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Yond Saturn and that the one next out "Had A Period Of "a period of four years and two moons one retrograde He suggested that it should be called Uranus He added that in the year 1808 there would be a nova in Persis which there was and he signed himself very respectfully de BassompierreWhen Harrison and his friend Pepe Ybarra reach the conclusion that de Bassompierre was a time traveler who is attempting to change the future by handing out modern ideas before their time the high jinks begin in arnest and the time travel conundrums drop into the readers laps at a dizzying paceAnd the nding sigh What a wonderfully clever simultaneous resolution of both the adventure plot lines and the time travel paradoxesRecommended as a scintillating addition to the library of any reader who savours classic sci fi from the pulp raPaul Weiss The omniscient point of view can t commit to clarity and opens with ambiguity The resolution was a little predictable but I couldn t help but The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) enjoy itspecially now that I m collecting 1960s pulp time travel fiction with awesome covers This one is a prize in the collection I awesome covers This one is a prize in the collection I the cover 4 stars though the story is a 3 star story at best This is a slice of total pulp Sci Fi from an Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, evidently highly prolific and better known than I would have guessed author real name William Jenkins whichvidently sounded too refined for his type of novels screenplays Radio and TV work The subject is Time Travel but the vehicle used for it like so much in the novel is never fully or really at all A Fairly Honourable Defeat explained Since I don t believe time travel is possible anyway I could have lived with that but the story had way too many holes and underdeveloped characters and almost no real understanding of the Butterfly Effect so it wasn tven that fun a Cardinal Sin for pulpy Sci Fi Short thank God and interesting in parts but recommended only for big time Dime Novel Sci Fi fans or Leinster completists 65100 As a kid who liked history I greatly njoyed The Time Tunnel TV series from the 1966 67 season And I picked up this book by Murray Leinster Will F Jenkins 1896 1975 thinking it was a novelization of that series But there s no Doug and Tony running through the Time Tunnel to the Alamo or Pearl Harbor This is a completely different story published in 1964 In this story a time tunnel is created linking 1964 to 1804 The tunnel xists in France so that at the 1804 Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue end you canmerge into Napoleonic France as Napoleon is preparing his invasion of England Our hero Harrison discovers a time traveler is back in 18o4 meddling with history so he needs to go back to prevent history from being changed Then as the world of 1964 stands on the brink of war with Red China threatening to attack Formosa today we call it Taiwan and the West preparing to go to war to protect the island Harrison desperately tries to change history to prevent WWIII As I don t remember any war with China back in 64 you know that Harrison succeeded in his mission An interesting little story that I read very fast I would ve preferred to see someone tryin. Something in 1804 that changed history It was unthinkableUnfortunately it happened NOT to be confused with the later novelizations that were based on the TV showThis is the original novel which inspired the ABC tv series The same author later wrote two novelization ,

I The Man Without a Face enjoyed this book though it is not the greatestxample of classic time travel sci fi A lot of traipsing back and forth between 1804 and 1964 Paris Slow moving yet short I Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) enjoyed the characters the Time Tunnel has a weak scientificxcuse for being there but once the rules are laid down Leinster follows them Definitely not one of his best Too much repetition and very little clarity Enjoyable Gone (Gone, easy read with a satisfyingnding whether you ve guessed what s coming or not I did and still loved it when it played out Time travel is a perpetual theme of science fiction novels perhaps because there are many angles from which to approach Typically what makes or breaks a time travel story is the characters and while none of the characters in this novel are particularly deeply developed their various personalities and ualities are just right for driving the story This is not a tale heavy on science rather focusing on the practical concerns of anachronisms and conseuencesOther reviewers have mentioned but it bears repeating this 1964 novel is unrelated to the later television show The Time Tunnel despite the fact that Leinster was Threads Of The Shroud engaged to write the novelization of that show the same publisher was used and inexplicably the same cover art was used To be fair I did pick up this book because Injoyed the TV show and the title therefore grabbed me but I All Seated on the Ground enjoyed it on its own merits A clever twist to resolve the paradoxFrom the very birth of the conception of time travel sci fi authors and scientists alike have wrestled with the difficulties of time travel paradoxes most commonlyxpressed in the uestion of what would happen if you killed your grandfather during your trip to the past In Time Tunnel Murray Leinster has treated his readers to what was probably the first and uite possibly the best instance of the infuriating mental tangles that one can ncounter when the immutability of "the progression of real time collides with the flexibility of time travelLeinster has crafted a positively ingenious "progression of real time collides with the flexibility of time travelLeinster has crafted a positively ingenious of characters into a fascinating novel of high adventure that will both delight and fascinate his fans a scientist who felt compelled to change the past in order to rescue the future from an impending atomic war between China and the US young lovers who fearing for their lives in a war torn modern world felt compelled to flee to a safer past a 20th century burglar and con artist who realized the arly 19th century was ripe for the plucking and a playboy who was horrified to watch his grandfather die unmarried and childlessThe story begins in 1964 when Harrison completing research for his PhD thesis in the Biblioth ue Nationale in Paris discovers long buried correspondence showing that in 1805 a gentleman named de Bassompierre had written to ue Nationale in Paris discovers long buried correspondence showing that in 1805 a gentleman named de bassompierre had written a gentleman named de Bassompierre had written scientists handing out modern knowledge long before its acknowledged discovery In one case for Wiring example He wrote to Laplace the astronomer assuring him that Mars had two moons very small and very close to its surface He also said that there were three planets be. The Time TunnelOnend was in 1964 the other in 1804 People could go both ways So couldthings For instance brand new antiues for the 20th century and marvels of modern industry for the Napoleonic Against All Odds eraBut you had to be careful because what would happen to now if you did. G to help Napoleon conuer the world perhaps by providing him with zeppelins submarines and gatling guns That would be interesting This barely ualifies as sci fi People discover a tunnel the othernd leading to a different time They go back and forth Mischief Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage ensues This is not related to the TV series of the same title Thexistence of the tunnel makes little sense how did it get there The way it works makes no sense it just does The stories share no characters This adventure is not thrilling The style is ho hum and conseuently so is the book Harrison was in Paris researching For His Doctoral Thesis The Napoleonic Era his doctoral thesis the Napoleonic ra he runs into an old friend thesis the Napoleonic ra he runs into an old friend Ybarra that he hadn t seen in a few yearsIn catching up he mentions some oddities he d discovered while going through dusty old books and correspondence a series of letters by a man named M de Bassompiere to a number of leading lights of the time discussing things he couldn t possibly know about Things like telling Ampere about alternating current years before direct was in common usage Champolian he tells how to decipher the just discovered Rosetta Stone though he doesn t try it for years mathematician LaGrange gets an xplanation of statistical analysis mentions in one letter to the Academie des Sciences a theory about how atoms resemble a solar system and was great friends with Talleyrand mentioning Emperor Maximillian of Mexico fifty years before such took placePepe tells him of a shop he "d discovered Carroll Dubois t cie with the line under the store name import xport to 1804 It was "discovered Carroll Dubois t cie with the line under the store name import Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils export to 1804 It was with old flintlocks books of thera newspapers only one copy of Payment Due eachxuisite silver snuff boxes They couldn t be real The newspapers looked new though they were made of paper no longer made and had type no longer used They had to be reproductions Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, except the prices on them were cheap Pepe had bought a snuff box for 2500 Francstwenty American and taken it to an artist friend who said he couldn t reproduce it for less than ten times what Pepe had paidThe onlyxplanation they could think of seemed too fantasticThey traveled to the isolated country home of the owners to interview him and were surprised to learn Carroll was their old college professor They Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, explain what they think as strange as it seems only to have him start moaningIt seems he d found a way to travel in time using an old cannon factory abandoned since thearly 1800s with a cannon still in the mold the molten metal had been poured His work had opened up a tunnel to 1804 and his business woman wife was using her brother to go back and get product for their shop Now it appeared that this de Bassompiere had found the tunnel or The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, even worse had his own and was trying to change time Events in the world were proceeding to war with China threatening to drop nuclear bombs on FormosaThe three men and a thief named Albert make a desperate trip through the tunnel to find this de Bassompiere and upset his plansOf course things go wrong Leinsterven tosses a couple of twists in near the Turbulence endEnjoyed this old boo. Ased on the tv seriesTo add to the confusion the publisher decided to use the same title and basically the same cover art for one of the novelizationsThisdition is the original novel predating the television series as originally conceived by the author Murray Leinst.

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Time Tunnel

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