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The Plague Year: America in the Time of Covid

From the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Looming Tower, whose best selling thriller The End of the October all but predicted our current pandemic, comes another momentous account, this time of COVID 19: its origins, its myriad repercussions, and the ongoing fight to contain it

Beginning with the absolutely critical first moments of the outbreak in China, and ending with an epilogue on the vaccine rollout and the unprecedented events between the election of Joseph Biden and his inauguration, Lawrence Wright's The Plague Year surges forward with essential information and fascinating historical parallels examining the medical, economic, political, and social ramifications of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Wright takes us inside the CDC, where the first round of faulty test kits cost America precious time; inside the halls of the White House, where Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger's early alarm about the virus was met with great skepticism; into a COVID ward in a Charlottesville hospital, with an idealistic young woman doctor from Little Africa, South Carolina; into the precincts of prediction specialists at Goldman Sachs; and even inside the human body, diving deep into the science of just how the virus and vaccines function, with an eye opening detour into the history of vaccination and of the modern anti vaxxer movement.

In turns steely eyed, sympathetic, infuriated, comical, and always precise, Wright is a formidable guide, slicing through the dense fog of misinformation to give us a 360 degree portrait of the catastrophe we thought we knew. His full accounting does honor to the medical professionals around the country who've risked their lives to fight the virus, revealing America in all its vulnerability, courage, and potential.

He tells her they are no longer engaged He wants her to return home She won t go She gets a job as a waitress to stay nearbyREVIEWER S OPINIONThere is nothing different or special about the Law Cat relationship They meet They do some things together they have sex there is only one They have sex There is only one and it was one of my pet peeves She overhears a partial conversation She jumps to the wrong conclusion and takes action that was stupid She is very intelligent and competent This action did not fit her character Later when he discovered she was Wonder Woman I felt let down I was hoping for something entertaining Each character has a dog which provides something else to write aboutThe book has a second romance story Brody and Mary Again nothing special It didn t do anything for me There was no relationship development I didn t see a reason for him changing his mind and wanting to marry herOn balance this book kept my interest but I was let down I was hoping for This is probably the final book in the Richmond Rogue series There is an epilogue giving lots of information about all the players from the previous books and their current babiesDATAStory length 289 pages Swearing language strong Sexual Language Mild Number language mild Number sex scenes 4 Total number of sex scene pages 11 Setting current day Richmond Virginia Plain West Virginia Atlanta and Miami Copyright 2012 Genre contemporary sports romance baseballOTHER BOOKSI ve reviewed the following Kate Angell books Dates are copyright datesBoys of Summer Richmond Rogues baseball team4 stars Sueeze Play Book 1 20064 stars Curveball Book 2 20073 stars Strike Zone Book 3 20085 stars Sliding Home Book 4 20093 stars Ho Humbug Ho in anthology Santa Honey 20092 stars Sweet Spot Book 5 2012Other1 star Calder s Rose 20032 stars Crazy For You 2005 I had several problems with this book first the way it started the heroine is dressed as Wonder Woman scouting a club *for her employer and the hero is dressed as Captain America in tights ughh Then suddenly in the club *her employer and the hero is dressed as Captain America in tights ughh Then suddenly in the club is sexually charged these two dry hump each other in public another negative point the heroine runs away then leaving her lasso behind and the hero is determined to find herThe hero is James Law Lawless second baseman for the Richmond Rogues and the only heir to a huge hotel empire He is well known for his charities and is a typical jock loves women and doesn t want to commit He meets the heroine Catherine again at the investment firm run by his friend Zen where Catherine is a rising star He doesn t know that they have met though he is attracted to her and his rising tent pays homage to that Eh A bit of a disappointment This is one of my favorite sports romance series and I was hoping for a bit than just an okay read For some reason this book was incredibly over descriptive which tended to bog the book down The hero wasn t all that interesting to me he was already uber rich before he even became a baseball player and didn t seem to have any real romantic problems except for no desire to commit The heroine was a bit interesting she was an ambitious career gal with a large boisterous family and a crazy dog in fact the dogs in this book got some of the best story lines The romance between the Hh was okay but there s was a shortage of love scenes only one big scene and that was it There was a secondary romance that showed some promise and I thought it could be expanded into its own book but that was not to be Therefore it suffered and became a bit unbelievable because it was inserted late in the book and was resolved far too uickly Also the ending of the book as to what happened to the Richmond Rogues baseball club and the players from the other books was a bit far fetched Highly recommend the rest of the series but this one was just okay 3 12 stars. S Susan Elizabeth Phillips is to football Wonderful – Sandra Hill New York Times bestselling author Fast paced Fun characters Play ball –Lori Foster New York Times bestselling author You don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy Angell's sports romances Her stories are delightful – RT Book ReviewsNo fan of the genre should miss Angell's surefire romances – Booklis. S a baseball fan I enjoy reading about the men out on the field and hearing if they won or lost and how they re doing in the standings on the field and hearing if they won or lost and how they re doing in the standings thought Law and Catherine s romance was very sweet *EVEN IF IT DID LACK SOME DETAIL OR JUST *if it did lack some detail or just time The supporting romance storyline with Brody and Mary on that later took up too much time and took away from Law and Catherine s story I wanted to see of them together on page but what we do get is a nice very angst free romance I also enjoyed the small addition of both their dogs Law has a boxer who s described as being so excited he bounces It just struck me funny every time he came on page bouncing picturing what that must look like It s a small detail but one that I found fun and charming Mary and Brody have the secondary romance in the book and it did absolutely nothing for me Brody comes off as an immature guy a player both on and off the field who s all about the hype and wanting nothing to do with his small town background Whereas Mary is the ultimate small town girl She comes off as na ve and she waited for Brody for 7 ears to come back and marry her Seven Years Their story and romance held zero of my attention and I would have rather had their page time given to Cat and Law s story While the story didn t blow me away it is still a fun read and nice ending to the Richmond Rogues series which I am sad to see conclude There s a series epilogue at the very end that gives us a peek at where each Richmond Rogue is at in their life both professionally and personally All the stories for all the Richmond Rogues are wrapped up in perfect happily ever after bows and even though it does come off as way too perfect I still smiled as I was reading what each guy ended up doing how many kids each couple had and who ended up having the only girl of the bunch This reads well as a stand alone and fans of the Richmond Rogue s will enjoy this final book in the series Cute and fun read A must for fans of baseballReviewed for Affaire de Coeur in the May issue A good end to the series Nice to see and catch up with the Rogues again I felt there was a ton of great lead up between Cat and Law but then it was like WHAM marriage A bit fast and uick at the endAnd I was shocked at how Brody and Mary s story happend so uickly alsoI like the epilogue and overall really enjoyed the seriesJust felt this one was a bit rushed at the end Cover Title 355 the cover doesn t link in for the book to me at all Favorite Character CatI haven t read any other book in this series but i still managed to get into this book I think if i had read the others then i might of liked it 2 stars Nothing special or different I didn t smile But I was interested enough to keep readingSTORY BRIEFLaw plays second base for the Richmond Rogues pro baseball team He has plenty of money from a trust fund plus his ball playing He likes collecting original issue comic books He doesn t want intimacy from women just sex He s thinking about buying a night club where customers dress in costumes He goes there dressed as Captain America and has some passionate kissing and touching with Wonder Woman She runs off without giving her real name He can t get her out of his mindCat researches investment opportunities for wealthy clients She was recently hired by Zen who handles investments for Law She is assigned to work with Law She recognizes him as Captain America from the night before She does not tell him that she was Wonder Woman She s embarrassed and wants to keep their interaction strictly businessSeveral ears ago Brody gave an engagement ring to Mary She stayed in her small town working in a bowling alley He left and forgot about her He s on the Rogues team and enjoys lots of women Mary is tired of waiting and travels to Richmond to be with Brody. But she's not about to let Law know it especially after he hires her to help him expand his off the field business empire But how's she going to keep her identity secret when his every touch urges her to make him her very own Home Run Hero Hot sexy and smart Carly Phillips New York Times bestselling authorPraise for Kate Angell and her novelsKate Angell is to baseball

REVIEW Sweet Spot Richmond Rogues #5

Sweet Spot Richmond Rogues #5
Now You See Me (Lacey Flint,
Not sure I should be interested in a romance novel that the author isn t interested in There was tons of description none of it about people though The oversharing reminded me of Nora Roberts too all those things that Nora thinks are so cool that just make her seem like an old fuddy duddy And Angell is not RobertsI ve loved many of the books in this series but this one was just kind of boring and trite Just Not A Well Written not a well written and no compelling characters This was a great end to the series The book stayed with the formula of the previous books with a starring romance and a secondary one I really liked both our hero Law and heroine Cat I liked the progression of the Rogues from players to married to wanting to be family men I thought this was handled with great humour and fun I have to admit I wasn t wild about the secondary romance because I thought Brody was a bit of a jerk and I m not really sure what I thought of M Loved this book Cat and Law have met before at a costume party she as Wonder Women and he was Captain America A moment of passion lead s Law to search for his Wonder Women Cat would rather forget the moment as she was embarrassed by her behavior that night The next day they officially met at her work she is going to help him with this investments She realizes that it was Law who she shared her moment of passion with but she keeps it a secret even after Law mentions that he s trying to find Wonder Women As they go along he opens up to her than he has to any other person besides his grandfather *Who Raised Him He Finds *raised him He finds drawn to Cat but also wants to find Wonder Women still Cat is big on family as she has a lot of them and they get together for anything to celebrate Law isn t used to that as it was just him and his grandfather after his parents died Loved how their dogs got along I can just picture it a big boxer and a little dog hanging out Sad to see the series end though I liked how the author closed out the series with whats going on with the other characters from previous books in the epilogue Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating 355The very first chapter brings a cute meeting for the hero and heroine Law and Catherine They re both dressed up in costumes at a hot night club Haunt where every night is like Halloween Club goers dress up in their best costume and leave their inhibitions at the door Catherine is there to see firsthand how the club is doing as a financial advisor she s checking the club out for a client as a possible investment opportunity She goes as Wonder Woman and meets her match in Captain America They share a steamy dance that has Catherine acting very unlike her usual polished professional self After a close encounter that leaves her literally breathless with Captain America she runs out leaving her version of Cinderella s slipper behind Wonder Woman s Lasso of Truth Captain America aka Law finds it and vows to find his woman It really was a fun meeting for these two characters as their next meet up happens in the professional world Catherine ends up working for Law as Haunt and a few other potential business opportunities are on his plate and now Catherine s as she advises him Catherine realizes first that he was her Captain America but Law is clueless that he s spending time with Wonder Woman a woman that he can t get out of his head Their story goes back and forth between them meeting on a professional level and getting closer personally to the detailed baseball scenes involving Law and his Richmond Rogues that Kate Angell always does so well I appreciate the detail she puts into her stories with regards to the baseball team The books in this series were never just about baseball players we get details about how their season s going and actual game details ScoreJames Law Lawless is the star second baseman for the Richmond Rogues the wildest group of free swingers ever to barnstorm their way through the big leagues So when he hooks up with a seductive stranger at a costume party it feels like he just hit the winning run of the World Series Extra InningsCatherine Cat May was the hot number in that skimpy Wonder Woman costume.

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