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Books online Hush Puppy A Melanie Travis Mystery Melanie Travis Mysteries Paperback By Laurien Berenson – Ü Amateur

Sweethand (Island Bites, #1)

After a public meltdown over her breakup from her cheating musician boyfriend, Cherisse swore off guys in the music industry, and dating in general for a while, preferring to focus on growing her pastry chef business.

When Cherisse’s younger sister reveals she’s getting married in a few months, Cherisse hopes that will distract her mother enough to quit harassing her about finding a guy, settling down and having kids. But her mother’s matchmaking keeps intensifying.

Cherisse tries to humour her mother, hoping if she feigns interest in the eligible bachelors she keeps tossing her way, she’ll be off the hook, but things don’t quite go as planned. Turns out for the first time in ages, she and Keiran King, the most annoying man ever, are on the island at the same time. Avoiding him is impossible, especially when Keiran’s close friend is the one marrying her sister, and he’s the best man to her maid of honour.

Keiran doesn’t know what to make of Cherisse now. They’ve always butted heads. To him she’s always been a stuck up brat who seeks attention, even while he secretly harbored a crush on her. Now with Cherisse’s sister marrying one of his good friends he can’t escape her as the wedding activities keep throwing them together.

When things turn heated after a rainy night of bedroom fun, they both have to figure out if they can survive the countdown to wedding day, without this turning into a recipe for disaster.

Drag Me Up (Gods of Hunger, #1)

They say he’s a myth

And Hades prefers it that way. He may do all the work, and Zeus may get all the credit, but at least it allows Hades to preserve the one thing he truly cares to have: his solitude. The mere mention of the Wraith of Khaos Falls is enough to keep order, and he is rarely forced to leave the shadows of Casino Asphodel.

She belongs in the spotlight

And Persephone clawed her way out of Demeter’s shadow to reach it. Now she’s lead in Calliope’s Cirque production but not without great cost, and there is not enough money in the world to pay off the debt accrued for the simple mistake of trusting Zeus. Though it’s easier to ignore the bars when she still has room to fly.

Landing a residency at the legendary Casino Asphodel is everything she trained for. Meeting a man she’d been convinced didn’t exist? She could never be prepared for that. Hades isn’t prepared for her either, but it’s soon evident they’re a force when together. He gives her a soft place to land, and she makes him want to reach for the stars. But when Zeus ups the stakes, they must be willing to go all in, even if it means coming down from the sky. Or stepping into the light.

To Be Alone With You

A decade ago, Naomi Porter confessed her love to the handsome, enigmatic sculptor her artist mother mentored. Ten years her senior and seemingly uninterested, his rejection sent her reelingthen it sent her running as far away from him as possible. Now, he’s successful than ever, and she’s a burnt out personal assistant in desperate need of a vacation. Only, she’s too broke to afford a real one.

Her mother’s solution?

Calling in a favor from an old friend and getting her daughter a week long stay in the luxe guesthouse of a gorgeous home in the California desert — all for free.

The only drawback is that the house belongs to Ira Mack, the man she humiliated herself in front of all those years ago. The man who has somehow managed to become even compelling in their separation.

As desperation sets in, she finds herself with no real choice but to take him up on his offer. The tension between the two is palpable and only manages to grow intense by the second. But their past is too painful for Naomi to ignore, no matter how longing his looks are or how heated his words make her feel.

When the world implodes less than a week into her stay and Covid 19 clenches the world in its terrifying fist, Ira makes her an offer—A place to stay rent free until the world puts itself back together. But, every day, the possibility of that happening seems to get farther and farther away. And Naomi is forced to deal with both what she wants out of her life, and the man she’s finding it increasingly impossible to consider running away from again.

The Vow

Sergio Jones was on the verge of elevating his career from actor to director when a scandal broke out threatening his business and the financing of his film. In desperate need to clean up his image and salvage his career, Sergio considers an opportunity that would change his life forever.

Michaela Robinson was the definition of independent and stubborn. The mere thought of needing help from anyone made her go ten times harder, leaving her burned out, and alone. When Michaela's roommate abruptly ended their lease, she left Michaela with the task of finding a roommate, while juggling graduate school, an internship, and part time work. At the risk of losing everything, her beloved uncle, Michael, gave her an ultimatum that would change her life.

Sergio and Michaela promised to help each other rebuild their lives. But what happens when their wedding vows mean than having job security and financial stability? Will Sergio and Michaela learn how to love, honor and cherish each other? Find out in, The Vow.

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Hush Puppy A Melanie Travis Mystery Melanie Travis Mysteries PaperbackAnd a break Awakening (The Guardians Heart Series Book 1) from the usual plot of a dog show handler being killed Aunt Peg is always a delight and I hope Jane shows up in later books A good light read Rating 4 out of 5 starsI liked how we were able to see of Melanie s life as a teacher in this book as in the last one Iind the academy to be a really interesting place I love that the mystery took place in the academy as it allowed me to get to know Melanie as a teacher better rather than just as a dog personThe relationship she "Has With Sam Are "with Sam are I love reading about them together and Whoops! find them absolutely adorable Though there was a wrench thrown in Iound it interesting to learn about SamI have absolutely loved seeing Davie grow but definitely would have wanted Overall

*i really liked *
really liked book and think the books get better as time goes on I might have read one of Berenson s books in the past but I don t recall the characters so perhaps not This is one is in the middle of a series Los Caballeros de la Ciencia: El secreto mejor guardado de la Iglesia. featuring Melanie Travis a teacher and poodle owner who tends to stumble upon trouble In this book Travis has accepted a new job as a prestigious private school and is put on the team to help plan the school sirst annual spring pageant In order to do so the drama teacher who leads the team puts her in charge of researching the history of the school in hopes of The Sheep Book finding a useable topic When the school s longtime caretaker isound stabbed in his cabin on school grounds Travis can t help but be curious especially when other events occur that convince her that someone doesn t want Ward Laduma family history starts out with potential but degenerates into a muddle of predictable characters such as hunky boyfriend Sam adorable son Davey and a precocious waif called Jane who knows too muchor her own good A The Gangs Birthday Surprise fiery close callor Melanie leads to a disappointingly tidy wrap up in Aunt Peg's kitchen as the police having been beaten to the punch by Melanie eat cookie. ,

I love this series This might be my Earth favorite soar This book didn t have a lot about the poodles and the dog didn t have a lot about the poodles and the dog Instead we learned about Melanie s teaching job at a private school of course someone gets murder and melanie takes course someone gets murder and Melanie takes upon herself to investigate This book moves away Get Up from dog show competitions and all that involves to concentrate on Melanie s work place Melanie Travis is a single mom of one little rambunctious six year old boy named Davey and is a special needs tutor at a prestigious private school named Howard Academy Russell Hanover the headmaster wants to put on a lavish drama production to commemorate the lives of theounding Out to Lunch family and the school s 50th anniversary Melanie and the new drama coach Michael Durant are on an ad hoc committee to brainstorm and come up with a themeor the pageant Melanie is sent down to the prop room to retrieve an oil painting of Honoria Howard and her poodle Poupee Honoria is the sister of Joshua Howard cofounder of the schoolShe encounters Eugene Krebbs the school s elderly caretaker who has been a Parinamam engane? പരിണാമം എങ്ങനെ? fixture around the placeor decades He is arguing with and brandishing a broom at a 10 year old girl named Jane who has "been hanging around the school or awhile She is not enrolled as a student and he wants her gone What is "hanging around the school or awhile She is not enrolled as a student and he wants her gone What is really doing there Since the painting didn t inspire a suitable program Hanover asks Melanie to look through some of the archives in the basement Mr. Drackle And His Dragons for inspiration Sheinds a diary written by Ruth Howard who was Honoria s niece In reading the Amateur sleuth and single mother Melanie Travis Watchdog etc and her show poodle Faith return in a mundane canine cozy centered around the prestigious Howard Academy in Greenwich Conn where Melanie is a Dragon, Dragon and Other Tales full time tutor School caretaker Eugene Krebbs an unsavory schoolixture is ound dead in his tool shed stabbed with a pitchfork Now along with juggling Faith's dog shows and. ,

Iary Melanie discovers a scandal "Which Puts Krebbs Murder In "puts Krebbs murder in whole new light While in the basement she encounters Jane again and tries to befriend the girl but manages to scare her away Later Krebbs is ound in an old wooden shed stabbed to death with a pitchfork Jane is the one who Hands Tied, A Hammer Story finds him and alerts the school Detective Thomas Shertz is put on the case andor once Melanie doesn t want to play detective herself just ask a ew uestions of her own When the shed is searched drugs are
*found which leads *
which leads detective to suspect that might be the cause of Krebb s death Melanie inally befriends Jane and then discovers that someone is stalking herA subplot involves Melanie s Say Go Be Do fianc Sam Driver At a dog show he discovers his ex wife Sheila has moved to town temporarily She is showing her pugs which is why they grace the cover of the book Heorgot to mention to Melanie that he had an ex wife and seems indifferent about the whole thing no big deal Melanie of course is uite upset Aunt Peg stirs the Confer flames when she invites Sheila and Melanie to lunch where it is discovered that Sheila made a mistake in divorcing Sam and wants him back Clueless Sam almost makes aatal mistake when he compares Melanie to Sheila after making love to herMelanie begins taking Faith her when he compares Melanie to Sheila after making love to herMelanie begins taking Faith her poodle to school with her each day to prepare her or being in the pageant At one point disaster strikes and Melanie and Faith barely escape being killed themselves Is she unknowingly getting too close to the truth of who killed Krebbs A nice cozy mystery. Dealing with the unexpected arrival in town of her iance's ex wife Melanie Hotarul Nestatornic (La Medeleni, finds herself drawn into the investigation As part of the school's pageant committee she is charged with searching through the Howardamily papers in the school basement where she discovers a painting and a 60 year old diary that may hold the clues to Krebbs's death Berenson's tale particularly the Ho.

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