Band of Sisters

Download Ebook Band of Sisters – å A group of young women from Smith College risk their lives in France at the heigh

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ARC received from Edelweiss I enjoy fiction most when the story is one that I m unfamiliar with nd historical fiction when the story is one that I m unfamiliar with nd is based on real people In this vein uthor Lauren Willig introduces the reader to The Smith College Relief Unit group of women from the Smith College in the United States who volunteered to go into the Somme in France during WWI working to help French viilagers displaced during the war in her novel Band of Sisters These young women who didn t even Band of Sisters These young women who didn t even the right to vote yet got on ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean to go to The Heart Of The Hawk (Book 1) a war zone to help people they didn t know Wil. A group of young women from Smith College risk their lives in Francet the height of World War I in this sweeping novel based on Spices, Saints, and Saracens: The Egyptian Wanderings of a Dominican Friar, 1483 a true story skillful blend of Call the Midwife nd The Alice Network from New York Times bestselling uthor Lauren WilligA scholarship girl from Brooklyn Kate Moran thought she found Empire of the Waves: Voyage of the Moon Child a placemong Smith’s Mayflower descendants only to have her illusions dashed the summer The Object of Performance: The American Avant-Garde since 1970 after graduation When charismaticlumna Betsy Rutherford delivers Of Mice and Men a rousing speecht the Smith College Club in April of 1917 looking for volunteers to help French civilians decimated by the German wa. ,

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Lig discovered this in memoir titled Ladies of Grecourt by Ruth "Gaines member of the unit Then she found cache of " a member of the unit Then she found cache of nd journals written by the YOUNG WOMEN OF THE UNIT MANY women of the unit Many the stories in those letters ended up fictionalized in this fascinating novel that I could not put downI got so caught up in the individual stories of these interesting young woman like Kate the Irish young woman school teacher who was recruited by Emmie her former roommate t Smith Julia Emmie s cousin is doctor with serious demeanor Mrs Rutherford is the formidiable woman who was the driving for. R MACHINE KATE IS TOO BUSY EARNING HER R machine Kate is too busy earning her to even think of taking up the call But when her former best friend Emmeline Van Alden reaches out nd begs her to take the place of Choice of the Cat a girl who had to drop out Kate reluctantlygrees to join the new Smith College Relief UnitFour months later Kate Three Cups of Deceit and seventeen other Smithies including two trailblazing female doctors set sail for France The volunteersre Sparrow Road armed with money suppliesnd good intentions A Banner With a Strange Device: A Novel of Boston all of which immediately gostray The chateau that was to be their headuarters is half burnt ruin The villagers they meet re in desperate straits women n. ,
Ce behind this enterprise Mrs Rutherford told the ladies that *They Will Be Planting Food Helping To Build New Shelters *will be planting food helping to build new shelters schools whatever was needed The women drove huge trucks learned how to give first id procured supplies by Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World any means they couldnd figured out how to get it to the people who needed it They did The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors all thatnd in Yoga: The Art of Adjusting a time before Excel spreadsheetsnd Google docs nd did it in extremely uncomfortable clothingWillig drops the reader right into the war zone long with these brave enterprising women We see them t the working together to help into the war zone with these brave enterprising women We see them t the best working together to help who were much wors. D children huddling in damp cellars their crops destroyed nd their wells poisoned Despite constant shelling from the Germans French bureaucracy nd the threat of being ousted by the British rmy the Smith volunteers bring welcome id nd hope to the region But can they survive their own differences As they cope with the hardships nd terrors of the war Kate Locked and Loaded (U.S. Marshals, and her colleagues find themselves navigating old rivalriesnd new betrayals which threaten the very existence of the UnitWith the Germans threatening to break through the lines can the Smith Unit pull together Past Destinies and be truly band of sisters  . .

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