The Tangram Book

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Doggo and Pupper

An old dog has to welcome a new puppy to the household, in this chapter book by #1 New York Times bestselling author Katherine Applegate.

Doggo is used to things being a certain way in his family. He likes routine. Cat says he's become boring. That is, until Pupper shows up!

Pupper is playful and messy, and turns the house upside down. Soon, the humans realize that Pupper needs some training, and off he goes to puppy school.

When Pupper comes back, he's well behaved. He's not playful. He's not messy. But Doggo soon realizes that Pupper also isn't happy. So Doggo steps in to help, and rediscovers what it means to have fun.

Doggo and Pupper launches a delightful new series by beloved author Katherine Applegate, featuring illustrations by Charlie Alder.

Laxmi's Mooch

A joyful, body positive picture book about a young Indian American girl's journey to accept her body hair and celebrate her heritage after being teased about her mustache.

Laxmi never paid much attention to the tiny hairs above her lip. But one day while playing farm animals at recess, her friends point out that her whiskers would make her the perfect cat. She starts to notice body hair all over on her arms, legs, and even between her eyebrows.

With her parents' help, Laxmi learns that hair isn't just for heads, but that it grows everywhere, regardless of gender. Featuring affirming text by Shelly Anand and exuberant, endearing illustrations by Nabi H. Ali, Laxmi's Mooch is a celebration of our bodies and our body hair, in whichever way they grow.

A New Day

This rambunctious and big hearted story of kindness reminiscent of the Crayons and Cindy Lou Who is written by the bestselling author of Ordinary People Change the World and illustrated by the Caldecott Medal winning creator of Beekle.

Sunday quit, just like that. She said she was tired of being a day. And so the other days of the week had no choice but to advertise: WANTED: A NEW DAY. Must be relaxing, tranquil, and replenishing. Serious inquires only. Soon lots of hopefuls arrived with their suggestions, such as Funday, Bunday, Acrobaturday, SuperheroDay, and even MonstersWhoResembleJellyfishDay! Things quickly got out of hand . until one candidate showed up: a little girl with a thank you gift for Sunday. The girl suggested simply a nice day a day to be kind. And her gratitude made a calendar's worth of difference to Sunday, who decided she didn't need to quit after all.

When we appreciate each other a little bit , all the days of the week can be brand new days where everything is possible.

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