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Ed with Detroit was the obesity of the people she passed She d elt a little self conscious that morning dressing in a light short sleeved blouse and a pair of shorts nothing else would do the weather was so hot and drippy that even closed toe shoes would
have been intolerable 
been 45 her legs
have been intolerable At her legs slight cellulite saddlebags and her tummy wasn t the washboard it had been when she was 25 But here on this stretch of road populated by people so Microsociology fat they could barely walk soat that they were de sexed marshmallows with Lefty faces like inflatable toys sheelt like a toothpickAndRight Perry said That s next week and this aft we ve got some work to do but now I m ready or lunch You guys ready or lunchSomething about Shadow of the Vampire food and reallyat guys it seemed like an awkward uestion to Suzanne like asking someone who d been horribly disfigured by burns if he wanted to toast a marshmallow But Lester didn t react to the uestion of course not he had to eat everyone had to eat Anyway this book was horrible The story just kept going and going on pointlessly Statistical Computing in C++ and R for 400 pages I was excited to read something by Doctorow because I really like his ideas so this was definitely disappointing And okay the ideas underneath this mess were actually very interesting I DID like the idea of the crowd sourced ride slowly turning into a subconsciously created story But I rather read about these ideas in blog posts and noniction My advice Don t read Makers and stick to Doctorow s non Human Aspects of Software Engineering fiction I am so glad this one isinished with It s strange I really uite like Doctorow but only in short bursts it seems His ideas are great and his message worth while but it gets a little tiring being preached to in your How to Make a Plant Love You fiction and in Makers there s a whole lot of didactic dialogue Doctorow takes his idea and spins it through several revolutions of basically the same plotor 400 pages in an attempt to make it an epic spectacle that takes decades to come to Cities and Dialogue fruition instead leaving youeeling like it has taken decades to actually read the thing At least he gives this stuff away right. He rides by convincing the police that their 3D printers are being used to make AK 47sLawsuits multiply as venture capitalists take on a new investment strategy backing litigation against companies like Disney Lester and Perry's Christmas Doll friendshipalls to pieces when Lester gets the Dark Tide Rising (William Monk fatkins treatment which turns him into a sybaritic gigoloThen things get really interestin. All theun stuff Cory really wants to write aboutWhich is not to say it S A BAD BOOK THERE ARE SOME GREAT IDEAS a bad book there are some great ideas GRIPPING SECTIONS THE CHAPTERS SET IN sections the chapters set in shanty towns that have sprung up in Florida s ruined condos and abandoned gated communities were a highlight but these are small islands of interest in a vast ocean of seemingly endless lawsuits and technological detail and not nearly enough character development or plot to truly engage my interestIn short the ideas are great but they need a stronger story and better characters to hang them on It would benefit hugely rom a really characters to hang them on It would benefit hugely rom a really edit I have a good contender The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, for worst read of 2015Theirst half of this book is simply a message with a story slathered thinly on top The practically all male cast is cardboard and hollow and their characters seem to be half developed based on what clothes they wear and Fearless Jack food they eat Theemale main character is a Mary Sue who can do little wrong every single male character professes himself in love with her at some point The other The Film Club female characters are weird wishulfillment girl a college student who offers sage advice and then throws herself at a main character 10 years her senior in a very awkward sex scene or the Tarascon Pediatric Emergency Pocketbook frustrated wife of another male character who mainly exists to watch the children and occasionally gets angry at her husbandThere s all sorts of over the top telling Like a character will say You really smell man and then everyone in the scene willind this so unny they are described as doubled over laughing or rolling around on the ground with tears running down their ace Was this book meant The Success Secrets Of Brian Tracy - How To Achieve Your Goals And Be Succesful for 10 year oldsAlso theat shaming Doctorow is obsessed with describing everyone s body types I counted three instances of really repulsive descriptions of people who are overweight in the Ninth Grade Slays firstorty pages I m assuming this was added to set up the pointless atkins storyline what was the point of that anyway but it doesn t make these sections any less repulsive to me Here s a sampleThe other commonality this stretch of road shar. Tech communal mini startups Together they transform the nation and blogger Andrea Fleeks is there to document itThen it slides into collapse The New Work bust puts the dot bomb to shame Perry and Lester build a network of interactive rides in abandoned Walmarts across the land As their rides gain in popularity a rogue Disney executive engineers a savage attack on Work Your Wardrobe familiar with Doctorow Coryriggin Doctorow I don t know what to make of this guy I really want to give this book both a 0 and a 5 He is Silence in Hanover Close (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, full ofascinating ideas This book is The Complete Idiots Guide to Starting a Web-Based Business fascinating He shows the implications of technology really doable tech but with huge conseuences in society What happens as three d printers get better and making stuff When the distance between design and the product gets shorter and easier What will people do What will corporations do when anyone can do what they do He presents really cogent ideas I couldn t stop readingExcept the writing is soooriggin horrible It s like reading Tiểu phẩm báo chí fuckingan Icon fiction I had to read like the worst sex scene ever put into words Seriously I read a Geocities page about tentacle sex in 98 with art than this Protip If a literary sex scene has the word vagina in it it s a bad signSo what do I say This is real scii An exploration of technology and how people react to new capabilities Real sci i so what if it s not shakespeare If ideas is your thing read this If prose is skip what if it s not shakespeare If ideas is your thing read this If prose is skip I tried very hard to like this book I loved the pretext and I really wanted to like it but it s so hard going nothing much seems to happen and it s much much too longFocussing on a very near wholly believable uture the story kicks off brilliantly the characters start out interesting but then nothing The characters uickly merge and become indistinguishable so that you have to work rather too hard to keep up with who s doing what where and why What story there is is so heavily padded with inconseuential detail and irrelevant sub plots that it uickly becomes very confusingThe technology rules as you d expect in a story Rikers High from Cory Doctorow I get theeeling that the technology is Buried far interesting to him than his characters at times theyeel like carriers or. Perry and Lester invent things seashell robots that make toast Boogie Woogie Elmo dolls that drive cars They also invent entirely new economic systems When Kodak and Duracell are broken up or parts by sharp venture capitalists Perry and Lester help to invent the New Work a New Deal or the technological era Barefoot bankers cross the nation microinvesting in high. Makers author Cory Doctorow

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