Catch a Wave The Rise Fall and Redemption of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson

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No vine para quedarme jManson family and evenoin in an orgy with the Manson chicks Love would keep getting married Carl would become an alcoholic and Murry would rage over being cut out from managing the band This all gets to be pretty sordid stuff that can match the Stones the Doors or the late Elvis in rock and roll decadence any day The low point I thought was when the drunken Dennis Wilson introduced Mike Love to his new girlfriend who Helpful Paws just happened to be Love s illegitimate child Wilson was trolling for yet another fistfight with Love who is a major dick himselfThroughout this story Carlin dutifully covers each album which is perhaps overkill and weighs the merits of the songs most of which I find second rate compared to those shimmering pre 1969 efforts Carlin tries to make this a triumphant story with Brian Wilson eventually recovering On a personal front this may be true but I don t think the music those Good Vibrations has never come back in uite the same way Mike Love is an asshole The title suggests a well organized read is at hand I was disappointed in the fact that the writing was rather poor and hard to wade through The saving grace was the story of reviving the SMiLE sessions Redemption indeed Brian in my mind is the greatest arranger and one of the greatest songwriters modern music has ever known His music and harmonies speak to me like no one else This book is difficult to read a lot of times knowing how much suffering Brian had to endure It wasn t fun for meBrian was a slave and a machine throughout most of his life He was tortured and abusedMurry his father did it then his band and the record companies did it then Landry did it and there are others who did itand for all I know they re still doing it It s tragic and horrifying But these are the facts I wish I lived in a world where Brian got support and encouragement for all his hard work instead of the exact oppositealasI enjoyed a lot of this book It gets a bit dull after the smile bits every now and again but it picks up once Brian is back on the horseThe other Beach Boys have their moments in the book and it s a great read for the hardcore fans Sometimes the authorust kind of lists what happens though and that kind of makes everything stall out A lot of times I had to stop reading so I could listen to the albums mentionedAnd if you hated Mike Love before like most Beach Boys fans do you ll hate him after this I love the Beach Boys than any other rock group in the world I ve been a fan than thirty five years and I ve read every book I could find about them I enjoyed this book very much but I don t feel that it adds much that hasn t already been said by other authors The problem with Peter Ames Carlin as an author is that he takes the myth of Brian Wilson at face value presenting his lost album SMILE as if it s the most important thing the Beach Boys ever did As a result he gives too little attention to the greatness of the music of their a result he gives too little attention to the greatness of the music of their period from Surfin Safari in 1962 to Califonia Girls in 1965 Like most critics Carlin has an almost exaggerated contempt for popular music and is anxious to dismiss the big Top 40 Hits as the product of Beach Boy greed personified by the much maligned lead singer Mike Love In my opinion however songs like When I Grow Up To Be A Man and Dance Dance Dance are as good as anything on PET SOUNDS or even on SMILE But Carlin like most Beach Boy writers clearly enjoys celebrating the myth rather than the facts There are times too when as a biographer Carlin can be almost too sympathetic Everyone knows Brian Wilson is a beautiful fragile childlike individual a sensitive artist who had a horrific childhood and suffered permanent brain damage due to drugs in the Sixties We all admire him for the album PET SOUNDS and we wish he could have completed SMILE But it s a bit over the top to hear that Brian was a mythic hero like John Henry Brian Wilson gentle soul that he was never really stood up for his music or challenged authority in any way You can see him as a sweet music or challenged *authority in any way You can see him as a sweet figure but he s like Tiny *in any way You can see him as a sweet figure but he s like Tiny the Dickens character not the singer than like John Henry John Henry was a mythical black folk hero with superhuman strength who worked driving steel spikes on the railroad According to legend when an automatic drill was invented John Henry refused to admit that a machine could be stronger than a man He challenged the steam drill and beat it but then died immediately after So how exactly is Brian Wilson like John Henry Brian was a passive fragile victim who always backed down from conflict John Henry was a proud determined man who died rather than admit defeatWhy not Antologia - Jose Hierro just compare the lyrics of Surfing USA to the I Have A Dream speech by Martin Luther King Or the lonely teen in In My Room to the mad king in KING LEAR WE VE BEEN DOING DRUGS ALL SUMMER LONGBeach Boys fans read this excellent book at their peril There are a very few good vibrations in the story of Brian Wilson and his group but there s no shortage of extremely bad vibrations By the end of the book you may feel you re heartily sick of each and every drug addled money obsessed talentless washed out Beach Boy with the exception of Brian himself These days they re a living breathing embarrassment They sue each other perpetually and Al Jardine and Mike Love now tour America with rival bands claiming to be the Beach Boys Pity rich pop star Brian Wilson First he was bullied and humiliated by his father the repulsive Murray Wilson Later he was bul. S and live music tells a uniuely American story of the band the music and the culture the Beach Boys both sang about and helped create Carlin brings a fan's passion a seasonedournalist's objectivity and a cultural critic's insight to his subject and the result is a magesterial and authoritative account of the Beach Boys' visionary figure who has emerged into a new era of creativity. .
Ng it all down with too much minutia It s an interesting outline of Brian s life a well organized peak into the life of one of the most creative and talented musicians out there 35 stars I saw the Beach Boys in 1976 In fact I saw two of them Mike Love and Carl Wilson up close That summer the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys played within about a week of each other at the Capitol Center in Landover Maryland As the Stones concert was ending Love and Wilson came down from their seats probably a sky box and stood at an exit close to where I was sitting I had seen their band play about a week before and truth be told big Stones fan that I am when it came to singing the Beach Boys put on a better live show The main reason being that Jagger s voice not the greatest live instrument in the first place was shot while the Beach Boys were all clear as a bell I also had the added benefit of seeing the very iffy Brian Wilson who at that time was a hulking figure behind a piano I think he played about three songs At that time the Beach Boys were still trying to make it as a viable creative band I think not too long after this tour or maybe even during it they released 15 Big Ones which I thought kind of sucked On the cover of that album there was Brian again being rolled out as the center of the band Maybe but he was at best according to author Peter Ames Carlin a disinterested and fragile center What in fact was keeping the band going was the country s slide into nostalgia as it benefitted from new exposure in the soundtrack for American Graffitti their own outstanding greatest hits album Endless Summer and later the Reagan and Fonzie years But when it came to new albums the Beach Boys Magic of the Mind just couldn t seem to get out of the middle 50s on the charts People wanted the old hitsThe band would eventually cave to this reality and by the mid 80s they had become according to Carlin an act that was little than self parody To watch the Beach Boys perform now chauffeured across baseball infields in woody station wagons performing on stages crowded with unironic surfboards and of them dressed in clothes that had come to resemble an eccentric cross between high school letterman s garb and geriatric leisure wear was to see a group of musicians who no longer had any idea what their songs meant or why they were still so important to the people who came to hear them sing p 250Carlin to his credit does remember and he does an admirableob in 300 or pages recounting a story that probably needs over a thousand pages to tell I was at first surprised at how things started out with Carlin going back to the Wilson s and Love s grandparents time around the turn of the century For a few pages there I found myself recalling The Grapes of Wrath as these transplants from the mid West made a go of it in California living initially in tents working and drinking hard and yet finding some relief in sing alongs around the fireJump forward to the Eisenhower years with the post war boom really taking off At this point the the Eisenhower years with the post war boom really taking off At this point the were a typical blue collar suburban family but one that retained a love of music as the patriarch of the bunch Murry who worked at Goodyear would dabble in music writing Murry was abusive and controlling but he also could see there was something unusual when it came to music #about his oldest child Brian He also may have contributed due to a #his oldest child Brian He also may have contributed due to a to the 6 year old s head to Brian s deafness in his left earBy the time Brian was out of high school he showed every sign of being a prodigy The band originally constructed as a family affair by Murry would turn out hit after hit They even to some extent weathered the Beatles storm once it arrived Part of the reason for this was they were than a surf band at least that s how Brian thought of them Brian liked what the Beatles were doing and as result dropped the surf formula of cars and girls for something complicated and beautiful Pet Sounds which to my mind stands shoulder to shoulder with Sgt Pepper The other members of the band were uncomfortable with the effort thinking it a bit weird straying off the Beach Boy message But it was with this effort one where Brian still retained enough control of the band where we hear his genius on full album length display Carlin does an excellent analysis of album even making a strong argument that I totally agree with for the necessity of Sloop John B Sadly and it s only 1966 this would be the high water mark for Beach Boys albums As much as Brian admired the Beatles thinking they were showing him new possibilities with his own music it was Wilson that probably showed the Beatles which way to go since Pet Sounds preceded Sgt Pepper The Beatles were in awe of Pet Sounds Once the Beatles released Sgt Pepper Brian seemed to feel he had to answer with yet another masterpiece which lead to the Smile album effort This was the end The band was pulling in one commercial direction Brian creatively wanted to go in another And then there was the late 1960s with drugs drugs drugs becoming the new Fun Fun Fun Brian essentially suffered a nervous breakdown as the Smile effort was shelved on Fun Fun Brian essentially suffered a nervous breakdown as the Smile effort was shelved on eve of its releaseWhat follows next with still over half the book to go are Brian s ups and mostly downs His weight would balloon up over 300 pounds lots of drugs lots of food binges while only occasionally dabbling with music for a band he no longer seemed to like The other members of the band would struggle on with their own problems Dennis would meet the. And tragic figures But after spending years lost in a wilderness of despair Wilson has fought his way back to productivity And now with teh release of Smile the masterwork that nearly undid him he has returned to music's center stageNow Peter Ames Carlin who conducted in depth exclusive interviews with dozens of sources and listened to hundreds of hours of unreleased studio recording. ,

I came across this book in a used bookstore and while I was never a Beach Boys fan I knew the story of Brian Williams and was curious about it This book is a great way to examine the details of Wilson s life without it getting overshadowed by the legend of the Beach Boys Carlin gets into the whole of not only Brian s life but of the Wilson family going over their history in coming to California and the traits that became part of Brian s generationThe stories are likely not going to be new to many fans Murray Wilson was controlling Mike Love becomes and of a erk over time the Beach Boys fell in and out of style What is fascinating is seeing how no matter their own desires the group kept Brian around and the tremendous stress and pressure that put on him It s impossible not to feel for Brian as you see the darkness behind the Beach Boys However the story of Brian healing and bringing his masterpiece SMILE back from the dead is the ending we hope for While Carlin can come off as a bit of a fanboy describing Brian s music he still created a worthy account of one of rock s most legendary figures I couldn t stop It was a fair and thorough look at the disturbed genius Mike Love doesn t start out awful but he s awful Most of the other people are also awful As a lifelong Beach Boys fan who has always been fascinated by the life of Brian Wilson I was highly interested in the subject matter of this book But although Brian Wilson s life does indeed make an extraordinary story this book manages to be a tedious read It s poorly written and the author is so blinded by adoration for his idol that he glosses over everything that may reflect badly on Brian The long passages that describe music are kind of pointless unless you ve heard all the songs and are actually listening to them as you read Catch a Wave The Rise Fall and Redemption of Beach Boy s Brian Wilson by Peter Ames Carter is a 2006 Rodale Books publication Who doesn t love that fun upbeat music of the Beach Boys How can you deny Brian Wilson s creative genius and contributions But who knew the extent of his suffering the intense family drama and tragedy that he endured I admit I didn t always take the Beach Boys seriously thinking their music was ust fun catchy and made me feel good Nothing wrong in that but with maturity I began to see things differently However even with a deeper appreciation of Brian Wilson in particular I can t say I knew all that much about him I had heard things about an abusive father about his living in his room for years and suffering from some kind of mental illness but I never read any sort of biography about his life or watched any documentaries about him or the Beach Boys But when the film Love and Mercy came out I had heard some very high praise for the film I decided to check it out and was very impressed with it and found the story so incredible I began to search out a valid trustworthy book about Brian s life This book came highly recommended so I picked it out to start with There are other books out there as well which might help piece things together cohesively and maybe someday I ll get around to reading those too But to get an overall picture of Brian s life this book is a decent good place to start One thing I feel I should mention is that this book doesn t focus solely on the period of time Brian Was Under Landy was under Landy influence This is a book that details Brian s musical talents his thought process the dynamic between himself and *The Other Members Of The Group As *other members of the group as as a mention or two of Brian s marriages and children The book did not go into great depth with his intimate personal life in fact his first wife is mentioned only briefly and the incredible story of how he met his second wife it completely glossed over and their adopted children are not mentioned either But we are given some ideas about how Brian functioned in the studio how difficult the album Smile was to complete what the many problems were with recording it the drug problems the infighting and how all of this effected Brian s emotional wellbeing However this book is not as comprehensive as I would have liked only briefly stopping along the way to touch on a point or discuss an event or situation which only whetted my curiosity not satisfying it which is why I would like to find reading material on Brian s life and maybe even the Beach Boys as a unit too There is a lot of tragedy in Brian s life and it is terribly sad that the family is so ripped apart that such bitterness exists between them and continues to be a problem even now But there is a lot triumph in these pages as well Once diagnosed with serious mental health problems suffering from physical health issues too Brian with the help of a few good people was able to pull himself up from the ashes and live a relatively normal life He finally got the recognition as an artist he craved and deserved releasing Smile to critical rants and raves resurrecting his career and giving him the laugh last so to speak Brian s story is ultimately inspirational because only he could do the work that was necessary to achieve his goals and he had the will and strength to pull that off He s still eccentric a little aloof but considering everything I think he deserves the accolades and hopefully he has found peace and contentment in his life now This is a good book for someone like myself that had very little knowledge of Brian s life giving the reader a pretty fair depiction of events without boggi. Now the subject of the movie Love Mercy starring John Cusack Brian Wilson was the visionary behind America's most successful and influential rock band And as the leader of the Beach Boys he sold 100 million records produced Pet Sounds and built a catalog of songs that continues to define the sound and feel of American popular music He also became one of the culture's most mysterious. ,
Catch a Wave The Rise Fall and Redemption of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson

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