I wish I could find someone who could love me like T Kanid Now let s talk about business Taylor Vaughn could you PLEASE bless us with the story of every Kaidorian citizen Now that we know that the girls can get pregnant to we have new materialWhy should this series stop when it can last forever Decline from book 1I was optimistic about this series having potential after I completed book 1 The author has managed to build a Anyone detailed society on two planets and created stories of them merging With of course the bad guy betrayal While book one wasn t amazing I had hoped the author would improve as the series moved on Unfortunately itid not Spoilish content below to justify rating You should be warned going in the first intimate scene between Zinnia and TKan is uring the breeding ceremony evening They cannot understand one another yet as neither apparently has the translation implant Though you think TKan would have being a general Anyways the first sex scene is rape TKan Boggs does not know human custom noro. The Xals Battleground Chicago do things to the girls who try to run Bad things theyon’t necessarily recover fromI’ve grown up my whole life knowing that after a woman turns twenty one in my settlement she must submit to being mated by our alien overlords the Xalthurians Running from the mating ceremony means punishmentor wor. Es he care He just wants her and takes her in accordance with the rules of his people After this he ecides to steal her away to his planet because he is upset with her I m not sure why Zinnia wasn t upset or crying uring the first sex scene She idn t seem to Zinnia wasn t upset or crying uring the first sex scene She Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic didn t seem to Flash forward to his hidden cabin She then wants to act like sheoesn t want sex And now he s trying to be sweet They spend many weeks getting to know one another without being able to communicate He goes in and "Out Of The City For His Duties While She Stays "of the city for his Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold duties while she stays at the cabin Eventually they begin being intimate again They find a baby large cat species She rescues it The nextay he Mikhail Bakhtin doesn t return like usual He s gone for 6 months Which you might remember from the end of book one When he returns she flips out and won t listen even after he gives her a translator chip They fight She tries to kill him The cat crappily named a Baby how originalscratches and jumps on him He ends up locking her in the house and shooting the cat She thinks he killed her pet Turns out he tranuilized it He takes it and has iteclawed and a Carnival docile chip out in This pissed me off so bad cause she as left thinking the worst and he had thatone to that poor cat WITHOUT her permission But I was mad at her too for not listening to him Keel and Kira find out he has her They force him to bring her in Then they won t let him see her He s in love with her She s pregnant too Months go by Kira filled Zinnia s Head with the most ridiculous bull crap saying that TKan lied to Zinnia he was hiding her for like sneaky reasons and he Citizens and Paupers didn t want to fix her leg because he wanted her slow blah blah blah A bunch of crap that Kira has NO CLUE ABOUT She needed to mind her own business and not make assumptions So Zinnia return to the old planet because she thinks badly of TKan now thanks to Kira s meddling assuming self Then of course the story from here is Zinnia being a btch when he comes back to the old planet and not wanting to hear him out It s ridiculous He s painted as the total bad guy But no one calls out Kira for her assumption lies to Zinnia Finally she forgives him though he wasn t at fault for staying away since he had been in trouble in book one if you ll remember Wrongly accused of treason remember So take away from book 2Seriesropped own hill Kira is a raging think she KNOWS IT ALL MEDDLING B TKAN LEARNED TO LOVE it all meddling B TKan learned to love still wasn t told it s wrong to rape and that was never addressed btw TKan is golden is he gold gold or yellow Sounds yellow perhaps Not sure Zinnia is very ark skinned referred to as onyx It sounds as most of the human population on the human planet is African American But at least one Asian familyBut 3 might have some potential IF OTH. Se But I’m the freak The one nearly everyone else in our struggling human settlement either makes fun of or pities To help my only true friend in the village I try to escape my fate I runOne alien warrior finds me though And as it turns out resistance is very very futileYou see my alien overlord is huge gold. ,

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