A Bride for Donnigan Women of the West #7

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Mystery at Kittiwake Bay eT keep having sex that is never mentioned That will work What I really like about this book is the fact that it doesn tnd when the people get ngagedmarried The majority of the book takes place after the wedding I like seeing the relationship grow and deepen and hearing about the homemaking and all the children I guess my review is different than most because I got a bit bored with the love story part and loved the nd better when they started to search for religious meaning to their lives For me that was the loved the The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, end better when they started to search for religious meaning to their lives For me that was the part I got andxcited as they without any outside help or direction gradually discovered their own faith and salvation The nding made me cry it was so sweet and joyous and wonderful This is my sixth Janette Oke book to read This book hands downis the best Oke book thus far Characterization is developed to the point that you can feel the nervousness both of the main characters Donnigan and Kathleen xperience as they made the decision to sign up and follow through with the idea of the mail order bride You can feel the anxiety

experienced with the haystack fire also with the loss of Taryn Donnigan s search for God s plan of salvation was thought provoking as we take the the loss of Taryn Donnigan s search for God s plan of salvation was thought provoking as we take the of churches Bibles pastors as a way of life Interspersed throughout the book were bits of humor and wit A Bride for Donnigan is an all round great book This was the second time I read this novel I went to it for a light read amidst a family visit and spring cleaning Somehow I remembered the details differently though the story was still charming A shout out to my reformed friends the writing is distinctly Arminian but I love the message that the gospel can be self revealing through the power of Scripture alone ie no mediator but Jesus no pastor deacon Sunday School teacher needed and that childlike faith is rewarded And it s profound that God reaches these people on their little farm on the prairie where they are isolated from other people That must tell us something about how much God wants to redeem His children that He finds them and takes them for Himself A Bride for Donnigan was one of my favorite Janette Oke standalone books When Donnigan was unsure if he should order a bride or not I was totally rooting for him to The book made me like his name An Italian Education even. The ship and return to what she knew Even though Kathleen had not been happy with her situation it was all she hadver known As the shoreline faded into the morning mist her only certainty was that she was bound for America to marry a man whose name she did not ven know and whose face she had never seenOn the other side of the Atlantic Donnigan Harrison anxiously awaits Kathleen's arrival on a prairie farm far from her port of arrival in Boston He has known the wonder of a dream fulfilled a snug fram. 25 stars This was okay The first section where the two halves of the couple choose to participate in a mail order bride program meet have to learn to work out their differences was great I cared about the characters The problem came when they should have been falling in love but instead had children and then there was basically no discussion of how they felt for ach other or growth in their tenuous relationship I guess it was supposed to be understood at that point that they loved Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, each other but I didn t feel it Their conflict is the uintessential misunderstanding where both parties seem to think not talking toach other is the key to a healthy relationship And then they had seven children in the space of a couple chapters and their whole lives were just skimmed over so we could see how many children they had I didn t like that The finding religion section was Daddy Wanted exceptionally heavy handed I found it unlikely you would have two people starting with zero knowledge of Christianity What is a Bible What is prayerspecially given the time period I don t think the second half
the book worked so by time they figure out how to get saved I don t Forbidden Stranger even careI was surprised how much the author glossed over all the seriouslymotional even careI was surprised how much the author glossed over all the seriously Snowy River Man emotional Multiple losses of pregnancies losses of spouses significant changes of heart none of it was given themotional depth reuired so nothing seemed to be very important This could have been twice as long had she just delved into the characters Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze emotions a bit I also found it odd that Donnigan would get so gung ho over trying to raise his children for heaven when he had absolutely no knowledge of this why would heven care if he had no knowledge of God to begin withMy one picky criticism Donnigan believes Kathleen is younger than 21 but marries her anyway because there is nothing lse to do A few months later he worries that she could get pregnant but he thinks she s too small and frail to carry a pregnancy Sohe admits he thinks she could be as young as 15 but he actively consummates their marriage anyway all the while worrying that she shouldn t get pregnant It didn t paint him in the best light She s just a child and she shouldn t get pregnant but I can t figure out how not to get her pregnant and still have sex with her so we ll jus. A new look for this Janette Oke novel Responding to an advertisement Kathleen O'Malley crosses the ocean to America to become a new brideResponding to an Advertisement She Crossed an Ocean to Meet a Total Stranger and Became a Mail Order BrideKathleen O'Malley stood on the deck of the Barreth Lily and watched the land she'd called home for than a dozen years slip from her view She had thought she would be glad to see the last of it but she was not Emotions in turmoil her whole being yearned to slip from.

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If Donnigan didn t like it I wanted them to have a kid with that name I felt the book was uneven The first three uarters had to do with the couples relationship with ach other Then they suddenly have a bunch of kids in a time covering ten years over just a couple of chapters Then suddenly the focus is on he dad finding God It just didn t flow right for me I felt like the book should have Malakai (Wicked Games, ended before the kid part The author could have written anntirely different book that would focus on the finding God part A Sweet Mail Order Bride Story mail order bride story loved the realistic look at mail order brides and of course the characters were amazing I always The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone enjoy mail order bride stories but this one has a special addition to the storyline that makes it stand out among the others in m This book was strange for me It started off really good The story was believable and the author really developed the story for the main characters Kathleen She wasssentially an orphan being raised by her mean Step Mother Her plot was bad Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, enough for her to consider signing up to take the voyage west and marry a man she has never met On the other hand the farmer she marries was a littlembarrassed to order a bride He was very lonely and longed for help and companionship But lets be honest he is a man so we know there was to the story but the author didn t go thereUpon meeting The Family Plan each other the author continued to develop the story and introduced the characters well I kept asking myself how did people do this I cannot imagine having to marry a stranger How would that workThe story started to change when they had children It was still an interesting book and things were happening but then Donnigan the farmer started asking around about God and religion The last 30 pages Inded up skimming It became so A Family Practice encompassed with God and why this was that way and what does it all mean The story that the book started with justnded and it became all about the family looking for Religion Then the book just nds Very strangeOverall this is not one of the better books from author Janette Oke I usually like her and although she is a Christian author she doesn t harp on things and #she includes it in the story so that the characters have depth # includes it in the story so that the characters have depth I understand them This was not the case in this book I was disappointe. E cabin the sturdy log barn and outbuildings a fine herd of livestock and crops in the field that made his yes sparkle Yet Donnigan felt a loneliness on the western frontier that pierced his very soul With so limited opportunities for finding a wife the notion of ordering a wife that once seemed unthinkable had come to make some sense Now that the time has come Donnigan feels like a small boy waiting for ChristmasBut Donnigan's anticipation is overshadowed with terrifying uncertainties What have I done. A Bride for Donnigan Women of the West #7

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