Dark Citadel Masters of the Shadowlands #2

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A gripping set of stories about the forces that shape girls and the adults they become. A wise and brilliant guide to transforming the self and our society.

In her powerful new book, critically acclaimed author Melissa Febos examines the narratives women are told about what it means to be female and what it takes to free oneself from them.

When her body began to change at eleven years old, Febos understood immediately that her meaning to other people had changed with it. By her teens, she defined herself based on these perceptions and by the romantic relationships she threw herself into headlong. Over time, Febos increasingly questioned the stories she’d been told about herself and the habits and defenses she’d developed over years of trying to meet others’ expectations. The values she and so many other women had learned in girlhood did not prioritize their personal safety, happiness, or freedom, and she set out to reframe those values and beliefs.

Blending investigative reporting, memoir, and scholarship, Febos charts how she and others like her have reimagined relationships and made room for the anger, grief, power, and pleasure women have long been taught to deny.

Written with Febos’ characteristic precision, lyricism, and insight, Girlhood is a philosophical treatise, an anthem for women, and a searing study of the transitions into and away from girlhood, toward a chosen self.

A mild mannered school teacher Kari suspected she was a submissive in BDSM sense as she never had any pleasure from ordinary sex Thus when her boyfriend Buck offered to take her to a beginner BDSM class in club Shadowlands she went along with his idea The moment they came to the club Buck began behaving like a jerk thinking this is what a real Dom should do but the club s regular uickly put him in his place and ave Kari to a Dom named Dan for safekeeping Thus Dan became Kari s teacher and brought forward her inner submissive Everything seemed to be fine and dandy only Dan himself was full of his own demons That Made Him Behave With The Same made him behave with the same of jerky ness toward Kari as Buck s Fortunately he was the hero of the story so Kari often overlooked his behavior She did keep thinking being submissive is wrong she was brought up in a strict Catholic family so often that by he time I was done with half of the book it started etting on my nerves Believe it or not I liked the first book of the series It felt like a very mild and entle introduction into BDSM with sympathetic characters The second book showed sharp drop in uality in my opinion I could not care about Dan and his inner demons I did not like his attitude toward Kari Dom or not I Pedal Control: Achieving Speed, Control, Power, and Endurance for the Feet got bored with Kari trying to figure out if what she was doing was right or wrong By the end of the book I had to exercise serious hold on my willpower because I was afraid if I see Dan calling Kari little sub one time I wouldo ballistic I said the first book had very mild and tasteful BDSM scenes I found one of two here to be somewhat uestionable The most ironic part happened almost at the end of the book so consider everything I wrote from this point to the end of the paragraph to be a spoiler Buck finally stopped being a jerk and tried to protect Kari from what his thought at the moment was physical abuse For his trouble he ot beaten up with Kari trying to make her contribution to this Because

was doing most of the and as the romantic hero he Can Do No Wrong it was fine For exactly the same act the heroine of the first book ot little spanking Buck was lucky to have his teeth intact in the end So the moral the book teaches is Dmitri guys do not try to save a woman from physical abuse you willet beaten and nobody would appreciate your help including the woman Spoiler ends here This book still kept some of the charm of the previous one so my rating is 3 stars even if I ave the impression it was not worth this rating it was However I am not eager to proceed with the series Will I or won t I Probably not The jury is still out there 35 STARS This was the second book in the Masters of Shadowland series It was another short and steamy read but I also felt it was uite better than the first This story is about a conservative high school teacher named Kari She is dating a man named Buck and both are interested in the BDSM scene So they both decide to take a beginners class at Club Shadowland Unfortunately things don t o so well because Buck was a total douchenozzle Master Z saves her and decides to put h So continuing with my mission to re read the Cherise Sinclair books I do own arc commitments be damned I ve spent an enjoyable chunk of today re familiarising myself with Master Dan and KariI love how the author writes such wonderful and believable characters I do think in these first few books that the characterisation of the women is stronger than that of the men though in part that could be due to spending the majority of the time in their heads Whilst it s not surprising that I feel of a connection to Kari and Jessica especially as I can identify with them on a whole host of levels I also felt that their emotions are examined in depthMaster Dan was still well written and had most certainly had depth And boy does he treat Kari to some super hot play times So much so that I may need to buy some Series Masters of the Shadowlands; Previous Book Club ShadowlandsGenre BDSM Erotic ContemporaryAfter Kari breaks up with her date during Beginner's Night at Club Shadowlands she's A Beach Party with Alexis given the option to continue with an experienced dominant Despite her steamy fantasies about BDSM the inexperienced schoolteacher plans to simply observe Yet under the unyielding hands of Master Dan she not only participates butives him.
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Dark Citadel Masters of the Shadowlands #2

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Hadowlands Kari is interested in the lifestyle and her wannabe boyfriend Buck who is also a wannabe Dom suggests that they attend some beginners lessons at the clubBuck is pushy Kari is overwhelmed and decides to leave the lessons Master Z suggests a experienced Dom for her So Kari becomes Master Dan s sub for the duration of the lessonsThe characters are well described in this story Buck is a douchebag Kari is a caring sweet person and Dan has recently lost his wife he avoids commitment and his feelings for Kari scare himI had two issues in this book1 Ah sweetie what I heard was that you didn t say no Although Kari is still an overwhelmed scared novice Master Dan does not remind her that she has a safe word that she can use during the session How can she remember this2 The door opened and he had his answer in the big blue eyes Surprise delight wonder delight worry What are you doing here When Kari does not appear at the club one night Dan Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin gets her address from Master Z and visits her Is it common practice toive personal information to other members of a BDSM club It is definitely dangerous and it should be illegal if it is not already I have so high expectation for Miss Sinclair After all she is one of my favorite for BDSM romance theme Now her books mostly highlight BDSM sex and minimum on the story In this book Miss Sinclair wrote a foreward on the beginning of the book warning her readers to be safe on BDSM world I found this book is lacking of steam and innovation It feels like the story and the BDSM element is copy from the previous book Repeating over and over again I am bit disappointed actually With lack of story depth I surely expecting hot sex as sibstitute 3 stars I don t know why I took so long to finish this book I think a lot of my reticence was a desire to savor it there s only a few books in this seriesI don t like Master Dan as much as I like Master Z but I m probably like Dan than Z Go figure eh I really enjoyed the way Kari went from nice catholic The House Guest Box Set (SwingersThreesome Bisexual MMF Cuckold Hotwife Menage) ) girl who doesn t do that sort of thing to a willing sub who desperately wants and fights for her dom I would have liked to see Dan spend time confronting the feelings holding him locked in the past the first 80% of the book is setting up how hard he works to keep his feelings to himself and then suddenly in the last few pages they have a fight and make up right away and he s willing to commit to her 100%I like this series because of the way doms are real people with thoughts and feelings and their own motivations but I think Danot short changed by the way the story unfolded I think ive and take between Kari and Dan both in and out of the bedroom would have helped make both characters sex was every bit as hot as the first book of the series and really focused on the transformation of Kari rather than sexual ymnastics or furniture Public nudity was a big part of her training at the expense of painI very highly recommend this series it s one of the three best smutty series I ve ever read I really enjoyed this re read Dan and Kari s story is super sweet Again the book didn t have much of a plot just sex kinkier sex and sex again Nevertheless this book had all the Operational Culture for the Warfighter good traits that the first one in the series had Master Dan Hot dark thoughtful and a little tortured to make aood mix powerful Master Dan is a wet dream com true Since the death of his wife he s been changing partners like socks until he meets Kari Kari Kari is a school teacher and a closet sub and she is about to have her world rocked by a very sexy Dom Again Kari was very likable A bit self conscious and raised by nunsliterally she is a bit worried of the world she is etting into but she can t seem to world she is etting into but she can t seem to herselfI didn t like the couple as much as Jessica and Z but I still coulsn t put the book down BUT if you re looking for sth much meaningful than some exotic sex this isn t the book for you. S become and what a dark citadel he's made of his heartDuring their three nights together the teacher will learn to submitcan she teach the master to lovePublisher’s Note This book contains explicit sexual content raphic language and situations some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse BDSM theme and content includingnot limited to bondage caning restraint spanking tethering exhibitionism voyeuris. Ew batteries The kink is still fairly tame though this had significantly exhibitionism and mild humiliation in it which I definitely enjoyed Even though the whole story occured over a less than a week the amount of time Kari and Dan spent together along with the intensity of those meetings was enough to convince me of the connection between themI really really enjoyed this story and am off to read the next book Breaking Free 3 12 stars Dark Citadel is the second book in Cherise Sinclair s Masters of the Shadowland Series I Liked series I liked book than the first but not as much as I d hoped I did love the chemistry respect and understanding that developed between Master Dan and Kari My heart melted with how tender Master Dan could be in reassuring and nurturing Kari s submissive side I wanted to smack him though when his uilt and anger over his wife s death flared up turning him cold and unfeeling What I didn t care for that seems common in this series is the public sharing and humiliation Those aspect of the books don t sit well with me Also this "Series Lacks The Strong Romantic "lacks the strong romantic that is prevalent in Ms Sinclair s book The Dom s Dungeon and in her Mountain Masters series For me personally I prefer my erotica to have romance than is in this series Over all I like this book I didn t love it and I probably won t read it again but I like it enough to recommend it This series challenges me on many levels I believe the reason that it does is because it seems to Taras Song get the point of BDSM So many BDSM focused bookso for the titillation factor rather than the deep psychological impact and depth of the relationships Ms Sinclair just Atlas of Anatomy gets it Her stories are compelling and emotionally chargedFrom the beginning I could identify with Kari the proper Catholic raisedood Dont Let Go (Tyack Frayne, girl who is both repelled by the control of Master Dan and BDSM and yet finds it somehow completing her in ways that the vanilla world didn tThe story was intense and I enjoyed the character development of both Master Dan and Kari How Kari heals Master Dan is so touching and makes me understand that there is a perfect person for everyoneThis series varies by play so it s not just the same story over and over For example some might focus on spanking binding public nudity or humiliation They also vary for example in type of submission by each book Kari is a sexual submissive rather than a 247 slaveWhat I find fascinating within this series is how deeply these two love each other and how caring Master Dan is to Kari Ms Sinclair shows us that being a Dom does not just mean yelling and being mean to a submissive A submissiveets what shehe needs but not always what they wantThe sex scenes are HOT Yet it s not just rampant sex scenes for no reason but honest emotionally charged expression of passion Keep in mind that this is erotica so if you can not handle explicit sex then this book is not for youIf I had any complaints of the entire series is that it is so focused around the club For example I would have loved to have read of Master Dan and Kari outside of the scene I agree with the other reviewer who said they loved the scene in Kari s house while Master Dan ate a cookie Also reviewer Brainycat mentioned how uickly Dan makes peace with his past by the end of The Book And How book and how seemed to happen too fast I can agree with that statement and I wished that the resolution could have been longer and a little in depthOverall this was a Under Crescent and Cross great book and if you liked the first one you should love this one Keep in mind that some installments of this series are intense than others and I found this one fairly tame compared to the othersMs Sinclair has other books as well if you are looking for longer stories that might not be so focused on the club but still have those Dominant men we like Beginners lessons at a private BDSM club Right So this time there is actually a story that takes place in Club Everything he asks for There is nothing she can hide from him Not her passionor her loveStill mourning the death of his wife Master Dan avoidsetting involved with women and he never takes a sub twice But this modest little beginner is such a sweetie one night is far from enough As he plumbs her responses taking her ever deeper into the world of BDSM the Atlantis, Alien Visitation Genetic Manipulation gentle submissive begins to show him how barren his life ha.

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