Twin Temptation

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Twin Temptation


I love the Disney movie The Parent Trap and this book was like an adult version of it with a few twists to make it spicier of Course Unfortunately The Book Didn Unfortunately the book didn work for meMaddie Farrell and Jordan Ware are twin sisters separated at birth maddie stayed with their separated at birth Maddie stayed with their while Jordan stayed with their mother for easons that are never explained in the book and only now 26 years later they find out about each other s existence The little girls in the movie decided to switch places so each could get to know the other parent that had been absent from their lives Maddie and Jordan have no parents left to switch their father died a year ago and their mother has just died and are forced to exchange places for 3 weeks in order to fulfill the terms of their mother s will and claim their inheritance Twin Temptation is Maddie s storyJase Campbell is Jordan s friend and oommate He s never felt the slightest attraction for Jordan but guess what he feels an instant connection with Maddie And when I say instant I mean even before he sees her As it can only happen in Romancelandia Maddie Is So Tired When so tired when arrives at Jordan s apartment to take her place that she ends up sleeping in Jase s bed instead of Jordan s and he s so tired when he gets home from an exhausting assignment in South America that he just climbs in his bed without noticing that there s a woman sleeping in it Soon afterwards they e both dreaming they e having amazing earthshaking sex with this unknown dreamy partner and wow they manage to do it without waking up Not even Maddie s three yes count them three orgasms jolt her into consciousness Note 1 Maybe it s just me but I could t believe the sex was all that good if they both slept all the way through it LOL Anyway the morning after is a bit awkward at first and then they start thinking they may be falling in love with each other Huh In love The only thing they know about each other is their names There s been no eal conversation between them yet Note 2 At this point I almost stopped eading the book because I had done so much eye olling in the last half an hour that I was afraid my eyes would fall from their sockets But I persevered as I still wanted to know why Maddie and Jordan had been separated at birthThe plot thickens when they start suspecting that Maddie s mother s death might not have been accidental and it gets worse when Maddie is attacked and almost killed twice When Jordan who s at Maddie s place calls and informs that Maddie s design studio has been broken into and destroyed they ealize that fulfilling the terms of their mother s will isn t going to be as simple as they thoughtWell what can I say I didn t care for the Hh and the omance and the mystery was very simple and easy to guess On the whole this was a very unsatisfying ead and it left several uestions unanswered The most annoying why Maddie and Jordan were separated at birth Who broke into Maddie s studio design and destroyed her work Are Maddie and Jordan going to switch places for good after the 3 weeks are over I m a curi. Maddie Farrell is about to get a double surprise not only is she an heiress she has a secret twin sister What's their inheritance depends on temporarily switchin. Ous person and I love series so I should be dying to ead Twin Seduction and find out the answers to these uestions ight Well no I m sorry to say but I just don t care Unfortunately this story didn t live up to the expectations brought on by the previous two books It s not a series per se the authors themselves describe their work as a two book series but the works are all tied loosely into a people mix up miniseries appropriately titled Wrong Bed Again and
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Leslie Kelly two stories have set uite a high standard to follow and Cara Summers just wasn t up to the task Hopefully it was just a one book fluke and the next one will be a vast improvement I certainly hope soTo me it seemed the author had a hard time deciding on the genre At first the suspense subplot kept distracting me from the omance but slowly I was ather thankful for the aforementioned suspense subplot At least it kept things rather thankful for the aforementioned suspense subplot At least it kept things around New YorkWhyBecause the omance blew I don t know if it could even be categorized as a omance since it happened so suddenly I almost got a nosebleed Okay kidding on the nosebleed part What bothered me was the speed with which everything evolvedMaddie Farrell has learned that her mother whom she thought died when she was a baby actually died only a few days ago And Maddie wasn t an only child but had a twin sister Her mother s will is specific Maddie and her twin Jordan must spend the next three conseuent weeks in each other s shoes in order to prevent their mother s business from being soldMaddie and Jordan promptly switch places with Jordan leaving for Maddie s Santa Fe anch And Maddie For Jordan S Maddie for Jordan s York apartment Poor jet lagged Maddie is so tired upon arrival she crashes in the first bed she finds Unfortunately she crashes in the bed of Jordan s oommate an ex special ops member JaseJase eturns from a escue mission in South America that same night and upon finding a woman in his bed thinks he s only dreaming she thinks she s only dreaming and they end up doing the hanky panky Imagine the surprise when they wake up and ealize it wasn t a dream they actually slept together Without knowing each other and without protection Okay the whole putting the glove on can sometimes get tiresome in a book disrupting the flow so to speak but it was never mentioned in this story which was a bit off puttingSo they have sex on their first pseudo meeting then they can t keep their minds and hands off each other they suddenly know each other after spending less than twelve hours together and are madly in love by the end of the book mere two days after they meetWTFThe only edeeming thing about this so called omance was the fact Jase immediately knew Maddie wasn t Jordan imagine that their smells didn t match and he didn t feel a thing for Jordan they were truly just friends but with Maddie he went completely haywire That was sweetIt was the suspense that kept the entire story above water in the end The obbery murder attempted murder break in etc kept it interesting And the fact only one part of the puzzle. G placesUnexpected bonus Sex with her sister's superhot oommate Jase Campbell But he's just a passing if mind blowing distractionBecause as soon as the twin swi.
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S been esolved left a nice cliffhanger for the next final story and the esolution to take place on a cattle anch near Santa FeI m actually looking forward to the next story Mostly because I m curious as to what the heck is going on and I m dying to meet Maddie s neighbor and would be fianc Cash cowboy and a city bred businesswoman That Should Keep Things Interesting Don T You Think Maybe should keep interesting don t you think Maybe is a sign that I need to ead a good mystery but I thought the whodunit portion was decent Unfortunately not everything gets esolved in this book I thought the initial meeting was a bit contrived Same with the elevator scene But overall I liked it Now I ll have to hunt down the second oneedit 6310 Well I found the second for a buck at Half Price Books Since I needed a twin book for my monthly challenge and had the seuel sitting there I thought I d give it a uick e ead Meh I m surprised I went looking for the second book after going over this one again Totally unbelievable characters and events Who knew you could wrap a nicely detailed mystery suspense and omance all in one neat little Harleuin Blaze package I mean I knew it could be done but this book is jam packed Somehow Cara manages to keep all the plot points flowing while still making sure the omance shines That s why this book deserves extra attention and is truly a step aboveCara Summers expertly weaves the omance of Maddie and Jase the mysteries of who killed Eva and obbed her store and the suspense the omance of Maddie and Jase the mysteries of who killed Eva and obbed her store and the suspense who was trying to kill Maddie It s a lot of story that Cara manages to fit into the traditional Harleuin mold and she does it extremely wellThe mystery has you guessing the suspense has you wondering who s around the next corner and the omance has you fanning yourself from all the heat coming from the page This is three great stories combined into one detailed and well plotted book What s is that Cara even manages to nicely set up and hint at the sister story to this book that will be eleased in July and features Maddie s twin sister Jordan and her experiences at outrunning a murder plotThe only thing keeping this from being a 5 Heart Review was that I didn t feel I got to know Maddie enough to connect emotionally with her I liked her and thought she and Jase worked well together but with all the other things taking place in the book something had to go and that was getting to know Maddie betterThat said you still can t go wrong picking up this book and I ll venture to say you should pick up the sister s story in July titled Twin Seduction What the what The esolution was SOOOOO NOT satisfying The identification of the culprits was too abrupt Revelation of their being in custody was almost an afterthought And there was no confirmation after the culprits were caught about their motives andor their MO I guess I m just from the Scooby Doo generation I miss that moment of I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn t for you meddling kids Or maybe the electronic copy I borrowed was missing a chapterRead as part of One Click June 2009 Harleuin Blaz. Tch is over Maddie's heading home Unless she can't outrun the killer who'd ather see her dead than inherit Or Jase who'd like to keep blowing her mind permanent. .

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